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Love Systems Insider: Mixed Groups and Other Guys

Love Systems Insider: Mixed Groups and Other Guys

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Published by Love Systems
Don't Miss Huge Opportunities with Mixed Groups and Other Guys

To get brand new future LSi's, sign up for our weekly newsletter here: http://www.lovesystems.com/lsisignup
Don't Miss Huge Opportunities with Mixed Groups and Other Guys

To get brand new future LSi's, sign up for our weekly newsletter here: http://www.lovesystems.com/lsisignup

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Published by: Love Systems on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Love Systems Insider
Date: November 2009
In this issue...
1. Mixed Groups & Other Guys
I want to clear up one of the biggest MISSED OPPORTUNITIES for guys.Even if you go to the bar or party or coffee shop and you approach every group of womenthere... You’re still missing out on the BEST opportunities:Mixed groups.That means women who have other guys with them. Whether these men are friends, admirers, or  boyfriends, you CAN and SHOULD approach these women.I’ll show you how, why approaching these women is “better,” and how you can pick up awoman up EVEN IF HER BOYFRIEND IS THERE THE WHOLE TIME.But, let’s start at the beginning. Print out this email, because you’re going to want to come back to it again in the future.
“How to approach a mixed group” is pretty much solved. We don’t have space to copy and paste pages from the e-booksMagic Bulletsor the Routines Manualhere. If you haven’t read those  books yet, do so now.Here are a couple of review points:
Use opening lines (openers) designed specifically for mixed groups.
Start talking to the guy(s) first, at least in the first 30 seconds.
Bring value (other women, humor, etc.) right away.
DO NOT use standard “female opinion” or “direct” openers with mixed groups!Use the right tool for each situation, and recognize that each situation is different. You shouldhave a minimum of 3-5 great “openers” that you can use for all-girl groups and another 3-5 youcan use for mixed groups.If you don’t have great, proven openers that you like, then grab a few from among the dozens inthe Love Systems Routines Manual or (better still, in my opinion) Volume 2 of the RoutinesManual.These openers are all word-for-word scripts, with what to do in every situation and how torespond to the most common things she’ll do. Take a look at Volume 1and Volume 2. Start talking to the guys, and bring value immediately. Guys can and will shut you down if theydon’t like you right away.You can use humor (pick one of the Humorous Openers from theRoutines Manual), or, even better, bring women with you.Just approach a small all-female group with a light, easy opener. Don’t try to pick them up. After a couple of minutes of conversation, either take something one of them said or introduce a newopinion opener (there are dozens in theRoutines Manual). Now you have an “excuse” to bring your group to the mixed group.Just say: “Hmm, I dunno. Let’s ask these guys.”And then lead your group into the mixed group and introduce everyone. Congratulations, you’rein. The guys probably already like you, because you brought women for them to meet.
There are sooooo many reasons. I’ll start with the three biggest:
1.You can get serious points in a woman’s eyes for having the balls to do whatI just told you.2.It’s way easier to get her home at the end of the night. Women often drive tothe club together (and leave together). Mixed groups usually arrive and leaveseparately.
3.Her male friends are usually less judgmental than her female friends. In otherwords, she won’t worry as much about being seen with you (a new guy),going home with you, etc.
See why you need to be approaching mixed groups?
Find out right away how everyone knows each other when you’re doing introductions. If itdoesn’t come out naturally, just ask:
“So, how do you guys all know each other?”
If her date or boyfriend is there and hovering, be realistic. Your goal should be getting her contact info so you can see her again, when he’s not there.(Okay, you can get more that night. It’s hard, but doable. I’m not always proud of it, but it’ssomething I’ve done more than a few times. The more people in her group and the more high-energy the environment, like a concert, the easier it is for the two of you to slip away. But, that’sa little advanced for this newsletter.)The great thing about limiting your goals is it makes them really easy to achieve, even with her date standing right there.Don’t shove your phone into her face and ask for her number. It has to happen “naturally.” And,it doesn’t have to be a phone number specifically.For example, take a group picture, and then get everyone’s email addresses so you can sendthem the picture.Or, if a boyfriend suddenly appears and is about to take her away, you can even say “give meyour email so I can send you that picture” even if there never was one.You can also just ask for her facebook. Don’t write it down right away; remember it until youcan get to your phone. It’s still reasonably okay for a woman to give out her facebook to a manin front of her boyfriend, where it wouldn’t be as okay to give her phone number.In general, be creative and listen for opportunities. It’s the same process as if you meet a womanwhen you’re on a date. If you know what you’re looking for, the opportunities are easy to see.For example:[Two minutes into a conversation]

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