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As Torino Convention Speech 2014 Final

As Torino Convention Speech 2014 Final

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Published by jspector

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Published by: jspector on May 15, 2014
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Contact: Jessica Proud, 914-438-5325
May 15, 2014
Thank you, Chairman Cox. Thank you, Chairman Colety. Thank you, New York Republicans from all across this state for putting your faith in me today. Thank you, Sheriff Chris Moss! You honor me as a running mate.  And, of course, thank you to my beautiful wife, Sheila, and our three children, Sean, Kiley, and Ashlin. I love them with all my heart. Sheila and I met when I hosted a sportstalk show for WFAS Radio here in Westchester.
She was waitressing at a place down the road from the station called „Pete‟s Saloon‟  while studying for her Master‟s Degree in Special Education. I‟d go to Pete‟s before my shift for its cheeseburgers. But after Sheila started working there, it wasn‟t the
cheeseburgers I was after anymore -- if you know what I mean.
 been my partner in life ever since, every step of the way. She‟s always
encouraged me. But I have to say, when talk started about me running for governor, I
 wasn‟t sure Sheila would go for it. But then talk started about a new kitchen, too. Sheila‟s wa
nted us to get one for years.  And I thought,
a second. I see where this is going... But you know what we found out? This is unbelievable. You actually need
building  permits
to make home improvements. Did anyone here know that? And get this; it‟
s even crazier: your property taxes can go
 when the renovations are done. Who knew?! Even so, the dream kitchen is still in the cards, as well as the dream of helping to save this state.  And so, today. I say to all of you here. And to all those across this state struggling to get  by: I proudly, emphatically, unconditionally, and enthusiastically accept your nomination for governor of the State of New York, because this once great state needs to
 be great again, and I will not rest until we‟re back o
n track toward getting there.
I‟m going to ask each of you to take a step back for a moment and to look at the big picture before us. Perspective is badly needed when we talk about what‟s happened to
New York.
Because it is nothing less than a disgrace, a crime--of historic magnitude. If Henry Hudson and Giovanni da Verrazzano pulled into New York harbor today, they 
 turn their ships around and head south. Because what the
‟d see is the word “closed”:
Closed for business; closed for innovation; closed for honest, responsible government.
Our leaders have squandered a land blessed by its creator, and that‟s unforgivable. You and I need to fix it because there‟s no one else coming along.
 What Hudson and Verrazano and Samuel de Champlain saw when they got here -- what the Iroquois, Seneca and Oneida Nations already knew -- was a place of bounty. Their hearts must have pounded when they saw its possibilities -- the soil to till, the lakes to fish, and the rivers and ocean to transport goods. This state, this land mass, has everything, all the attributes for enrichment.
For three and a half centuries people saw New York through those settlers eyes. And they prospered. New York became the economic engine that drove the country that drove the world. How have we forgotten that? This is where our families first stepped foot on American soil -- off ships in New York Harbor, off trains from the South, and later off airplanes. They came to begin anew, to
stake their claim in the American dream of leaving their children and their children‟s
children better off than their forebearers.
God help them; what have our politicians done? They‟ve nearly ruined a once great state. They‟ve murdered innova
tion and chased away the dreamers.
The statistics scream incompetence: New York is now 50th in so many categories. How
is that possible? This was the state that wouldn‟t accept being second to anyone or
anything, and here we are...50th! Here we are ranked by the American Legislative Exchange Council as having the worst economic outlook in America. Not 25th. Not 45th. Dead. Last. 50th. The worst economic outlook. The Empire State...
New York has the highest property taxes in America, 50th out of 50. It has the highest overall tax burden, 50th out of 50. It was just rated the worst place to retire in America, 50th out of 50.
 We have the highest electric rates, yet we won‟t touch the clean natural gas underneath
our feet --
natural gas that‟s enriching 30 other states. New York loses more families than any other state, 50th out of 50. We‟re on pace to lose
more than 400,000 New Yorkers in just four years under Andrew Cuomo.
 And we‟re ranked by the University of Illinois, thanks mainly to our Democrat friends in
 Albany, as having the most corrupt state government in America -- 50th out of 50. Now  we find out that the commission that was supposed to investigate corruption has been corrupted itself. President Obama stood on the banks of the Hudson River a few miles from here  yesterday. He said that America now ranks 19th in the world in infrastructure development. The President said 19th is unacceptable for this country. I wholeheartedly
agree. Nineteenth is unacceptable. And we‟re 50th under Andrew Cuomo in all these
But here‟s the statistic that hurts most. It came out just this month: Forty one percent of
New Yorkers now say they would leave this state if they could. Four out of 10 neighbors  want to follow the three million
New Yorkers who‟ve moved away in the
 past 20  years. How did this happen? When did living here become like a prison sentence?
„I retire in three years; then I‟m out of here.‟ „Once the kids finish school, we‟re headed south.‟ Who hasn‟t heard that a hundred times? It is...a sign of our t
New York isn‟t losing because its people are failing. No one works harder than New
 Yorkers, and with with world-class universities, we have one of the best educated  workforces anywhere.
It‟s not a lack of resources: The Hudson didn‟t dry up. Lak 
e Erie and Lake Ontario are still there. We have the same resources that made us a business magnet for three and a half centuries. We have all the infrastructure a great state needs to grow -- roads, rivers, railways, and airports. So what happened? Why is the Empire State shrinking? Why is New York losing to every state in this country?
I‟ll tell you what happened
-- government happened. Bad government. Bad government leadership. Sure it was often well meaning, but it was always stifling. New York
government couldn‟t help but stick its nose into everything
-- to tax everything, regulate everything, control everything. It layered on regulations like coats of paint on a ship.
Even the finest vessel afloat will succumb to the sea when it‟s weighed dow 
n enough.
In so many categories, New York spends more than any other state, with disappointing outcomes. We spend the most on schools, yet consistently rank in the bottom half of results. We spend the most on Medicaid -- more than Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania combined -- but health care delivery is subpar at best. New York government grew so wide, so fast, and so broad that it had to tax its people

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