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Chapter 2- Olivia's Story

Chapter 2- Olivia's Story

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Published by Cat
Things get Interesting when Olivia wakes up after being kidnaped and meets a poor imaciated man named Israel who is tortured by the vampire Adora and her servants.
Things get Interesting when Olivia wakes up after being kidnaped and meets a poor imaciated man named Israel who is tortured by the vampire Adora and her servants.

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Published by: Cat on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Waking up was an unpleasant experience. Her body was stiff and her right armthrobbed with horrible pain. As she slowly woke she felt that pain spread its waydown her spine and into her right hip. The right side of her face lay on cold concreteand in a small puddle of her drool that slowly leaked its way out of her gapingmouth. Her left arm lay above her head, straining her back muscles. “Fuck,” shemanaged to cough out, then the adrenaline sucked the word back into her lungs.Her body raged a war between struggling and staying perfectly still; she started toshake and her breathing grew ragged. “Damn, awake already?” light footstepsworked their way around her. She saw shiny black shoes and long black suit pants.“Would have been better for you if you had stayed asleep. Just ask my buddy Israel,over there.” The foot nudged her left arm softly. “Hey! Are you listening?” Hestepped away while Olivia rolled onto her back. “You look okay for having beendropped- more than once.” It was a really short Asian man who spoke perfectEnglish with no hint of an accent.Olivia saw a choppy looking wood ceiling above her head decorated with cob websladen with dust. To her left and across the room was another man, he was turnedaway from her, curled on the floor against the bare white drywall. “Kaoru, fetch awet cloth so she can get the blood off her. I want to work with a clean canvas.” Atthe sound of a woman’s Italian accent, the Asian slipped away without anotherword.Olivia sat up and leaned against her elbows. The woman from the restaurant waslooking down at her with her big amber eyes framed by golden locks of curled hair.“I am Adora, I’m sure you remember me.” She stalked closer, the canary eating cat,her heels making sharp clicking noises on the ground. Her outfit was chic, veryloose, shiny oyster gray fabric that billowed as she made her way toward Olivia. Shewore plumb colored lipstick and eye shadow, which didn’t look to bad on her bonyface.“What do you want?” Olivia’s voice was strong, almost angry as she tried not tobetray her fear.Adora smirked, “Don’t they always ask such questions.” She walked around Olivia’sfeet to kneel beside her. “Do you know what this is?” She tilted her head back andcaressed her silver collar, sliding her manicured fingers down between her breasts.She took in a deep, sensual breath and fixed her eyes on Olivia’s quizzicalexpression. “It is a symbol of my status over this territory. I am the mistress of thevampires in this entire valley.” She stood up, her mock expression melting away,“And you are a danger to myself and my subjects.”“Danger? What the fuck are you talking about?” A door creaked open and slammedshut then heavy footsteps made their way down a flight of stairs. The Asian walkedacross the basement and knelt by Olivia, handing her a cold washcloth. She openedher mouth to say thanks but thought better of it. The sick sons of bitches don’t
deserve any sort of gratitude. But then, just maybe, Olivia was sick for forgetting it. The cool damp of the washcloth felt wonderful against her burning face. Her jawhurt to touch and felt swollen on the left side.Adora noticed her wince,”Poor, girl. I guess Jeremy hit you too hard.” She knelt backdown and reached for the cloth. Olivia pulled away, wide-eyed with fear anduncertain as to what to do. “You missed a spot.”“I can get it just fine.” Her voice shook despite her efforts to stay calm. She felt herheart pulse intensely in her throat. The Asian chuckled to her right side and Adoraglared at him. He stepped back silently.“Nonsense.” Her long, thin fingers reached toward Olivia’s face, lightly touching hertender jaw. Adora's other hand pulled the cloth from her clutches and dabbed it to aspot just under her bottom lip. She tilted Olivia’s face up and wiped under her chinand down her neck, “Oh, there’s more. You did some damage to Jeremy’s arms.”Next Olivia knew her shirt was unbuttoned and Adora was cleaning her chest. Shepushed her away and stood up hastily. “Now, now. You don’t want to end up likeIsrael.”She pointed to the man behind her who now sat up, watching them. His face wasone swollen mass of multicolored bruise. He looked incredibly thin, not like Adora,but enough to notice the starvation he suffers from. He was smothered in dirt, hisgreasy hair plastered to the sides of his face. His incandescent brown eyes lookedabsolutely hopeless. “You still haven’t answered my question.” Olivia didn’t take hereyes off of Israel.“No, I don’t suppose I have.” Adora walked over to Israel. She crouched next to him,pressing her body against him as she ran her hands along his shoulders and downhis arms. He cringed and tried to pull away, his body trembling. “Tell her why youare here, my love.”Israel sounded weak and raspy, “Because you’re,” he paused, his voice fading inand out, “a fucking bitch.” Adora’s aura shifted, spreading out like solar flares fromthe sun, its color deepening to a mahogany swirled with scarlet. She pushed himforward until his face was smashed against the ground. He cried out in pain, tryingto lift himself back up but to no avail. “I don’t tolerate insults,” she said to Olivia.“Leave him alone!” Olivia rushed forward but the Asian held her back. She struggledagainst him but fighting the black guy was easier.Adora bent down, leaning in very close to the gaunt mans ear, “Looks as if you’vemade a friend, Israel. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?” She released him and stood up.“Kaoru, be sure not to hurt her any more than she already is. I’m coming back forher later.” Her smile was nothing but malicious with foul intentions running throughher twisted mind. She then turned and strutted away.
Kaoru waited for his mistress to close the door at the top of the stairs before he letgo of Olivia. He walked across the room and took a seat in a plain wood chair thatprotested beneath him. His eyes gazed at Olivia, taking in her hour glass shape,curly brown hair, rosy cheeks, pointy nose and dark blue eyes that gave away allemotion. Olivia backed up to the wall and slid down it so she sat next Israel. “Israel?I’m Olivia. You wanna tell me what’s going on around here?”He looked at her, his swollen face warped into a crooked and seemingly painfulsmile. “Well, you and I are sensitive to the supernatural, but people like us buildsubconscious defenses so that those supernatural beings can’t fuck with our minds,giving us more of an advantage than normal humans.” He wheezed as he softlyformed the words and licked his lips frequently to keep them from breaking open,“That fucking whore-““Israel!” Kaoru hissed, showing his fangs. “Watch what you say.”“Why should you care? She prefers women over men, let alone Asians with smalldicks.” Kaoru jumped up and was suddenly on Israel, yanking him into the air by hisdingy gray t-shirt. He hissed and barred his insanely sharp fangs, lips curled back ina snarl. Olivia jumped up and pulled on Kaoru’s arms commanding him to drop herally. He tilted his head toward her, his eyes drowning his black pupils in a swirl of white. A very unanticipated thing then happened, he chuckled, then he laughedand he let go of Israel to walk upstairs in fits of hysterical laughter.“This shit is so fucked.” She sat back down, cradling her head in her hands. She feltthe sting of tears about to fill her eyes. Israel crouched next to her and placed hishand on her shoulder. A cold, tingling sensation spread its way down her and intoher chest. She jerked away, “You’re a vampire?”Israel sighed and leaned back until he sat on the ground, “Yeah. Not like I wanna be,but yeah.”“Then why are you down here and not like that black guy or the Asian?” She turnedto him, face deadly somber but brows rose inquisitively, “Why aren’t you helpingthem kill me?”“I’m not like that. I haven’t conformed like others have, like Aspen did. He was likeus then Adora found him, changed him and scared the shit out of him so he stays inline.” He coughed, clearing his throat. A touch of red bled in a tiny line on hisbottom lip. His lips were what Olivia’s mother would call “not plush but kissable.”“I’ve only been here for about a month. After the first week, Aspen helped meescape but Adora’s little nigger bitch caught us. She did some horrible things to me;God knows what she did to Aspen. If she takes you up stairs, that means she isgoing to change you, but if she doesn’t then they torture you down here until theytire of you. Then you’re dead.”

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