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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Published by dj-antoni
michael jackson's history
michael jackson's history

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Published by: dj-antoni on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael Jackson: We saved him the injection to the heartLast updated: Sunday, June 28, 2009, 14:45With an injection of adrenaline straight to the heart sought the personal doctor of the"king of pop" him back to life when he realized that suffered opposition and deathwas too close, according to unconfirmed information leaked to the press.In particular the website of the UK Mirror newspaper says that the personal physicianof Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, stuck the syringe of adrenaline injection in thechest of the singer, hoping that we managed to restart his heart.The toxicological tests will show whether this theory prove true, but this is unlikely tohappen before the end of August.Second autopsy on the corpse of Michael JacksonConducting the second autopsy to reveal the death of Michael Jackson, asked hisfamily, according to reports in the international press.This request came to light after the rumors came to light of publicity on whathappened in the final hours before the death of the great star.Simultaneously, the relatives of Michael Jackson appearing dissatisfied because theresults of the first autopsy.(His brother Michael Jackson, Jermaine)Indeed, these publications rely on the researcher of Forensic Medicine Service LosAngeles, Brian Elias, who revealed their intention, this family.According to other reports, the new autopsy will be conducted by coroner, appointed by the same family, without, however, leaked to the place and time will be.However, the U.S. website TMZ, which first announced the death of the stars of pop,stated that the second autopsy was conducted, already at an undisclosed location inLos Angeles.The familiar faces of the deceased king of pop wants to shed light on the role played by the doctor of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, who was by his side, once the star of the music collapsed.There was no crime says Coroner There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that the death of Michael Jackson camefrom crime, according to the forensic autopsy carried out on the body of the famoussinger, hours after he left his last breath of opposition.However, we conducted toxicological and other tests to determine scientifically
 beyond doubt the cause of his death 50 years-process will take an estimated four tosix weeks.Unconfirmed reports say that Jackson was taking daily doses of the powerful painkiller drug "Demerol", which-according to experts-installed on the same power range, with morphine and administered either by pill or by injection.It is a drug commonly used after surgery or operative before the birth of women torelieve their pain.It should be noted that large doses of Demerol may make the customer stop breathingor have hallucinations and seizures.The last photograph of Michael JacksonThe troubled by the repeated interventions of the person "king of pop" was found inthe last cover of the magazine "Q" followed by the title "Michael Jackson Not Mask".The decision makers of the magazine to put Jackson on the cover was taken threemonths ago and was designed to "accompany" the premiere of the highly anticipatedconcert, which would mean the end of his career in the music scene.However, the editor of the magazine said it was pure coincidence that the issue withthis cover came on the market just two days after the death of Michael Jackson.The photographer John Wright, who drew this picture, he said that he was just 90seconds time to photograph the Michael Jackson, but pleasantly surprised by thecourtesy of the famous singer.The Wright said: "It was (the Jackson) as they expect to be. A military jacket andsunglasses. Wore a make-up and certainly was not the most healthy skin I have ever seen in my life.Lisa Marie Presley: "He knew that he will die young"The "haunted prince 'died as a commoner, alone in the decline. Abused child twoailing parents, the Michael Jackson did not want to grow-and as making everyoneinvolved with him eventually succeed. The boy from Louisiana who hated the color of his skin has remained voluntarily in the shell of a childhood that never lived.This is also confirmed in its own way and the daughter of another great "King" music,Elvis Presley, the Lisa Marie, who has been married to Michael Jackson.The "king of pop" feel that really does not grow ever since, as written by Lisa MariePresley a personal website, Jackson believed that he will die young, just like thefamous father.The features Lisa Marie wrote: "Several years ago, Michael and I have done an in-depth discussion about life in general. He had to ask how my father died. At some point stopped, looked strong and with a calm certainty he told me that he fears will
come to die like that, in the same way.The former wife of Michael Jackson and said their marriage: "Yes, it was an unusualrelationship between two unusual people who did not live a normal life, but found alink to a time that can be considered suspect (for Michael Jackson). But I am sureloved me in that someone could love myself I loved him very much. "Father of Jackson, who according to all of media physically and psychologicallymaltreated the little Michael, took in the''branch''of showbiz from five years old. Itwas the goose that lays the golden eggs, the family took advantage of for decades. Itwas difficult in the early '60s being black, poor and abused. It was even harder for achild five years of being forced to play the role of kouvaliti in a family that used.The Michael Jackson was born with the curse of a talent. Throughout his life heexperienced the absence of his childhood. Filotima tried to go beyond the two of  phobias. The first was the society of adults. For this reason suffered all these plasticsurgeries, which have only one purpose: to show how the mirror is still young, almostadolescent.The second concerned the fear of his skin color. Preferred to expose himself tounimaginable suffering to "pass" in White society, erasing the mirror of the melaninin the skin. Both fears have created a monster. Agoraphobia, photophobia, timid-Prince who was king was a sick man, doomed to live in a sick environment. Createdmonsters of showbiz, he was a monster.He managed to radically change the image of POP music in the 80s. The music andstage presence was a catalyst. The promotion by the record companies were ferocious.The huge turnover. The study of the scene very detailed profile. The choreography invideo clips made history. The entertainment industry was in the hands of the ultimate"product".The goodwill of this product only once could be compared: This King of Rock, of Elvis Presley. The Michael Jackson was waxwork, key chain, poster, cloth, cans, toy,doll and everything else that could be sold as a souvenir. The costumes are sexy ontheir own site. Every minute of his life and produced cost money. Of the five yearsuntil the last moment had to live and defend itself to maintain the image of thesymbol. At 51 years old died in what for decades conjure with surgeries, treatmentsand false worlds: the death, as if he fooled."Victim charlatans doctors" complains the familyHis family said all doctors blame some charlatans. None of them will accept it back from the damaged me a five-year child lies the absolute misery of an impoverishedAfrican-American couple in the U.S. of the 60s. Everything else is on lunch gossiptelevision programs.The mental side of this life is horrifying. The "king" who wanted to live as a childwith children, exceeded the limits of endurance environment. Several tried to exploitweaknesses in order to obtain large amounts. Erected a Disney Land in the estate,which he called''the land of nowhere.'' There shut to avoid the fears.

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