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Investigate a book the blooming-smart way

Investigate a book the blooming-smart way



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Published by craigbarrett

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Published by: craigbarrett on Mar 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Investigate a Book -
Fiction or Non – fiction
WordLogic and MathsSpace and VisionBodyMusicPeopleSelfNatureRemembering* Write anAcrostic poemusing the mainaspect of thebook.*Make an A to Zlist from yourbook.*Use your whitehat and listinformation about your text.*Draw a pie graphto illustrate factsfrom the text.* Construct atimeline relatingto your text.* Make a visualchart of thingsfrom your book-Write 5 words todescribe them.*Do a drawing ofan interestingpart of the book.* Basic mime –happy, sad etc.discuss and modelsteps for miming.* Move likesomething from your text. Playstatues.*Use your face tocreate someemotions you mayhave felt whenreading yourbook, or emotionsportrayed bycharacters.*Does music playa part in thistext? Describehow.*Learn a new songabout this topic.*Look for songabout the text.*Name sounds youwould hear in thetext- list them.*Work withothers to make alist of the “Top 5”most importantparts of the text.*Tell a partner 10things you knowabout your book.* Write a learninglog – what youhave gained orlearnt from thebook.* Draw and writeabout yourfavourite part ofthe book.* Do you alreadyknow anythingabout this book orhad anyexperiencesrelating to thetext. If so, writeabout them.* Are there anyanimals or naturalsettings in yourbook?If yes, draw anddescribe them.If no, could theirhave been? Drawand describethem.Understanding* Retell aninteresting partof the book in your own words.* Recount ownexperience inrelation to thebook.*Make awordsearch fromthe text.* Write a set oftrue or falsequestions aboutthe book.* Design a puzzleor maze thatpresents the mainsetting / topic ofthe text.* Develop a “Howto ….. relating tothe text.* Design abookmarkfeaturing thetitle author and asummary of yourbook. Decoratethe bookmarkwith picturesabout the book.*To show what you know aboutthe book make apicture book/mural/ poster/collage.* Illustrate themain idea of thebook.* Play charadeswith names ofbooks you haveread on this topic.* Act outmovements from your book.* Do some mimesrelating to yourbook.* Choose apassage from thetext. Read aloudand make soundeffects withdifferent objectsto link with thetext.* Describe thesounds you wouldhear in the text.* Record soundeffects for yourbook.* Role play animportant partfrom your book.* In a group,design 5 questionsthat could be puton a test about your book.-Draw a pictureabout how thetext makes youfeel.*Explain in a diaryentry how thetext makes youfeel.*Find Photographsin magazineswhich could beincluded in yourbook. Under eachpicture write whyand where theywould be included.
WordLogic and MathsSpace and VisionBodyMusicPeopleSelfNatureApplying*Write a radioadvertisement for your book tellingpeople why theyshould buy it.Refer to title andauthor.*Write apostcard tosomeone about your book.*Locate 5-10words you founddifficult to reador understand.Use a dictionaryto find themeaning of thesewords. Write thewords and theirmeanings.* Make up anumber problemrelating to thetext.*Draw a plan/mapto scale relatingto your book.* Compile all theinformation from your text youwould need inorder to solve aproblem.* Make thefollowing relatingto your book sostudents couldlearn while theyare using them;- a cartoon- pop-up book- mural- jigsaw- poster- collage- puppets- maps- diorama- wanted poster- mobile* Use signlanguage to teachskills orinformation from your book toothers.*DoTheatresportsrelating to yourbook.*Write words fora radio jingleabout the book toencourage peopleto read it.* Play celebrityheads relating to your book.*Share some of your work withthe class.* Sharing circle –share yourthoughts/beliefsand opinions aboutthe book withothers.*What was good,not so good andinteresting -complete a PMIrelating to yourbook.* Write a diaryentry from themain character orthe authors pointof view about themost interestingpart in the book.* Are there anyproblems in yourbook? If so listthe problems andwrite how youwould solve them.* Could this bookhelp you in anyway with thestudy of theenvironment? If yes how?Analysing*Compare andcontrast-Storylines,characters,attitudes using aVenn Diagram.* Play 20questions relatingto your text.* Do a PMI ( PlusMinusInteresting)relating to yourtext.* Design a surveyand graph theresults relating to your book.* Design a newfront cover forthe book you haveread. Make itvisually appealingso it will attractreaders. Refer toother book coversto see what toinclude.* Use a Venndiagram orsemantic web todisplay the mainconcept of yourbook.* Write andpresent a play ora skit about yourbook.* Physicallydemonstrate a“How to……”realting to yourbook.* Create asoundscape for your favouritepart of the book.Tape and play itfor the class/group.* Debate with afriend–Thereasons not tomiss this book- Why not toread this book.* Conduct aninterview withanother personwho has also read your book. Takenotes and presentit to the class.* Analyse aproblem from thestory from 2differentperspectives.* If you met theauthor or acharacter from your book what 5questions would you most like toask them? Listthem.*

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