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Final Paper Psych - prayer

Final Paper Psych - prayer

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Published by Justin Vacula
examination of prayer studies
examination of prayer studies

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Justin Vacula on May 16, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Vacula 1Senior Seminar, Fall, 2010Topic: Does prayer improve the well-being o humans!"ustin Vacula#verview: Some researchers have oun$ that prayer $i$ not improve the well being o human beings% &n some stu$ies, people who praye$ more re'uently e(perience$ health complications) alcoholics an$  patients who were going to have heart surgery who *new they were being praye$ or by outsi$e  persons e(perience$ greater inci$ences o complications than people who were unsure whether they were being praye$ or an$ a no prayer control group% #ther researchers have con$ucte$ e(periments that reveale$ a correlation between prayer an$ improve$ well-being) levels o problem $rin*ing, anger, $epression, an(iety, emotional e(haustion, an$ surgical complications were shown to be lower amongst sub+ects who praye$ more oten%
 Vacula 2&% &ssues % reativity is the psychological conception o organisms who are unsure o whether they are being  praye$ or% stin, "%, Stone, "%, brams, D%, .oore, D%, ouey, /%, uscemi, %, et al% 20034% The eicacy o $istant healing or human immuno$eiciency virus5results o a ran$omi6e$ trial% lternative Therapies in 7ealth an$ .e$icine, 1234, 83-91% etrieve$ rom .D;&< with Full Te(t $atabase% Sub+ects in the stin et al% 20034 stu$y were unsure about whether or not people were praying or them or using $istant healing metho$s that are suppose$ to improve health% Some sub+ects may have hel$ a alse belie or a true belie that others were praying or them an$ may have acte$ accor$ingly% & a sub+ect were not being praye$ or, he=she may have elt comort or e(perience$ improve$ well-being  because he=she believe$ that he=she was being praye$ or% Sub+ects ha$ voluntary control over what they believe$ an$ were not orce$ to hol$ a belie that they were being praye$ or or were not being  praye$ or% Sub+ects> min$s coul$ easily orm alse patterns an$ generate many alse belies% & sub+ects e(perience$ a particularly goo$ $ay, they may believe that someone was praying or their well-being to improve even though they really ha$ no rational basis to $o so% (periencing a goo$ $ay shoul$ not lea$ to the conclusion that someone was praying or improvement o well-being%The position o creativity ma*es more sense than reactivity $oes in this stu$y because patients ha$ ull control over whether or not they believe$ someone was praying to improve their health% esearchers oun$ that $istant healing ha$ no signiicant eect on the patients, but the well-being o some patients $i$ improve% reativity oers a ramewor* in which we can possibly ma*e sense o this% Since researchers in this stu$y $i$ not tell the patients whether they were being praye$ or or not, this stu$y represents the creativity conception o organisms%
 Vacula 8% esearchers use$ $ata as the most appropriate metho$ological strategy or psychology because there were no theories available supporting the hypothesis that prayer is eective%enson, 7%, Duse*, "%, Sherwoo$, "%, ;am, /%, ethea, %, arpenter, ?%, ;evits*y, S%, et al%, 20034% Stu$y o the therapeutic eects o intercessory prayer step4 in car$iac bypass patients: a multicenter ran$omi6e$ trial o uncertainty an$ certainty o receiving intercessory prayer%
 American Heart Journal 151
94, @89-@92% $oi:10%1013=+%ah+%200A%0A%02B% esearchers rom the enson et al% 200A4 stu$y state$ that claims o prayer inluencing recovery rom illness were not well-supporte$ by clinical trials, so $ata was collecte$ to $etermine whether or not prayer was eective% 1B02 sub+ects were place$ into three $ierent groups an$ a great $eal o $ata was collecte$% esults rom this stu$y show that prayer was not eective in increasing the well-being o car$iac bypass patients% esearchers investigate$ whether or not prayer was eective an$ collecte$ $ata rather than wor*ing within a theoretical ramewor*% The lac* o evi$ence supporting the hypothesis that prayer is eective was a result o $ata collection% &nstea$ o constructing a scientic theory, researchers retrieve$ $ata in a very well-$ocumente$ stu$y ille$ with a tremen$ous amount o statistics% % ecause sub+ects were unaware that they were being inclu$e$ in a stu$y, researchers conclu$e$ that the natural iel$ is the most ruitul setting or $iscovery o psychological *nowle$ge% .athai, "%, C ourne, % 20094% /ilot stu$y investigating the eect o intercessory prayer in the treatment o chil$ psychiatric $isor$ers%
 Australasian Psychiatry 12
94, 8B3-8B@% $oi:10%1111=+%1990-133A%2009%02182%(%esearchers in the .athai an$ ourne 20094 stu$y cancele$ any positive anticipatory eects relating to *nowle$ge that people woul$ be praying or sub+ects by not telling sub+ects that they were  being praye$ or or even telling them that they were in a stu$y% ompare$ to the laboratory setting in which sub+ects *new that an e(periment was ta*ing place, this metho$ was non-intrusive an$ more

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