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2525Fast Play

2525Fast Play

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Published by garrison93

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Published by: garrison93 on May 14, 2014
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Science Fiction Roleplaying Game
Fast-Play Rules
Introduction and Disclaimer
 This text in this fast-play rules folder was originally developed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. to introduce players to Alternity, their science-fiction roleplaying game. This edition has been altered by a fan for the TV show Cleopatra 2525.  This work is offered free of charge to all interested parties and is not to be sold in any form.  The Fast-Play Rules are presented as originally written by Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker, with minor editing and additions by Jeff Ibach, a fan unassociated with Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
The enclosed Cleopatra 2525 adventure is solely the work of Jeff Ibach 
. Alternity is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Cleopatra 2525 is a registered trademark of Studios USA. Wizards of the Coast, Inc and Jeff Ibach are not in any way associated with Studios USA or Renaissance Pictures.  This work was not authorized by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., Studios USA or Renaissance Pictures and makes no challenge to their intellectual property. It is Jeff Ibach’s hopes that fans of the TV show Cleopatra 2525 can make use of the rules as presented to play out the Fast-Play adventure on their own and will look into purchas-ing the Alternity Adventure Game Boxed Set (TSR11510) the Alternity Player’s Handbook (2800) and the Gamemaster’s Guide (2801) from Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Wizards of the Coast, Inc.: http://www.wizards.com Studios USA Cleopatra 2525: http://www.studiosusa.com/cleopatra2525/intro.html Continuing support for this document and further Cleopatra 2525 game adventures can be found by contacting Jeff Ibach or visiting his Alternity web site. E-Mail: ocasek50@hotmail.com Web Site: http://www.harvestmoon.freeservers.com
   P   L   A   Y   E   R   ’   S   F   A   S   T  -   P   L   A   Y   R   U   L   E   S
GGGGeneral note:eneral note:eneral note:eneral note: When the text refers to a bonus or a penalty of a specific amount (-1 bo-nus, +2 penalty, etc.), the number represents steps on the Situation Die Steps Scale Situation Die Steps Scale Situation Die Steps Scale Situation Die Steps Scale (shown below). For instance, if the situation die is +d4 and a -1 bonus is applied, the situation die becomes +d0. If a +2 penalty is applied, the situation die becomes +d8.  The number does not represent an alteration to the result of a die roll.  The number does not represent an alteration to the result of a die roll.  The number does not represent an alteration to the result of a die roll.  The number does not represent an alteration to the result of a die roll.
 This preview version of the Al-ternity® Science Fiction Role-playing Game provides players with a chance to try this new game system without risk or ob-ligation. This special edition has been created to offer fans of the syndicated television se-ries Cleopatra 2525 to play out games set in this far-future set-ting. Afterward, look to the Al-ternity Player's Handbook for all the rules you need to play out adventures in any genre of sci-ence fiction.
As a player, your primary job in any Alternity game is to portray one of the heroes in the story your group decides to play out  You could play one of the he-roes from the show or create a new team of your own. The he-roes are the stars of the unfold-ing adventures that make up a Gamemaster's ongoing science fiction campaign.  To do this, you need to create a hero -- an imaginary character who serves as your "connection" with the Game-master's setting and the other players' heroes. Your hero starts out as a collection of numbers and descriptive terms; from then on it's up to you to make that hero come alive through roleplaying. By reacting as you think your hero would react and interact-ing with the other characters using your hero's voice and opinions, you're doing your job as a player.
Let's take a look at the key con-cepts behind the Alternity game. These concepts include basic game mechanics, funda-mental character information, and a few special terms that players need to become famil-iar with. HeroHeroHeroHero: An imaginary character controlled by a player. GamemasterGamemasterGamemasterGamemaster: The participant in the game who acts as the moderator, narrating adven-tures and representing other characters involved in the ad-venture who aren't controlled by the players. Supporting CastSupporting CastSupporting CastSupporting Cast: These are the aforementioned "other charac-ters," including the heroes' friends and enemies, as well as any other characters the he-roes come into contact with. It's important to understand from the start that although the he-roes are the stars of the show, it's possible for members of the supporting cast to be just as powerful as the heroes -- or even more powerful than they are. SettingSettingSettingSetting: The Alternity rules can be used to create adventures in any modern to far-future set-ting. Players and Gamemasters need to decide what type of set-ting they want to use before he-roes are created. A setting can be a modern techno-thriller, a darkly sinister near future mys-tery, a far-future post apocalyp-tic tragedy, or any other type of science fiction milieu you can imagine. It’s perfectly adapt-able nature lets you easily simulate anything you see on Cleopatra 2525 into game rules.  The fast-play adventure pre-sented in the Gamemaster's Fast-Play Rules section of this document takes place in an ac-tion-packed area of the Under-world that’s part of Cleo’s uni-verse. AdventureAdventureAdventureAdventure: A scenario in which the heroes interact with the supporting cast to create a group story. Every adventure is built around a situation (typically a problem the heroes need to solve), and it concludes when the heroes have either achieved their goal or failed to do so. ProfessionProfessionProfessionProfession: Every hero in the Alternity game is built around a profession. A profession is an overarching occupation under which specific careers are grouped. It's the first defining concept associated with a hero. The four basic profes-sions -- Combat Spec, Diplo-mat, Free Agent, and Tech Op -- are introduced in these fast-play rules. AbilitiesAbilitiesAbilitiesAbilities: All characters (heroes and members of the supporting cast) have six Abilities. These are Strength, Dexterity, Consti-tution, Intelligence, Will, and Personality. Ability ScoresAbility ScoresAbility ScoresAbility Scores: Each Ability is expressed as a number, called the Ability Score. Each profes-
PAR’   S A S -PAR U S 

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