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Iajgs Echo June 2004

Iajgs Echo June 2004

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Published by Daniel Horowitz

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Published by: Daniel Horowitz on Nov 13, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Welcome to our newest JGSmember society:
Jodisk Genealogisk Selskab I Danmark(Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark)President Elsebeth Paikin50 members
JGS Checklist
Share the
withyour local officers and members.
Complete and return theprogramming survey.
Receive a FREE
Maps of Poland 
CD by volunteering to index thetown names on 2-3 district maps.
Volunteer to serve as Chat RoomProject Lead, ElectronicNewsletter Index Coordinator, orto assist the IAJGS CemeteryProject Committee.
Identify and communicate worthyissues to the IAJGS PublicRecords Monitoring Committee.
Consider making a bid to host a2007-2010 annual conference.
Plan now to attend the annualIAJGS conference in Las Vegasincluding the new ManagementTraining Institute.
June 2004
www.iajgs.org June 2004one
Powerful tools to assist in the effective management and growth of every JGS.
JGS Dues Structure and Fundraising Ideas
Earlier this year, IAJGS elicited survey data on the topic of duesstructure from each JGS via The Presidents List Serve. 44societies representing 8 countries and 1 SIG respondedproviding a 63% response rate of those surveyed. Thanks forparticipating!The results are tabulated in an Excel spreadsheet. Too largeto reproduce in this
issue, the following are selectedresults in U.S. dollars. To receive a complete copy of thecompiled data, email grapevynwest@comcast.net.
The avg. US individual member dues fee (JGS only) = $23.30/member.The overall avg. individual member dues fee = $23.94/member.
The highest individual member dues fee charged = $50/member.The lowest individual member dues fee charged = $15/member.From 45 respondents, we learned that 34 offer a family duesstructure. Many do not designate how many people qualify asa "family" while a majority (19) says that "family" is really acouple and limit this dues category to two people living at thesame address. In one circumstance, 4 people was the limit.Only 6 societies offer lifetime membership. Rates were brokenout separately for individual verses family in this category in 5cases. Individuals were charged a range from $150-$360 andfamilies were charged $225-$500. In one JGS, lifetimemembership could only be "conferred".Interesting ideas surfaced within the "other" dues category.Reduced rates ranged from $10-$35 including out-of-town,international, senior, student, unemployed, multi-year, associate,adherent, and local Jewish historical society categories.Special increased rates ranged from $36-$100 includingaffiliate, sponsor, patron, sustaining, contributing, corporate,foundation, and JCC.
-Continued on page two- 
June 2004 www.iajgs.orgtwo
Meeting the Needs of Member Societies
An afternoon Management Training Institute will be launched for the first time during the25th Conference on Jewish Genealogy to be held in Las Vegas July 10-15, 2005. LocalJGS officers and leaders are encouraged to participate in these free sessions includingoutside speakers for treasurers, editors, and outreach efforts. Tentatively, this event willbe held Sunday afternoon July 10th. Your suggestions for topics are welcome in advance.
Submit articles to:
Ellen Shindelman Kowitt, Editor8155 Fairmount Drive, #132Denver, CO 80230 USAgrapevynwest@comcast.net
elcome to the second issue of the
. This publication serves as aperiodic update from the IAJGS Board ofDirectors. We use this format to provideinformation about the activities of the IAJGS andalso to share useful ideas that can be implementedat the local level. Topics include operations suchas budget, leadership structure, volunteerrecruitment, publicity, programming, and localprojects. Member societies are encouraged tocontribute original or reprint articles that provideexemplary examples of local JGS management.WHAT?Information about IAJGS and localJGS operations and activities.WHY?To provide better communicationbetween the IAJGS Board andmember societies.WHO?For JGS leaders to share withofficers and members at the locallevel.WHEN?Published 3 times a year.WHERE?Posted in PDF format at the IAJGSwebsite. A link emailed to JGSPresidents for each new issue.
-"JGS Dues/Fundraising" continued from page one- 
There appears to be a range in what local societiescharge for membership. Keep in mind there is a widedisparity in type of programming and workshopsoffered from JGS to JGS. Vastly different expensesare incurred as well. Some pay for meeting spaceand/or speakers while others do not. Publishing anewsletter, maintaining a website, and libraryacquisitions also dictate overall budget.34 societies indicated they do publish a newsletter ofsome kind. The gamut ran from printed journal toelectronic PDF format. None charge their ownmembership for copies, while 14 charge non-membersfor back copies or full-year subscriptions. There wereoften charges for international non-membersubscriptions due to postage expense.Other revenue generating activities provided usefulideas for raising additional funds and included meetingentrance fees from $2-$6 for guests, and also formembers at times when an out of town speaker waslecturing. The sale of locally produced genealogicalbooks, guides, 10-year newsletter CDs, and a "ShtetlKettle" cookbook as well as the markup of IAJGSproduced or other professionally produced materialsgenerated income. A used genealogy and Jewishhistory book sale was mentioned. One-day seminarsand workshops are popular, as are volunteercontributions, donations, and memorials. One JGSasks for volunteer contributions from those requestinglocal genealogical assistance - i.e. cemetery or localrecord lookups. A few indicated they offer paidadvertising in their newsletter. A raffle, door prizes,annual lunch/brunch, and grant writing were amongofferings. An intriguing idea was a "text/photo scanand burn to CD service" offered during a workshopcosting $10 for 5 documents.
www.iajgs.org June 2004three
Help WantedElectronic Newsletter Index ProjectCoordinator
IAJGS.org will host an online library wheremember societies may post PDF formattedversions of local newsletters. Seeking anindividual to create the structure for receipt of JGSnewsletters, convert them to PDF files, postonline, communicate their presence, and identifycopyright or licensing issues. Some technicalexperience necessary with strong coordinationskills.president@iajgs.org
Help WantedChat Room Project Lead
IAJGS.org is set up to run a chat room whereexperts can lecture on a variety of genealogicaltopics. We need a coordinator to identify,schedule, and promote these online events. Lineup the speakers, handle the announcements,establish a structure, siphon feedback, and workwith the Webmaster to troubleshoot technicalconcerns.president@iajgs.org
Help WantedVolunteers to Index the TownNames on Maps of Polish Districts(Powiats) For A New IAJGS Map CD
60 Polish district (powiat) maps have beenprepared for viewing on an IAJGS
Maps of Poland 
CD. Indexing of town names is requiredbefore this product can be distributed. Individualswho index 2-3 powiats will get a free copy of thefinished CD. This shouldn't take more than a dayof your time. If interested, contactDaniel@iajgs.org.
Running IAJGS is a Team Effort
Working alongside 10 elected members of the IAJGS board of directors and a pastpresident, are additional volunteers who serve on a variety of standing, special, andtemporary committees. There are also past and present special project coordinators. Aslocal JGS leaders constantly seek new blood to help out, IAJGS also needs to identify,motivate, and train new people to assist in running our 8,300+ member organization. So,help out by identifying individuals at the local level to fill one of the openings listed here.
Standing Committees:
Membership and Membership Development -
Michael Brenner, chair, Michael Posnick, Joel Spector 
Bylaws Revision Committee -
Joel Spector, chair,Michael Posnick 
Public Records Monitoring Committee -
Jan Meisels Allen, chair, Joel Spector 
International Relations Committee -
Martha-Lev Zion, chair, Anthony Joseph 
Special Committees:
Conference Planning Guide Committee -
Michael Brenner and Arnold Tolkin, co-chairs, IAJGS board members, contributing authors 
Cemetery Project Committee -
Ellen Renck,chair 
Annual Committees (2004):
Nominating -
Alex Friedlander, chair, Anne Feder Lee, Anthony Joseph 
Achievement Awards -
Judith Frazin, chair,Michael Brenner, Sylvia Nusinov 
Stern Award -
Daniel Schlyter, chair, Michael Posnick, Linda Cantor 

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