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LibertyNewsprint com 3-10-08 Edition

LibertyNewsprint com 3-10-08 Edition

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Your "Click and Print" Online Newspaper
Your "Click and Print" Online Newspaper

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Mar 10, 2008
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Your Click and Print NewspaperLibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition08/03/08 - 10/03/08
Videos of the Week
By Tommy Christopher (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 9:18:00 AM
Filed under: John McCain, Ron Paul,Videos of the WeekWe're baaaack! Sorry Imissed you all last week, we were"experiencing technical difficulties." Iprobably should have posted some of thatgreat old standby music they used to useback when there were only 5 channels.Rather than trying to go back and recap theweek we missed, I'll throw in one selectionfrom that bygone era; you remember it,don't you? Hillary Clinton was working onher concession speech and rehearsing thesmile she'd be using as she acceptedBarack Obama's invitation to be hisrunning mate? What a difference a week makes in aught-eight politics.I'm going to warn you, this first video isvery controversial, and you might verywell not want to watch it. It's the Youtubevideo that appears to show a US soldierthrowing a puppy off of a cliff. Lots of people wring hands about showing thevideo, and if you're one of them, don'tpress "play." The existence of this thing isnews, whether you believe it's real or not.I, personally, am happy to presume thesoldier's innocence, because I find thereaction to this thing far morefascinating.Real or not, the uproar over thispoints up a startling contrast over the waywe view war. This country is desensitized,to varying degrees, to human suffering inIraq, even that of our own soldiers. WhenMichael Moore showed footage of suchsuffering, the outrage was over theshowing, not the suffering. If it's real, thatpuppy joined a countless number of hisand our countrymen in learning that war ishell. If it's a fake, by the way, I would havegone with a punt.There are some, by the way, who think someone else doctored up the footage toframe the poor guy and turn world opinionagainst the US. This is a comical notion,and it showcases a particular brand of American self-centeredness. Trust me, theworld doesn't care how we treat puppies.For those of you who do care about howsoldiers treat puppies, check out this moreuplifting puppy story from Iraq.This would have been my pick for VOTWlast week.Note the thematic similarity to GOP.gov's"America is at Risk" .In the interest of fairness, here's Obama'srebuttal, which hasn't been getting muchplay in the media. Has the press turned onthe "Hopemonger?"Here's a decent argument for keeping JohnMcCain away from "the button" and "thered phone."Of course, once he's President, he can takecare of the New York Times once and forall.Here's a two-fer: Frickin' Cool Video of the Week and Airline Pilot of the Year.And don't call him "Shirley."I will vote for the first candidate who hiresthat guy to drive "Air Force One."With the uproar over Hillary Clinton's "3am" ad, nobody's paying much attention toMcCain's ads. I'm not really sure whetherthis is an ad or a dramatization of whatMcCain's journey to Heaven will be like,or maybe it's a documentary about his highschool graduating class.The description, familiarly, says, "JohnMcCain is prepared to lead our nation onday one." Are he and Hillary Clintonsuggesting that Obama will still belearning how to work the fryer and cleanout the shake machine on Day One? Whenyou think about it, they're setting a prettylow bar, like the old Delta Airlines slogan:Delta Gets You There.Here's a clip I referred to earlier this week,when Hillary Clinton courageouslydefended her rival, Barack Obama.Hillary is not a communist, as far as Iknow.Here's the "HAW-kward Video of theWeek", and a great illustration of thepitfalls of injecting race into a race.Yeah, uncomfortable.With all the attention being paid to thePresidential race, it's easy to forget there'salready someone in the White House. Let'ssee how the last guy to get that phone callis doing now.Wow. That's way better than windsurfing.paul video.In honor of Ken Layne's video tribute toRon Paul, I would like to conclude withmy favorite Ron Paul video, an appearanceon the Morton Downey, Jr., show from1988. It showcases the things I like bestabout Dr. Paul, his ability to cut throughknuckleheaded knee-jerk hysterics andexplain difficult concepts effectively. I hada lot of fun and learned a lot covering hiscampaign. Any of you wondering whatever happened to my Ron Paul interview,keep checking my other blog, I will tell thetale soon. Also, thanks to Ron Paul, Idiscovered I got my first Wikipediacitation, which is kinda cool.The video is 10 minutes long, and theaudio is crap, but anyone who remembersMorton Downey will surely appreciatethis. See you next week.Tommy LinksTommy Christopher Uncut l TomMySpacel TommYoutubePermalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
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Hillary Clinton to Reverse Course?
By David Knowles (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/10/2008 2:11:00 AM
Filed under: Hillary Clinton, Democrats,Featured StoriesOn February 19th, HillaryClinton's campaign reacted angrily to aPolitico story that credited an anonymoussource with the revelation that TeamClinton planned to go after delegatesalready pledged to Barack Obama. Pledgeddelegates, of course, are the kind that areawarded to a candidate after he or she winsa proportion of a state's vote or caucuses.In other words, a pledged delegate issomething that is legitimately earned, asopposed to super delegate support, whichcan be given on a last-minute whim. Myoriginal column on the matter can be readhere.Well, when the Politico story appeared, anemphatic Phil Singer, a Clintonspokesperson, offered the followingstatement:"We have not, are not and will not pursuethe pledged delegates of Barack Obama.It's now time for the Obama campaign tobe clear about their intentions."Obama's campaign, who then, like now,led in the delegate count, had never beenaccused of going after Clinton's pledgeddelegates, but they pledged not to do so,anyway:"We would absolutely not use these sortsof tactics. Senator Obama is focussed onwining contests and earning the support of pledged delegates."Well, perhaps that original Politico piecewas accurate, after all.Here's Hillary Clinton herself, talking inthe most recent edition of Newsweek aboutthe few mathematical paths to victor thatremain for her candidacy:"There are elected delegates, caucusdelegates and super-delegates, all fordifferent reasons, and they're all equal intheir ability to cast their vote forwhomever they choose. Even elected andcaucus delegates are not required to staywith whomever they are pledged to. This isa very carefully constructed process thatgoes back years, and we're going to followthe process."In other words, once Hillary gets to theconvention, even if she's trailing inpledged delegates, there's still hope. Theseimpressionable delegates might decided tochange their minds, ignore the way theywere selected, and line up behind Clinton.Political Machine contributor and Timecolumnist Mark Halperin sees thisstatement for what it is:Clinton re-raises, ever so subtly, thenotion of just how pledged the electeddelegates are... ...Innocent remark oranother trial balloon (on a topic alreadyraised and shot down)?A oft-repeated knock on Hillary Clinton isthat she's "ambitious." I've always thoughtthat was a stupid, latently sexist criticism.By definition, if you're running for thepresidency, you've got to be ambitious.What is disturbing, however, is the way inwhich Clinton's ambitions would seem tohave gotten the better of her conscience.Of course, Hillary feels she's the bestperson for the job--just as Obama andMcCain both believe in themselves--but anunsettling, win-at-all-costs pattern hasemerged in the way she has run hercampaign. She has crossed the thresholdinto dubious ethical territory.H/T TPMPermalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
3 AM Girl Is An ObamaGirl Now
By Tommy Christopher (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 6:12:00 AM
Filed under: Democrats, Ads, BreakingNews, 2008 PresidentNothing blunts theeffect of a political ad quite like one of itsstars supporting your opponent. It turns outthe little girl in Hillary Clinton's "3 am" adis all growed-up now and supportingBarack Obama. From Veracifier:Like deep-fried Oreos, this is delicious, butis it good for you? Do you care? And didyou all catch the irony of the girl's name,vis a vis The Political Machine? Let's kick this around real quick.Of all the nonsense that gets covered inelection campaigns, this is my favoritekind, the kind that force the media to pullback the curtain on the absurdity of theirpart in the process. The story is irresistible,yet it shows not only the artifice of political campaigns, but the bankruptcy of ideas that is modern political coverage.The ad asks you to form an emotionalconnection to that sleeping child, but thatchild is acting in a piece of stock footagefrom Getty Images. She didn't know if shewas supposed to be safe from terrorists, orburglars, or wearing a bedwetting alarm, oracting out a "before" scenario for "TheClapper." In fact, when that footage wasshot, there wasn't yet an Iraq war to make judgments about.Now, as a news story, you're supposed toconnect with the young woman, CaseyKnowles, (no relation, I presume, to ourown David Knowles, a favorite of Clintonites everywhere) as she has growninto a supporter of Barack Obama who willbe of voting age in April, plenty of time tomake her bit of difference. Before Iwatched the video, I thought, "Who cares?It didn't matter what she thought before,why would it now?"The thing is, she does connect in a waythat sleeping ambiguously through somestock footage does not. In the admittedlybrief clip, she comes off as smart andgracious. What red-blooded American isn'tproud to see a 17 year-old girl who is acaucus precinct captain and didn't say,"like, y'know" even once during theinterview?The fact that she's an Obama supporter ismostly dumb luck, but he does do wellwith young voters, and he could probablyget a lot of mileage out of a counter-adwith a smart, attractive young voter likeCasey. He should probably give her taxreturns a once-over first, but after that, it'sa no-brainer.This shouldn't hurt Hillary to much, asCasey is from one of those states that don'tmatter, and Hillary had no control overthis. You can't be expected to vet all actorsin stock footage. Now, if the little boy andthe Mom turn out to be Obamasuppoerters, that's a different story. I'vealready got my "Obama Wins 3 am AdCaucus" story ready.Tommy LinksTommy Christopher Uncut l TomMySpacel TommYoutubePermalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
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Mayor of 9/11 for Senator from NJ?
By Denise Williams (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 3:25:00 PM
Filed under: Republicans, Rudy Giuliani,2008 SenateNew Jersey's very senior senator,Democrat Frank Lautenberg, is up for re-election this year. Three Republican rivalswere vying for the nomination that will bedecided in the state primary in June. Thecandidate considered to have the bestchance against Lautenberg, Monmouth Co.businesswoman Anne Evans Estabrook,dropped out of the race last week due to amini-stroke.The NJ state GOP officials don't seem tohave much faith in the chances of the tworemaining candidates, state Senator JoePennacchio and Ramapo College professorMurray Sabrin (endorsed by Ron Paul!).Former NY Yankee and Florida residentAl Leiter and Mike Huckabee have turneddown the carpetbagger-seeking GOPpoliticos.Not to be outdone seeking some name-brand out-of-state panache,Monmouth county GOP Chairman AdamPuharic today said he was calling for anemergency meeting of Republican countychairmen to discuss the party's options innominating a candidate.As for his own personal choice for a GOPsenate candidate now that Estabrooks isout, Puharic said he would be happy joining a coalition of New JerseyRepublicans calling on former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to enter the race, or"other talented Republicans."So, in other words, NJ residents need notapply.Hey, carpetbagging has worked well forsome - look at Hillary Clinton - and not somuch for others. Barack Obama owes hisown senate seat to last minute, scandal-plaqued Jack Ryan's replacement, AlanKeyes.As a NJ Dem, I don't take too much stock in the Republican's pie-in-sky hopes anddreams here. Could Giuliani beat the 84y/o ultra-liberal Lautenberg? Probably, butI don't see it happening.Try as I might, I have not found anyresponse from Giuliani's people yet.Maybe they'll just quietly decline...Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
U.S., Poland Seeking Missile Defense Deal
By Mark Impomeni (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/10/2008 1:00:00 AM
Filed under: President Bush, BushAdministration, TerrorPolish PrimeMinister Donald Tusk (left) will be at theWhite House today for talks with PresidentBush. Tusk is hoping to make progress ona proposed deal between the United Statesand Poland that would result in U.S.upgrades for Poland's military in exchangefor the right to place missile defensebatteries on Polish soil. The missiledefense proposal has been a sore point inan ever more tense relationship betweenthe United States and Russia. FormerRussian president Vladimir Putin oncethreatened to target and missile shieldinstallations in Eastern Europe withnuclear weapons.Poland has been a staunch U.S. ally in Iraqand Afghanistan. It has contributed troopsto both theaters and is looking to concreteand specific assurances from the U.S. onmilitary cooperation in return. A NATOcountry, Poland is planning on increasingits troop commitment to Afghanistan aswell as sending in much neededhelicopters.Russia has called the BushAdministration's plan to place missileinterceptors and radar bases in the CzechRepublic and Poland a threat to Russia'ssecurity. Moscow wants the United Statesto use an old Soviet air base and radarinstallation in Azerbaijan instead. TheAdministration has said that it would studythe Russian proposal, but that is morelikely a polite "no" than an expression of serious intent to change its plans.In addition to the missile defenses, Polandwants the U.S. to give it Patriot 3 missilebatteries for protection against short tomedium range missiles, made necessary bythe Russian threat to target Poland.Today's meeting between Tusk and Bush isas much about U.S.-Russian relations as itis about Poland. President Bush oncefamously said that he had looked into theRussian strongman's soul and has declaredhim a good friend. But Russia's foreignposture has become increasingly bellicosein the seven years of the BushAdministration, and its government hasslid backwards toward less democraticways recently. In light of those facts, theUnited States may want to grant Poland'srequest for a beefed-up military. TheRussian Bear has been stirring.Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
By Dave (Political Machine)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 8:42:00 AM
Filed under: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, 2008 President, InvestigationsFurther evidence that Hillary did get a littleboost from her newfound Republicanfriends. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:A staggering 16,000-plus Republicans inCuyahoga County switched parties whenthey voted in last week's primary....Anyone who crossed lines was supposed tosign a pledge card vowing allegiance totheir new party. In Cuyahoga County,dozens and dozens of Republicansscribbled addendums onto their pledges asnew Democrats."For one day only.""I don't believe in abortion."One Cuyahoga board member wants toinvestigate and possibly prosecute.Although what good that is going to do I'mnot sure. Assuming they find at least oneinsincere party switcher and prosecute, I'mnot sure they could get a conviction, andthe mere act of the prosecution wouldprobably just rile up anger among the GOPelectorate. If there was a real sincerecrossover movement, that would vanishinto thin air.So it's probably not worth the risk, and it'sfutile anyway. I understand the frustrationthough, as one who has seen my formerlyconservative party (the GOP) being takenover by a moderate with the help of independents and crossover Democrats.Believe me, I feel your pain.Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs |Comments
Web 2.0 Marketplace Listings for March 9th, 2008
By Pete Cashmore (Mashable!)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 10:29:07 PM
The Web 2.0 Marketplace is a place to listWeb 2.0 and “New Media” websites forsale, job offers, consulting services,Facebook development services and more.(more…)ShareThis
Web 2.0 Invites for March9th, 2008
By Pete Cashmore (Mashable!)
Submitted at 3/9/2008 10:29:08 PM
New Web 2.0 services await; all you needto do is grab your free invites over atMashable Invites!(more…)ShareThis
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