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Transcript Candidates at Google-Rahm Emanuel 2-24-11

Transcript Candidates at Google-Rahm Emanuel 2-24-11

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Published by valeriefleonard
Former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel speaks with the Head of the Google Chicago office Jim Lecinski on February 9, 2011 at the Google office in Chicago, Illinois.
Former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel speaks with the Head of the Google Chicago office Jim Lecinski on February 9, 2011 at the Google office in Chicago, Illinois.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: valeriefleonard on May 19, 2014
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Candidates@Google: Rahm Emanuel
Uploaded by AtGoogleTalks on 24.02.2011
Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011 
  Former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel speaks with the Head of the Google Chicago office Jim Lecinski on February 9, 2011 at the Google office in Chicago, Illinois. http://transcriptvids.com/v2/VBeJWzBRS2g.html  as of May 17, 2014 at 11:37 p.m. The link to the video is YouTube link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBeJWzBRS2g  
Transcript: >>David Lieber: Good morning Google Chicago. [speaking in background] My name is David Lieber. I'm with the State and Local Public Policy Team here. We're obviously thrilled to have Rahm Emanuel, Mayoral Candidate for Chicago here today for a fireside chat with Jim Lecinski, the unofficial mayor of the Chicago office. [laughter] So this is a continuation of our fireside campaign chats which is a program we inaugurated in 2008. Today, however, represents the first time that we are doing an event outside of Mountain View, and obviously there's no better place to do that than the City of Chicago. Our guest today, Rahm Emanuel, is a veteran of two presidential administrations. He served in the Clinton Administration from 1992 to 1998, rising to the position of Senior Advisor; also served, as many of you know, as the Chief of Staff to current President Barack Obama from 2008 to 2010. Before that, he served three terms in the U.S. Congress representing the Fifth Congressional District. In 2007, he became the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and in 2006 he was the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the year that the Democrats took over the House of Representatives. If you look around, you'll notice that there are no media present here today. We did, however, extend an invite to @Mayor Emanuel to live Tweet the event. Unfortunately he's holed up in the igloo with Carl the intern, but he does send his very saucy, saucy regrets on not being able to make it. But at this time, without further ado, I wanna introduce Rahm Emanuel. Let's give him a warm applause. [applause] >>Rahm Emanuel: Thank you. [applause] What's this thing? Do you guys think I have a kidney problem or something? [laughter] What is that? [laughter] Geez. >>David Lieber: Just in case you're thirsty. >>Rahm Emanuel: [laughs] Yeah. I didn't know I was gonna sweat through the interview. [laughter] >David Lieber: Good. Well, well welcome Rahm. We're very thrilled to have you here. >>Rahm Emanuel: Um-hum. >>David Lieber: And we know you've got a very busy day today including the big Urban League event debate on Fox tonight -- >>Rahm Emanuel: Um-hum. >>David Lieber: so we're happy to be your warm up act.
>>Rahm Emanuel: [laughs] [laughter] >>David Lieber: So. Well let's get started. Speaking of Fox, I don't know if you watched the Super Bowl this weekend but they had during the Super Bowl on Fox incessant, everybody here by the way was rooting against the Packers -- [laughter]  just 'cause that's the Chicago thing to do. But they had promos for a new Fox show on called the "The Chicago Code" -- >>Rahm Emanuel: Um-hum. >>David Lieber: in between the game. And it's a fictitious new police commissioner played  by Jessica Biel. And in the promo that they played, maybe you guys saw, very dramatically one of the assistant's said to her, "What makes you think you can change the way Chicago works?" Right, remember this spot that ran over and over in the football game? So you've talked quite a bit about no bid contract system, pay to play, you're running a great TV spot right now talking about actually getting city workers to do city work for us. Alright, so I guess in the spirit of that question posed on the Fox promo, we could ask you the same question to get started. What makes you, sir, think you can change the way Chicago works? >>Rahm Emanuel: Well first of all, I believe, I mean I don't think it's a novel idea, but that if you're gettin' a paycheck paid by the taxpayers, the taxpayer are the people you are beholden to. I don't think that should be up for debate, but if we'll have that debate, I'm ready. I also want you to know I include the mayor, I include anybody I would appoint, I include the aldermen, I include anybody who gets paid by the taxpayer is that we're gonna have a mindset that we're beholden to taxpayers to deliver a service for what they pay for.  Now you should know, my uncle's a former police officer in the City of Chicago. You have a lot of good workers in the city. I've visited them during the blizzard out at O'Hare. They moved that snow -- we had one of the worst in a century. How you feelin', good? >>David Lieber: [chuckles] [laughter] >>Rahm Emanuel: Okay? That's the pediatrician son of me asks. >>David Lieber: [laughs] [laughter] >>Rahm Emanuel: I just wanna make sure everything's okay 'cause you're holdin' it. I'm gettin' nervous here man. [laughter]  Now that does not go in the doctor's training here, okay? [laughter] Let's get to that issue ? >>David Lieber: Yeah. >>Rahm Emaneual: it's more important than what I -- >>David Lieber: Yeah. >>Rahm Emanuel: okay here's the deal. They did an incredible job during the blizzard. >>David Lieber: [sighs] >>Rahm Emanuel: And they do an incredible job in our classrooms in very adverse `conditions. >>David Lieber: Um-hum. >>Rahm Emanuel: They do an incredible job on our streets and when we need 'em, for God forbid, if somethin' happens at your home for a fire or whatever, they are there. They do an incredible job every day. But we gotta also be honest over the years, stories about no show jobs, corruption, people in middle management who've been convicted here going to get another job here even though
they're convicted over here, and that has created a basis for a show to talk about, accept it as if it's built into the archaic discussion, the Chicago Code. >>David Lieber: Hum. >>Rahm Emanuel: Now I want you to know I think that the mayor, as I did when I was Chief of Staff, as I did when I was a Congressman or when I was Senior Advisor to President Clinton, you get paid by the taxpayers, your perspective regardless of where your position is -- mayor, department head, beat officer, and a lot of 'em as I said already have this  position, they already have this perspective -- they are there to deliver a service whether it's protecting, educating, cleaning snow to the public and a lot of people already have that mindset. There's a number of people that did not -- we all know that -- and I'm gonna change that perspective. You guys talk here at Google about a view, a perspective that helps you kinda is your, it's your modus operandi. >>David Lieber: Um-hum. >>Rahm Emanuel: I want the modus operandi in Chicago, and a lot of people have it and they get hurt when other people they work with don't have it, and it's usually at the top, let's be also frank, that we work for the taxpayers and the taxpayers expect to get a good delivery of service for the dollars that they pay. That should not be open for discussion. >>David Lieber: Um-hum. >>Rahm Emanuel: But if we'll have that discussion, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the taxpayers. >>David Lieber: Absolutely. Okay. Well let's move on. In advance of your visit, we used a tool that we've built here at Google called Google Moderator and it's a way to have people submit questions and then you can put a thumbs up, thumbs down, plus one, minus one to raise the important questions to the top and lower the less important questions. >>Rahm Emanuel: What happens if the thumb is like this? >>David Lieber: We've [laughs] [laughter] we've used that with the President and others and we used it for your visit here today. >>Rahm Emanuel: [laughs] >>David Lieber: And not surprisingly, you mentioned it in your comments there, the most  popular number one topic that these folks wanted to hear you talk about was education and the Chicago Public Schools. Can you talk a little bit about your plan for the schools? There was lots of questions, I live in Hyde Park. How do you plan to make sure every child in the city has access to a school as prestigious and high standard with a free education that's as good as the Ray and Bret Harte Elementary School in Hyde Park? >>Rahm Emanuel: Okay. Well, first of all, while I think all the issues that I talk about: economic development and reforming city government, bringing safety to our streets and strength to our schools, those are I think the building blocks. The point of this spirit is without a doubt education, without a doubt.  Now you don't know this, but in a former life I had a scholarship once to the Joffrey Ballet; didn't take it, purposely to make my mother miserable. [laughter] But my wife, when I met her, we'd gotten a master's in art history at University of Chicago and I met her when she was working at the Art Institute. You can have a world class ballet company in a city, and we do, you can have a world class opera in a city, and we do. But if half your kids aren't graduating from high school, you're not gonna be a world class city much longer. And that's my perspective and I say that with the utmost passion for the arts and culture. And because it's not only it's

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