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This is My Submission for the 2009 Tame Award

This is My Submission for the 2009 Tame Award

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Published by Anders Mikkelsen
Can a Libertarian also be a Conservative?

Submission for the 2009 Tame Award
Can a Libertarian also be a Conservative?

Submission for the 2009 Tame Award

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Anders Mikkelsen on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is my submission for the 2009 Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize
Can a Libertarian also be a Conservative?
Anders Mikkelsenamikkelsen@yahoo.com
A Libertarian is one who believes that Liberty is the highest political principle.Liberty creates order and allows society to flourish. Peace and Property areinextricably linked to Liberty. Libertarians are distinguished by having and applyingconsistent political principles.So can a Libertarian also be a conservative?We may as well ask “Can a Libertarian also be an Englishman?” Conservative’s areusually recognizably conservative, yet don’t necessarily stand for any one thing inparticular. It is unclear that conservatives agree on consistent political principles. The word conservative is a basket into which one throws multiple vaguely relatedconcepts. This makes it is entirely possible for a libertarian to be a conservative.What is a Conservative? There are multiple definitions of conservative. Most people envisage conservativesas supporters of the status quo and tradition. This makes conservatism relative andunprincipled. Being conservative all depends on what the status quo is and what thetradition is.Commonly Conservatives can be categorized asStatistsMilitaristsSupporters of today’s authority and institutionsSupporters of waning or overthrown authority and institutionsBelievers in current and waning social traditionsSupporters of Throne and AltarBelievers in law and order and private property
Supporters of personal libertiesSocial DarwinistsPaternalistsFree TradersProtectionistsCommunists in communist regimes.Naturally this is not an exhaustive list. Some of these categories are mutuallyexclusive and some can be combined.When libertarians look at the history of the west they see that a truly free society isa radical concept. Yet the history of the west shows continual resistance to thestatist order. Since Western and especially English traditions and status quoinstitutions have a wide streak of statism as well as support for liberty, and privateproperty, etc. it is possible for supporters of liberty to feel they are either supportersof a long tradition and the status quo opposed to those dangerous radicals thestatists, or are in fact the dangerous radicals opposed to the statist status quo.Libertarians believe that properly defined law and order and private property arebound up in the principles of liberty. Since conservatives ostensibly support law andorder and private property it is no surprise libertarians are considered conservative.Libertarians believe in freely developed social institutions. Libertarianism is boundto respect a variety of social institutions and traditions. As long as it is subservientto the principles of liberty, the tradition or institution may stand. This makeslibertarianism a permanent revolution as Lord Acton noted, as well as conservingvoluntarily arrangements such as corporations, churches, universities and otherschools, charities, and families. Many of us live our lives day to day amongvoluntary arrangements, however distorted by taxes and regulations. We luckyenough to be living largely in peace have a good sense of the radical world of liberty, it is “Same, Same, but Different.”Libertarians natural affinities are to those who care about the rights of everyone.Libertarians are bound to respect the rights of the irreligious, uncharitable,pornographic, dirty, free-thinkers, libertine, puritan, atheists, rich, poor, and thosewho discriminate. Libertarians natural allies are those people conservative, liberal,or radical who agree we all must respect the rights of everyone, including thosewho are different from ourselves and our values and way of life.

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