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grass 2

grass 2

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Published by tikkytalo

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Published by: tikkytalo on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Originated by:Agriculture andConsumer ProtectionTitle:Grassland of the world... PDF version ZIP versionMore details
Glossary of technical terms and abbreviations used in the text
ABARE Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAFLP amplified fragment length polymorphism
largest Mongolian rural administrative unit, » province, comprisingseveral
sum airag 
fermented mares milk, mildly alcoholicAMBA Argentine Merino Breeder AssociationANPP annual above ground primary productivityAR accumulation rateARC Agricultural Research Council (South Africa)ARC-RFI Range and Forage Institute (South Africa)ARC-ISCW Institute for Soil Climate and Water (South Africa)ARS Agricultural Research Service (United States of America)AUM animal unit monthAUY animal unit yearAVHRR advanced very high resolution radiometer
smallest Mongolian administrative unit below
replacing theformer soviet-type brigade
semi-desert grazing land (Arabic)
traditional large livestock unit in Mongoliabrigalow
Acacia harpophylla 
forest and woodlandsBSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease)CAM Crassulacean acid metabolismcamp paddock (South Africa)CCD [United Nations] Convention to Combat Desertification in thoseCountries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification,particularly in AfricaCEC cation exchange capacityCIS Confederation of Independent StatesCISNR Commission for Integrated Survey of National Resources (China)CONICET Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y cnicas(Argentina)CP crude proteinCRP Conservation Reserve Program (United States of America)CRSP Collaborative Research Support Program (United States of America)CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
Grassland of the world http://www.fao.org/docrep/008/y8344e/y8344e04.htm#TopOfPage1 of 4 22/10/2552 23:06
CYE comparative yield estimateDGR daily growth ratesDLWG daily liveweight gainDSS decision support systemDWR dry weight rankEEA/EEPRI Ethiopian Economic Association/Ethiopian Economic Policy ResearchInstituteENSO El No-Southern Oscillation ephemeroidsephemeroids Russian term denoting perennials whose vegetative parts die downannually (
e.g. Poa bulbosa 
)foggage reserved standing herbage for grazing after the growing seasonFO forage offerFSAU Food Security Analysis Unit (Somalia)FSU former Soviet Uniongarrigue low growing secondary vegetation with aromatic herbs and pricklydwarf shrubs in the Mediterranean basinGEF Global Environment Facility
Mongolian herders mobile felt dwelling (Russian
)GIS geographical information systemGLASOD Global Assessment of Soil Degradation (global study published in1990 by the UNEP and the International Soil Reference andInformation Centre in cooperation with the Winand Staring Centre,the International Society of Soil Science, FAO and the InternationalInstitute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences)GSSA Grassland Society of Southern AfricaGTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische ZusammenarbeitHPG high performance grazingHUG high utilization grazingIBP International Biological ProgramIEA Instituto Ecologia Applicata, Rome, ItalyIGAD Intergovernmental Authority on DevelopmentIGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere ProgrammeINIA Instituto Nacional deINTA Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria [National Institute forAgricultural Technology, Argentina]IFEVA-UBA Instituto de Investicaciones Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)IUCN The World Conservation Union
yak × cattle hybrid (Mongolia)
khot ail 
traditional herding unit of households camping and working together(Mongolia)Kolkhoz a collective or cooperative farm in the soviet systemKray territory (Russian Federation)LADA land degradation assessment in drylandsLAI leaf area indexLandsat TM land remote-sensing satellite - thematic mapperLAR leaf appearance rate
Grassland of the world http://www.fao.org/docrep/008/y8344e/y8344e04.htm#TopOfPage2 of 4 22/10/2552 23:06
LER leaf expansion rateLEWS Livestock Early Warning SystemLFA landscape function analysis
flood meadow (Russian Federation)LLS leaf life spanLSU livestock unitLTER Long-Term Ecological Research (this is a Network/Program in theUnited States of America)LWG liveweight gain
marshy, low-lying wetlands - South Americamasl metres above sea level
drought-resistant Mediterranean scrub, taller than garrigue (= French
)MAP mean annual precipitation
Mongolian former cooperative - replaced by
NDVI normalized differnce vegetation indexNIRS near infra-red spectroscopyNOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (United States ofAmerica)nomadism generally used of pastoral groups thought to have no fixed base, butfollow entirely erratic rain stormsOblast region (Russian Federation)OM organic matter
movement of livestock to distant pasture to improve conditionPAGE policy analysis of the greenhouse effectPAR photosynthetically active radiationPAP primary aerial productivityppm parts per millionPROLANA El Programa para Mejorar la Calidad de la Lana Argentina
alcoholic drink distilled from
RAPD random amplified polymorphic DNARASHN Russian Academy of Agricultural SciencesRCE regional centre of endemismSAGPyA Secretaría de Agricultura Ganadería, Pesca y Alimentos, (Argentina)SETCIP Secretaría de Ciencía, Tecnología e Innovación ProductivaSovkhozy state-operated agricultural estate in the former USSR for specializedlarge-scale productionSP secondary productionSPOT Satellite probatoire d'observation de la Terre (Experimental EarthObservation System)SPUR2 Simulation of Production and Utilization of Rangelands (software)
Mongolian administrative unit, below
transhumance pastoral systems where people with their animals move betweendistinct seasonal pastures, usually at considerable distance oraltitude from each other
Grassland of the world http://www.fao.org/docrep/008/y8344e/y8344e04.htm#TopOfPage3 of 4 22/10/2552 23:06

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