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Ht Install Bathandhand

Ht Install Bathandhand

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Published by in678

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Published by: in678 on May 20, 2014
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1Bathroom appliances eventually break, wear out or begin to look drab. This How-Toguide shows you how to fit a new bath and hand basin, as well as take the old ones out. There are also suggestions for additional jobs that you may wish to tackle while the room is in disarray.
¥Bath¥Bath taps¥Basin and pedestal¥Basin taps¥Flexible tap connectors, 2 x 22mm and 2 x 15mm¥Waste traps for bath and basin¥Waste pipe and fittings¥Water pipe, copper or plastic¥Isolating valves, 2 x 22mm and 2 x 15mm¥Double-acting non-return valves, 22mm and 15mm¥Treated sawn timber to support the bath, 47mm x 125mm¥Wire wool, 0grade¥Various screws, for fixing floorboards, bath and basin¥Screw fixings¥Solder — lead free¥Flux¥Jointing paste, green¥Plastic pipe cement¥Silicone sealant¥Plumbers putty¥Hammer-action electric drill, plus masonry and HSS twist bits¥Mini pipe cutter ¥Pipe cutter for pipes from 8mm to 22mm¥Blowtorch¥Heat shield pad¥Frame gun for sealant¥Adjustable wrenches, 250mm, 200mm¥Junior hacksaw¥Mole wrench¥Stillson wrench, 400mm¥Point nose pliers¥Slip nose pump pliers¥Pozidrive No.2 screwdriver ¥Claw hammer, 16oz¥Bradawl¥Round file, medium cut¥Craft knife¥Half round tapered file, medium cut¥Steel brushes for cleaning inside copper tube and fittings, 15mm and 22mm¥Small brush for paste flux¥Steel tape measure¥Combination try square¥Small hand or dental mirro¥Spirit-based pen, fine point¥HB pencil¥Chalk line¥Knee pads
Please refer to
How To:Build a Shower Cubicle; Build a Stud Wall; Choose and Fit an Extractor Fan;Replace a Radiator; How To:Understand Your Hot and Cold Water System; How to Repair; Refurbish andReplace Taps; Work with Small Bore Copper and Plastic Pipes.
Plasterboard walls adjacent to baths are never a good idea. They tend to become soggy and disintegrate. This isespecially likely if a shower is incorporated. It is well worth stripping off the plasterboard and replacing it with 9mmexterior grade plywood.If your appliances are adjacent to hollow stud walls, you would be advised to read
How-To:Build a Shower Cubicle
How-To:Build a Stud Wall
. These guides explain the structure, building of and fixing to stud walls.When fixing a basin to a plasterboard stud partition wall, there must be a wooden support behind the plasterboardfor the basin.Modern Building Regulations recognise that window ventilation on its own is usually inadequate in bathrooms. An extractor fan should therefore be fitted. This is mandatory if a shower is installed or if the bathroom has nowindows. For more information,
How-To:Choose and Fit an Extractor Fan.
Consider whether the bathroom heating is inadequate, non-existent or if the radiator is rusting. Now is a goodtime to install a new and possibly bigger radiator. You may find it useful to look at
How-To:Replace a Radiator.
Ensure that waste pipes have room for a gentle fall(slope) into the main soil pipe or into a drain. Remember thatwaste pipes installed under the floor must run parallel with the joists. Cutting joists weakens them.When you have blocked waste pipes, you will need to get at the waste traps. Make sure they are easily accessible.
Include isolating valves for hot and cold water pipes. These will enable you to easily isolate taps andappliances from the water supply in the future.
Preventing contamination of the main water supply is a legal requirement. To this end, double-acting non-returnvalves must be installed in cold and hot water pipes if they are fed by a direct hot water system. Ensure that thearrowstamped on the valve is
the flow.If any of the supply pipes are lead, which is toxic, they should be replaced with copper or plastic; the assistanceof a professional plumber may be required for this. Lead waste pipes and traps should also be replaced with plastic.
These are governed by strict regulations. All switches must operate by pull-cords. Mains socket outlets are notpermitted. All light sockets should be shrouded and out of reach of a person at a basin or in a bath. Ashaver socket is permitted, but it must conform to BS3052 safety standards.Remember to bondall metal pipes and fittings, including the bath and hand basin if they are metal, to a goodearth. Plastic pipes and fittings must be bridged to ensure earthing continuity
Make sure the new units will fit the space available. When buying these units, check that the waste outlets andoverflow units are supplied. If they are not, then order the ones recommended by the manufacturer.
Before starting work1
Make sure that the new units are undamaged. They are relatively fragile and must be handled with care.
Ensure they are the correct colour and each item matches the others; remember that plastic and ceramics rarely match exactly.
 All necessary fittings must be compatible with the units and are available on site.
Do not fit products with which you are dissatisfied; contact the supplier.Floor coverings
Floor coverings may require an underlay of hardboard or plywood. Do this after all alterations to pipe-work andcabling are completed, but before the bath and basin are installed.
It is easier to fix a basin on top of tiles than it is to cut tiles to fit round the basin.The bath should be cut into the wall so that the tiles or plaster overlap the rim
This is easy if you have a service valve fitted below each tap in modern installations. Otherwise, use the following procedure.
Kitchen cold water, garden hose bib-tap and direct systems with a combination boiler:1
Turn off the boiler.
Turn off the mains cold water supply at the stop valve where the rising main enters the house. This will stop water flowing to all taps.
Old direct cold water system with indirect hot water:For cold water:1
Turn off mains stop valve.
For hot water:1
Turn off the boiler.
Turn off the water supply from the storage tank to the hot water cylinder. This will be by means of a gate (fullway) valve next to the cold water storage tank or adjacent to the hot water cylinder.
If there are no valves, turn off the main supply stop valve and, with the boiler turned off, open all the hot water taps. Let them run until the water storage tank is empty and no more water comes from the taps.
Take the opportunity to install a gate valve next to the hot water cylinder.
Indirect system:1
For kitchen cold water tap and garden hose bib-tap: turn off water at main stop valve.

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