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Published by: JamesComeyJustaBitch on May 14, 2014
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ThRape ntue
rapailleinst@aol.com (561) 866 8106
General Information
Video Transcript
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I would like to share with you the three brain theory .The 3 brain the-ory is something absolutely fantastic, it’s a new way to look at why people do what they do. Once you’ve understood the 3 brain theory, you’re going to keep using it again, again and again to look at what people do, how they do it, why they do it, at different levels of interpre-tation of their behavior, and what they’re going to say about it. The 3 brain theory is really going to change your life and the way you look at advertising and product management, leadership, reward, rec-ognition, loyalty, everything is going to be changed. Let me tell you first about the 3 brains.
Number one, the most important part of the brain is the reptilian
, like “reptile”. Why do we call it the reptilian brain? First of all, it looks like a reptile. Within the embryo it already has this kind of shape of a snake if you like. Second, we might have this in common with a rep-tile. If you believe in evolution, it looks like once, we were reptiles, so we still have this part of the brain. We were born with it, it’s not ac-quired, it’s something inherited, congenital. Because we have this rep-tilian brain, we are programmed for two major things :
Reproduction These key elements are absolutely crucial and fundamental to under-stand the survival of the species. If we can’t survive and reproduce our genes it is the end of the species .If the reptilian was not function-ing, it will be the end of the human species. By the way every mammal has the same reptilian brain, so if their brains was not functioning it would be the end of their species. What does reproduction mean? It means that instinctively, we know
Dr. G.C.Rapaille
Chairman, Archetype Discoveries Worldwide Inc
The Three Brains
The Reptilian always wins
ThRape ntue
rapailleinst@aol.com (561) 866 8106
General Information
what to do. The word (instinct is crucial here). There is a reptilian intelli-gence it’s a program for survival. We know what to do, we know what the priority is here. The 2
 element is reproduction. It might sound very surprising to some of you, but beauty is a reptilian dimension. What do I mean by that? I mean that from one culture to another , what does beautiful mean? Beautiful means that my genes with the genes of this person combined together have more chance to survive. If I am in a Eskimo country, a beautiful woman is going to be very round and fat, (and oily by the way), why? Because she has more chance to go through winter. And if I combine my genes with hers, my children have more chance to sur-vive. In another culture where what is necessary for survival is being able to run fast when lions are trying to catch you, long legs become very beautiful, because my genes with yours have more chance to sur-vive. This notion of relativity called beauty can be understood with the reptilian brain. Somewhere unconsciously, I am programmed to be at-tracted by people that give more chance to my genes to survive. We see the power of the reptilian. We know that on TV, when a very famous actor or comedian , and if with this person there is a baby and a puppy, they always win, they catch your attention. Why? Because our reptilian brain is so highly turned on by this notion of survival and reproduction Why ? because the babies are the future of my genes .. When I say reproduction, especially in the US culture, people automati-cally associate it with SEX. If you look at the reproduction dimension, sex represents a very short time, taking care of the baby, helping chil-dren to grow takes a long time. So sex is one short element of repro-duction, making sure my genes are going to survive is more crucial and important. We have accomplished our mission at the reptilian level when we have several generations of our genes in front of us. We can see the future. I remember, a participant to my imprinting sessions, a man in his 70’s, told us he was feeling good about everything because when he went to thanksgiving, he could see his children al 3 genera-tions of his own genes. He had a feeling of accomplishment. “ if I have to go tomorrow , I know I have done the best I could for my family, This whole notion of the American spirit “we want to create a better world for our children, to make a difference. Think about that at the rep-tilian level. We want to create a better environment for our genes to survive, In many ways, this notion of survival and reproduction gives us a dimension of immortality “when I am not around anymore, my gene are “.  As you know, in my book “the 7 secrets of marketing”
the reptilian al-ways wins. The second brain is the limbic brain
. The limbic is the emotional brain. Emotions have dimension that we have a hard time understand-
ThRape ntue
rapailleinst@aol.com (561) 866 8106
General Information
ing. According to the American culture, as we know, men have more difficulties with emotions that women. In many ways, there is a femi-nine and masculine approach to emotions. What is this brain? First emotions are never simple, they are always contradictory “ I love and hate at the same time.” Mothers could tell you that “I love my chil-dren but sometimes I could kill them.” It’s the same between hus-bands and wives, friends, this dimension is very complex. When customers tell you they love you, is it good? Well we think it is, we want people to love us. What if they love your products but never buy them, is it good? Would you rather have them hate your products and buy them all the time? This is not that simple or logical, it ‘s emotional. Even if it is emotional , there is a logic. I call that the logic of emotion “one step at a time”, a bit like seduction, you have to follow a critical path. You have to do one thing at a time. This order of things you have to go through varies from one culture to another. What is fascinating is that it is imprinted, acquired. If I go back to the reptilian brain “we’re born with it”, The limbic brain is acquired , it’s merely the relationship with the mother that creates a shape, a structure from 0 to around 5 for this brain. Because of this relationship with the mother, this emotional dimension is very femi-nine. In most of the cultures, the father is outside seeking food. The mother however, is a continuum of the womb is some ways. Going back to biology, we all have something is common “we all come from a woman.” Our first experience of “inside” is inside a woman. Then we’re still attached to the mother. Then we still have her hugging us, we might go a bit further but we come back to be breast fed, so it’s like being inside a circle, we went outside but we’re trying to get in contact with the circle again. Through that, we have warmth love roundness which are absolutely key. It’s very rare to experience that with the father. The father is always absent, outside doing other things.
That’s why this emotional brain has a strong feminine side. The third brain is the cortex
. It’s mainly intellectual. This part of the brain is not in place before we are 7. I did a lot of work with Piaget in Geneva .One of our findings was that we don’t have the full mental tools of the cortex in place before we are around seven. Before seven, children don’t have “the conservation of quantity”. Take two identical balls of clay and ask the child “are they same”? the child will say “yes”. Now turn one into a snake, and ask the child where he thinks there is more quantity. If the child is less that seven, he doesn’t have the mental tools, he doesn’t see that the shape of the clay does-n’t change the quantity. Ask the same question to a child older than seven, he will tell you “do you think I’m dumb?”

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