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Left vs Right Brain Science Leaves Out Creator of This Science by B Jett

Left vs Right Brain Science Leaves Out Creator of This Science by B Jett

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Published by Brian G Jett

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Published by: Brian G Jett on Nov 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Left vs Right Brain Science leaves out Creator of this science by B Jett
NOTE: Fear has been blamed on emotions or the faint of character historically. Thisis fallacious 'information'. That is what left brain analytical, monolithic logic grindsagainst wherein what we've termed logic has wrongly been embraced as factualdata. Hence, science and technology have been solely the methodology our rightbrain (the holistic, perceptive, intuitive, and contextual emotive lobe) has beentrained reciprocally and for self-preservation to suppress its vital functions. Facts,however, void of intuition force cognitive dissonance or confusion, worry, and theliteral dividing of our mind (one mind, two lobes which cooperate if allowed).Our society praises the result more so than the developmental journey of achievingexcellence as part of the result. The left brain supporters do so, under a Pavlov'sdrooling dog notion, for understandable societal reasoning. Get up, go to work,perform tasks specific to what they were told to be by a systemic psychologicalaptitude test, earn money bi-weekly, and believe this is what life consists of in itslargest portion. Depression, restlessness, boredom, an under girding guide sincebirth craves to be conceived via the right brain's demand to create a happier mentaland emotional condition; the subsequent logical left brain squelching fights backand fear holds tight to standards seemingly unfounded but nonetheless ascribed toif even ethically and morally disconcerting.Explicitly by illustration: A Christian businessman observes wrong practices andunfair prejudice in the work place. He discusses his concern with his wife who paysthe bills, runs the errands, and does the dirty work she disdains. She convinces himthat, after allowing him a few minutes to vent, that he is correct in not being a"whistle blower" as certainly anywhere he'd go there he surely would be up againstthe same political good old boy network.~Pavlov revisited: "Reflexes make us react in a certain way. These reflexes arecalled 'unconditioned', or built-in. The body responds in the same fashion everytime the stimulus is applied. In the same way, dogs drool when they encounterfood." (Source: Nobelprize.org)Herein is where absurdity surfaces as we look at these words. "...reflexes are calledunconditional..."Which reflexes and who decidedly finalized that reflexes such as I'll call"justification" and "denial" related to the businessman's moral compass being trueNorth, was compromised or actually deemed factually as an accepted simulatedSouth?Here, the stimuli is his knowledge that a rebuking on his part in confrontingconspicuous management discrepancies with his empirical sensory that his jobought to be terminated by such an overtly scrupulousness. This failure would be, inneighborhood and church goers eyesight, the greater egregious loss as moneytrumps, in present day priority, the holistic and quite reasonable intuitiveconclusion. In the long haul, the sum total of employees will suffer eventual

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