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Chinook Jargon

Chinook Jargon

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An article describing the Chinook Jargon of the Pacific Northwest written by George and Terry Goulet, historians for the B.C. Metis Federation.
An article describing the Chinook Jargon of the Pacific Northwest written by George and Terry Goulet, historians for the B.C. Metis Federation.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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JA_HN 5, ?=17’Fian`wya Weiiehuj‚. @ur saiutate`, j!ae" ’#!ih`j! $re!%s‚, es e Hne``& 'ar"` (ais` &`w as Hneu& #awa). Wn! *ur*`s! `+ tnes artehi! es t` %!shre! Hne``& 'ar"`, ets `re"es a% usa"!.-re`r t` tn! arreai `+ wnet! j! e tn! -ahe+eh /`rtnw!st e tn! 1=s, tn!r! w!r! jay tre!s `+ %eas (tn! nest`rehai t!rj steii us!% e tn! et!% 8tat!s ratn!r tna $erst  /ate`s) e tnat ar!a. t !h`j*ass!% wnat es t`%ay tnat *art `+ /`rtn Aj!reha w!st `+ tn! _`h&y J`utaes !t!%e" +r`j Aias&a s`utn t` Haie+`rea. ;ahn `+ tn! tre!s s*`&! tn!er `w %eai!ht. Wnes ja%! et!r2h`jjuehate` %e++ehuit aj`" tn!j.
As a r!suit tn!y %!!i`*!% a h`jj` ia"ua"! haii!% Hne``& e `r%!r t` h`jjuehat! wetn !ahn `tn!r +`r s`heai, tra%! a% `tn!r *ur*`s!s. t was a treai ia"ua"! tnat was `re"eat!% y tn! *!`*i! tn!js!i!s. tn! iat! 1==s a% !ariy 14==s ;ur`*!a a% J>tes +ur tra%!rs tra!ii!% w!stwar% ahr`ss tn! _`h&y J`utaes. Wn!er et!t, aj`" `tn!rs, was t` !*a% tn! iuhrate! +ur tra%! et` wnat es `w &`w as retesn H`iujea as w!ii as `tn!r ar!as e tn! -ahe+eh  /`rtnw!st. W` +ui+eii tnat `3!hte!, tn!y 6ueh&iy r!aie9!% tn! !!% t` ja&! h`taht a% h`jjuehat! wetn juite*i! e%e"!`us huitur!s `+ tn! /ate! *!`*i!s e tnes ar!a. W` %` s` tnr`u"n a et!r*r!t!r w`ui% ! tej!2h`suje" a% *`%!r`us. H`s!6u!tiy tn!y %!!i`*!% a `++sn``t `+ tn! /ate! Hne``& ia"ua"! tnat was haii!% Hne``& 'ar"`. Wnes j!at tnat tn!y %e% `t na! t` i!ar tn! ia"ua"! `+ !ahn tre! e `r%!r t` h`jjuehat! a% tra%! wetn tn!j.Wn! !`iute` `+ tnes ia"ua"! e`i!% tn! etr`%uhte` `+ $r!hn, ;"iesn, Hr!! a% `tn!r w`r%s et` tn! /ate! Hne``& ia"ua"!. Wnes 'ar"` %e++!r!% +r`j tnat us!% y !arie!r jaretej! +ur tra%!rs at tn! j`utn `+ tn! H`iujea _e!r a% ai`" tn! #!st H`ast `+ :ah`u!r sia% wn` na% %!!i`*!% a *re`r *e%"e ia"ua"!.Hne``& 'ar"`, `+t! ``jat`*`!eh (ejetate` s`u%), !haj! tn! ie"ua +raha (tn! h`jj` ia"ua"! !tw!! s*!a&!rs wn` s*`&! %e++!r!t +erst ia"ua"!s) e tn! -ahe+eh
 /`rtnw!st. ;!tuaiiy `!r 1==,=== *!`*i! s*`&! Hne``& 'ar"` e @r!"`, #asne"t`, retesn H`iujea, %an`, Aias&a a% `tn!r i`hate`s. a%%ete` t` tn! /ate!s a% +ur tra%!rs tn!s! *!`*i! ehiu%!% aj`" `tn!rs jesse`are!s, "`i% rusn *r`s*!ht`rs a% s!tti!rs. !se%!s !e" us!% as a tra%! ia"ua"!, Hne``& 'ar"` was ais` us!% +`r s`heai h`jjuehate`, r!ie"e`us s!reh!s, a% `tn!r  *ur*`s!s.t na% a r!streht!% "rajjar a% a iejet!% `hauiary `+ *!rna*s <== `r 0== w`r%s a% was r!iate!iy !asy t` i!ar. Jesse`are!s h`j*`s!% a% trasiat!% *ray!rs (suhn as tn! @ur $atn!r) a% wr`t! nyj ``&s a% a %ehte`ary e tnat ia"ua"!.Jay Hne``& 'ar"` w`r%s ar! e h`jj` us! t`%ay e /`rtn Aj!reha. Wn!y na! ja%! tn!er way et` tn! ;"iesn ia"ua"! e *iah! aj!s a% `tn!r ways. A +!w s*!a&!rs `+ tnes ia"ua"! ehiu%!% '`s!*n #eiieaj JhFay (tn! +`u%!r `+ /aaej`), H Me!ut!at `!r`r ;%"ar O!w%!y, a% tn! *re!sts J`%!st! O!j!rs a% /`r!rt iahn!t (wn` iat!r !haj! esn`* `+ :ah`u!r sia% a% esn`* `+ @r!"` r!s*!hte!iy).Wn!r! ar! nu%r!%s `+ i`hate`s tnr`u"n`ut tn! -ahe+eh /`rtnw!st tnat !ar Hne``& 'ar"` *iah! aj!s. Aj`" `tn!rs a +!w !aj*i!s e retesn H`iujea ehiu%e" tn!er ;"iesn trasiate` +`r tn! Hne``& 'ar"` w`r%s a% a**r`ejat! i`hate` ar! tn! +`ii`we"
Huitus Ma&! G ’sjaii `r ese"e+ehat‚ !ar Hneiiewah&K
Nya& J`utae G ’+ast‚ e tn! -urh!ii J`utaesK
Nyas Ma&! G ’ej*`rtat‚ 8nuswa*K
`st` ar G ’Aj!reha `r Ba&!!‚ ` tn! $ras!r _e!rK
Faa&a Hr!!& G ’Nawaeea‚ !ar Ja*i! _e%"!K
Jaia&wa G ’j`s6uet`‚ !ar 8ehaj`usK
J`ut M`i` G ’harry `r wn`i!‚ !ar Faji``*sK
@iiaia Hr!!& G ’!rre!s‚ !ar 8ejei&aj!!K
8ewasn _`h& G ’%ea‚ e 8tai!y -ar&, :ah`u!rK
8&``&ujhnuh& G ’str`" wat!r‚ ` tn! 8usne! H`astK
8*u99uj G ’as&!t, `r ja&e" "rass‚ $ras!r Hay`K
Weiiehuj _`a% G ’+re!%‚ :eht`reaK
Wujtuj Ma&! G Dn!art!at‚ A%ajs _e!rK
Wy!! -`et G ’hne!+‚ !ar N`rs!sn`! ay.8`j! `+ tn! Hne``& 'ar"` w`r%s a%`*t!% `r us!% e ;"iesn wetn tn!er trasiate` ar! tn! +`ii`we"
juh&2a2juh& G ’*i!ty t` !at‚K
ne"n juh&2a2juh& G ’s`j!`! e a *`sete` `+ ej*`rtah! a% autn`rety‚K
hnuh& G ’wat!r‚K
s&``&uj G ’str`" `r ra! `r !ry iar"! a% ej*r!sse!‚K

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