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Social Media Interview

Social Media Interview

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Published by Jessica Figueiredo

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Published by: Jessica Figueiredo on May 15, 2014
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I have a great interest in the Public Relations field and love learning new things about it. When we were first assigned this assignment to interview a professional in our future industry, the first person that came to mind was Suzanne Schwab. Suzanne is currently a professor at Kean University, a PR guru, wife and mother. She embodies a passion for each different hat she juggles every day. This is a huge reason why I believe she was the best choice to interview.
Suzanne’s PR career st
arted when she was younger by working for Vonage and Six Flags. From that she ran across someone from the NBA and was persistent until she got a position working at the WNBA. From that opportunity the rest of her life fell into place. She met her husband, Mike, and had her twins, Olivia and Garrett. Suzanne left the fast paced PR position she had at the WNBA to have more time with her family. It was then she turned her adjunct position at Kean University to a full time position. Being the public relations professor at school means that I am constantly in her
office whether it’s for advice or school assignments. Naturally when I told her about this
assignment and that I would like to interview her she opted in. This allowed me to get to know more about what might come my way after graduation.
Content & Body:
The following are some of the questions and answers conducted. Key:
= Jessica
= Suzanne
 What are the greatest rewards of working in PR?
 One of the best things working in PR is that you never have the same day twice and
you’re not sitting in an office all day. Also, the free SWAG is always a good perk too.
 How has social media changed the PR world?
 Social media has changed everything. It has opened up so many new jobs and PR opportunities, but it also makes the already 24/7 job more intense.
 Can you elaborate what some of the positive and negative opportunities are?
 Social media is free and it can be used to connect organizations to customers. The impact social media has, can help or hurt an organization with whatever their strategy
is. Social media is great to be used for any crisis situations too, but that’s also a down
side. Everything is available at your fingertips, so if something goes wrong everyone knows about it within seconds, but it can also be addressed that quickly too.
Since PR professionals have so many different tasks, what do you think the starting salary for a new professional in this field should be?
 When I started working out of college I was making $12,000 salary. ::laughs:: Now I
don’t think you guys should be making anything less than $48
-54,000 a year. There is so much more to do now in the PR field and you guys are the ones that will bring all the
social media expertise to an agency. It’s not the old folks like me that know the ins and outs of this stuff, it’s you guys. The salary depends on what the job description is and how much you would be doing. If you’re the one taking care of all the so
cial media stuff, you can probably negotiate up to the $54,000 salary mark.
 Is there anything that can advance someone in this field?
Internships! Internships! Internships! If you’re not interning you better be doing a hell
of a lot of volunteer w
ork. That’s how you gain experience for PR. You need to show
that you will work hard to get to where you want to be. Interning and volunteering give you the experience you need to climb your way up the ladder. Another amazing thing that every PR student ne
eds to be doing is blogging. Find what you’re passionate about
and start blogging because it will give you the writing practice you will need. There is A LOT of writing in PR. The more practice you get the better it will be for you. This can also serve as a good thing to start a fan base, make connections, get your name out there and even use it in your resume. That may be the one thing that stands out from the other applicants for a job.
 Is there any last advice you would give to someone like me that is graduating and going out into the real world?
Make sure you’re persistent. I didn’t get my job at the WNBA by waiting for the guy to
call me back. I would send him emails and call him to make sure that he was getting them and asking if there was anything else he needed from me. I think he liked the fact
that I didn’t give up and that’s why he hired me. You can’t just sit there and wait for
someone to hand you a job on a silver platter. Sometimes you need to cut out the middle man, like the receptioni
st that doesn’t put you threw, and call or email them directly until you get an answer. I’m not saying to be annoying where they want to hand you a restraining order, I’m saying to be persistent. Make sure you can show them you’re confident in what you can
 bring to their organization. You better clean up your
social media outlets because that’s the number one thing
 anyone, coming out of college, can bring to the table for a new PR job.
Discussion & Conclusion
 After listening to the things Suzanne had to say, I am ready to take PR by storm. This interview has helped me understand how fast everything happens because of social media.
I wasn’t so surprised to hear how much social media has affected the
public relations field. I knew that
social media has impacted PR, but what I didn’t realize
was how much of an advantage it is to recent college grads to know how to handle social media outlets and blogs. I believe that the fact that the salary for a public relations practitioner has increased so much in the past 20 years has to do something with social media. Social media has allowed for customers, to connect with organizations and vice

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