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The Descent of the Tibetan People

The Descent of the Tibetan People

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Published by Carlos Gonzalez Cid

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Published by: Carlos Gonzalez Cid on May 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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1.1The descent of the Tibetan peoplefrom a monkey and a rock-ogress
THE SUBLIME Avalokiteshvara, having conferred layperson's vos !pon a "agical "onkey, dispatched hi" to "editate in the snoy real" of Ti#et$ There, #eside a #lack rock, hile he as devotedly conte"plating loving%kindness, co"passion, enlighten"ent%tho!ght and the profo!nd &har"a of e"ptiness, a rock%ogress, s!ffering on acco!nt of her kar"a, approached hi", and #efore she departed, "ade "anifold indications of her carnal desire for hi"$ Later, disg!ised as a o"an, the ogress said to the "onkey, 'Let !s #e "arried' B!t the "onkey replied, 'As I a" a disciple of the s!#li"e  Avalokiteshvara, it o!ld contravene "y vos to #eco"e yo!r h!s#and'$ 'If yo! re(ect "e, I ill kill "yself' e)clai"ed the rock%ogress as she thre herself at the "onkey's feet$ *n rising, she addressed these ords to hi"+  Alas reat Monkey -ingThink of "e a little and hear "y plea$By the poer of "y kar"a, I as #orn a"ong the race of ogres$ As "y l!st gros, I have #eco"e ena"o!red of yo!$&riven #y "y desire, I have co"e to "ake this re.!est$If yo! ill not "arry "eI ill take a rock%ogre h!s#and$Every day e ill slay ten tho!sand living #eings, And every night e ill devo!r a tho!sand creat!res$I ill #ear co!ntless ogre%children And this snoy real" ill #e filled ith ogre%cities$Every living creat!re ill #eco"e an ogre's prey$By co"parison, is it not #etter to think of "e And sho yo!r co"passion/  As these plaintive ords ca!sed her tears to flo, the Bodhisattva%"onkey tho!ght to hi"self, 'It o!ld contravene "y vos to "arry this ogress, #!t if I do not, it ill prove to #e an even greater "isdeed' 0ith these tho!ghts, he appeared in an instant #efore the S!#li"e *ne on Mt$ 1otala and "ade this s!pplication+
a+2the descent of the ti#etan people$doc
 Alas 3o"passionate 1rotector of Beings+I have protected "y vos as I o!ld "y life$ An ogress fro" the race of devils, s"itten #y l!st,1o!red forth her varied la"ents, And hile encircling "e, ca"e to ro# "e of "y vos$0hat can I do to protect the"/*h 3o"passionate 1rotector of Loving%-indness, consider "y plea$  After the "onkey had spoken, Avalokiteshvara responded, 'Marry the rock%ogress' and voices of the reverend Bhrik!ti and the reverend Tara reso!nded fro" the sky+ 'E)cellent indeed' The S!#li"e *ne then #lessed the "arriage of the "onkey and the rock%ogress in order that this snoy land of Ti#et "ight possess three .!alities+ that at so"e f!t!re ti"e, the teachings of the B!ddha "ight spread, flo!rish and end!re4 that spirit!al friends "ight arise in !n#roken s!ccession4 and that precio!s treas!res "ight #e discovered, so that #enefits, happiness, virt!e and goodness "ight increase in all ten directions$
The "onkey and the rock%ogress, #eing !nited as h!s#and and ife, #ore si) "onkey%children of differing dispositions, one re#orn fro" each of the si) classes of #eings$ The "onkey%child re#orn fro" a"ong the deni5ens of the hell real"s had a stern co!ntenance and co!ld ithstand great hardships$ The child fro" the real" of the h!ngry ghosts had loathso"e feat!res and an insatia#le appetite$ The one re#orn fro" the ani"al real" as st!pid and v!lgar$ The "onkey%child fro" the h!"an real" as endoed ith increasing isdo" and sensitivity$ The one fro" the real" of the de"igods as aggressive and (ealo!s, and the "onkey%child fro" the real" of the gods as patient and virt!o!s$ The Bodhisattva%"onkey led his si) children to the 6orest of Asse"#led Birds, hich a#o!nded in fr!it, and they delled there for three years$ At the end of that ti"e, the "onkey%king ret!rned and sa that #y virt!e of his kar"a, his children had increased to five h!ndred in n!"#er$ As they had devo!red all the fr!it and had nothing else to eat, and altho!gh neither "other nor father co!ld s!cco!r the", they cried, '6ather, hat can e eat/ Mother, hat can e eat/' The "onkey%children thre !p their hands, piteo!s and i"poverished$ The Bodhisattva%"onkey then tho!ght to hi"self, 'This cannot #e the res!lt of "y on defile"ents$ These "onkey%children have #eco"e so n!"ero!s #eca!se I folloed the instr!ctions of the S!#li"e *ne'$ Thinking this, he appeared in a trice !pon Mt$ 1otala and s!pplicated Avalokiteshvara ith these ords+
 Alas 7ot realising that "arried life as a prison47ot knoing that I had #een deceived #y a she%devil4I a" "ired in the Sa"saric "!d of offspring$7ot recognising that sens!al desires are poisono!s leaves,My co"passion t!rned to l!st, and I as deceived$Bo!nd #y carnal !rges, I a" oppressed #y a "o!ntain of s!ffering$Having salloed the poison of defile"entsI a" afflicted #y the epide"ic of adverse kar"a$ Acc!"!lated oes tor"ent "e+ Alack Alas 3o"passionate 1rotector of Loving%-indness,Hocan I s!cco!r "y children/I a" in this predica"ent at the S!#li"e *ne's #ehest$0e norese"#le a city of h!ngry ghosts4In the ne)t life e ill no do!#t #e re#orn in the hell real"sI therefore #eseech yo! to protect !s ith yo!r co"passion$
a+2the descent of the ti#etan people$doc

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