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Answer Sheet for Foundation in Software Testing

Answer Sheet for Foundation in Software Testing

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Published by h_verma

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Published by: h_verma on Nov 13, 2009
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Answer Sheet for Foundation in Software Testing
Any un authorized copying or re-selling of the contents of this document without permissionwill constitute an infringement of copyright.Commercial copying, re-selling, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.1Module 1 Answers1)
Describe what the following terms mean:
A human action that produces an incorrect result
A manifestation of an error in software. A fault, if encountered may cause a failure
Deviation of the software from its expected delivery or service.
What are the stages of the Fundamental Test Process?
Test Planning & ControlTest Analysis & DesignTest Implementation and ExecutionEvaluating Exit Criteria and ReportingTest Closure Activities3)
Try and list as many ‘Developer’ and ‘Tester’ attributes as you can.
A Developer’s attributes:
Highly valued within the companyIndustry standard qualificationsSeen as being creativePoor communicatorsSkills in a very specific area
A Tester’s attributes:
Rarely valued within a companyNo industry standard qualificationsSeen as being destructiveVery good communicatorsMulti-talented
What is termed ‘a successful test’?
“A successful test is one that finds a fault” 
Which stage of the Fundamental Test Process would you expect to find ’Collecting the testresults’?
Test Closure Activities
This stage is concerned with collecting test results and test related documentation in order toachieve a milestone prior to a release of the product.
Module 2 Review Answers1)
What does ‘RAD’ represent?
RAD represents ‘Rapid Application Development’
Which type of testing can be termed
“Testing performed to expose faults in the interfacesand in the interaction between integrated components.”? 
Integration Testing
Integration Testing as defined by the BS-7925 is:
“Testing performed to expose faults in the interfaces and in the interaction betweenintegrated components.” 
Which type of Testing checks the ability of the system to be able to bear loads?
Load Testing:
Testing the ability of the system to be able to bear loads.
Which Software Development Model is also known as the ‘Sequential Model’?
Waterfall Model
The Waterfall model is also known as the ‘Sequential model’.
Which type of Integration Testing approach involves testing all individual modules at once asa complete system?
This involves testing all individual modules at once as a complete system.
Module 3 Review Answers1)
The _______ is the person who is responsible for documenting issues raised during theprocess of the review meeting.
The Recorder or Scribe is the person who is responsible for documenting issues raised duringthe process of the review meeting.
Which type of review is also known as a peer review?
Technical Review
(also known as a peer review)…
What types of errors can be found by Static Analysis?The types of errors that can be detected by Static Analysis are:
unreachable code
uncalled functions
undeclared variables
parameter type mismatches
possible array bound violations4)
Which type of graph displays the logic structure of software?
Control Flow Graphing
Control flow graphs display the logic structure of software.
Which type of review requires no documentation?
Informal Review Summary:
Low cost
No documentation required
Widely used review
Module 4 Review Answers1)
Using the following example, list some possible ‘Boundary Testing’ and ‘EquivalencePartitioning’ test data values:xx = 1 – 100yy = 500 – 1000
Equivalence Partitioning examples:
2, 66, 88 etc.507, 777, 993 etc.
Boundary Value Analysis examples:
0, 1, 100, 101499, 500, 1000, 1001
Which type of Testing is commonly based on typical scenarios from the receiver of thedeveloped product?
Use Case Testing
This type of Testing is commonly based on typical scenarios from the receiver of the developedproduct.
Structure-based Testing is also known as what?
White-box Testing4)
Give an example of a Test Case using Error Guessing.Here are some example test case ideas that could be considered as
Error Guessing:
Input of a blank entry
Input of greater than ten digits
Input of mixture of numbers and letters
Input of identical customer codes
Which Test method uses a model of the source code which identifies individual decisions, andtheir outcomes?
Branch Decision TestingModule 5 Review Answers1)
Give one negative and positive of using an Independent Tester.
The Tester can become isolated from the development team
The Developer may lose there sense of responsibility
An independent tester may become a bottleneck in the project
Their job is to find faults in Developers software
It is much easier to spot faults in somebody else’s software
A good Tester never assumes, they check for themselves.
Name as many individual roles within a typical software development organization.
The ClientThe Project Manager The User The Business AnalystThe Systems AnalystThe Technical Designer The Developer The Test Leader The Tester 3)
Name three activities you would expect a Test Leader to perform.
Coordinate the Test Strategy and Test Plan with managers
Planning and scheduling of tests
Monitoring test progress
Responsible for providing configuration management system
Create reports on gathered testing information4)
List some items that you would expect to see within an Incident Report.
Software under test IDTester’s nameSeverityScopePrioritySteps to reproduce5)
Name the four parts of Configuration Management.
Configuration Identification
Configuration Control
Status Accounting
Configuration AuditingModule 6 Review Questions1)
 _______ ______ tools can help Testers and Developers find defects before any dynamictesting has begun.
Static Analysis2)
type of tool provides objective measures of structural test coverage when the actual testsare executed?
Coverage Measurement3)
List the suggested tool selection process.
1)Create a list of potential tools that may be suitable2)Arrange for a demonstration or free trial3)Test the product using a typical scenario (pilot project)4)Organise a review of the tool4)
Run-time information on the state of the executing software is achieved by using ______  _____ Tools.
Dynamic Analysis Tools5)
When should the roll-out of a tool occur?
Roll-out of the tool should only occur following a successful pilot project or evaluationperiod.Practice Exam 1 Practice Exam 2 Practice Exam 3
Question Correct Question Correct Question Correct

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