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Was Hitler a Christian

Was Hitler a Christian

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Published by Papa Giorgio
This was a response by me from an old (over a decade old) debate I had in a forum. I am uploading it for myself as well as for use by friends.
This was a response by me from an old (over a decade old) debate I had in a forum. I am uploading it for myself as well as for use by friends.

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Published by: Papa Giorgio on May 20, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Hitler a Christian?
All of these are quotes from Adolf Hitler: 1.National Socialism and religion cannot exist together.... The heaviest blow that ever struck humanit was the coming of !hristianit. "olshevism is !hristianit#s illegitimate child. "oth are inventions of the $ew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world b !hristianit.... %et it not be said that !hristianit brought man the life of the soul& for that evolution was in the natural order of things.'.!hristianit is a rebellion against natural law& a (rotest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme& !hristianit would mean the sstematic cultivation of the human failure.).The best thing is to let !hristianit die a natural death.... *hen understanding of the universe has  become wides(read... !hristian doctrine will be convicted of absurdit.... !hristianit has reached the (eak of absurdit.... And that#s wh someda its structure will colla(se.... ...the onl wa to get rid of !hristianit is to allow it to die little b little.... !hristianit the liar.... *e#ll see to it that the !hurches cannot s(read abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State.+.The reason wh the ancient world was so (ure& light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the (ox and !hristianit.,.-riginall& !hristianit was merel an incarnation of "olshevism& the destroer.... The decisive falsification of $esus# doctrine was the work of St. aul. He gave himself to this work... for the (ur(oses of (ersonal ex(loitation.... /idn#t the world see& carried on right into the 0iddle Ages& the same old sstem of martrs& tortures& faggots -f old& it was in the name of !hristianit. Toda& it#s in the name of "olshevism. 2esterda the instigator was Saul: the instigator toda& 0ardochai. Saul was changed into St. aul& and 0ardochai into 3arl 0arx. " exterminating this (est& we shall do humanit a service of which our soldiers can have no idea.4.!hristianit is an invention of sick brains: one could imagine nothing more senseless& nor an more indecent wa of turning the idea of the 5odhead into a mocker.... .... *hen all is said& we have no reason to wish that the 6talians and S(aniards should free themselves from the drug of !hristianit. %et#s be the onl (eo(le who are immuni7ed against the disease.8.3errl& with noblest of intentions& wanted to attem(t a snthesis between National Socialism and !hristianit. 6 don#t believe the thing#s (ossible& and 6 see the obstacle in !hristianit itself.... ure !hristianit99 the !hristianit of the catacombs99 is concerned with translating !hristian doctrine into facts. 6t leads quite sim(l to the annihilation of mankind. 6t is merel whole9hearted "olshevism& under a tinsel of meta(hsics..There is something ver unhealth about !hristianit;.6t would alwas be disagreeable for me to go down to (osterit as a man who made concessions in this field. 6 reali7e that man& in his im(erfection& can commit innumerable errors99 but to devote mself deliberatel to errors& that is something 6 cannot do. 6 shall never come (ersonall to terms with the !hristian lie. -ur e(och <in the next '== ears will certainl see the end of the disease of !hristianit.... 0 regret will have  been that 6 couldn#t... behold .And as
"The Third Reich does not wish to reach a modus vivendi with the Catholic Church, but to destroy it with lies and dishonor, and to create a German Church, that the Aryan race be glorifie." –
Again& 6 feel it a((ro(riate to list this cam(9side song sung b the Hitler outh:*e are the ha(( Hitler 2outh> *e have no need of !hristian virtue> ?or Adolf Hitler is our intercessor 1
And our redeemer.  No (riest& no evil one !an kee( us ?rom feeling like Hitler@s children.  Not !hrist do we follow& but Horst *essel Awa with incense and hol water (ots. Singing we follow Hitler@s banners> -nl then are we worth of our ancestors. 6 am no !hristian and no !atholic. 6 go with the SA through thick and thin. The !hurch can be stolen from me for all 6 care. The swastika makes me ha(( here on earth. Him will 6 follow in marching ste(> "aldur Bon Schirach& take me along.
Hitler and His Symbols – Occult Roots
0an of the Na7i emblems& such as the swastika& the double lightning bolt
smbol& and even the inverted triangle smbol used to identif classes of (risoners in the concentration cam(s& originated among homosexual occultists in 5erman Csome& such as the swastika& are actuall quite ancient smbols which were merel revived b these homosexual grou(sD. 6n 1;=8& $org %an7 Bon %iebenfels C%an7D& a former !istercian monk whom the church excommunicated because of his homosexual activities C
The a#is and the $ccult 
& (. 1;D& flew the swastika flag above his castle in Austria C
The $ccult Roots of a#ism% ecret Aryan Cults and their &nfluence on a#i &deology
& (. 1=;D. After his ex(ulsion from the church& %an7 founded the
$rdo ovi Tem'li
“$rder of the ew Tem'le!
D which merged occultism with violent anti9Semitism. A 1;, stud of %an7 called&
 (er )ann der *itler die &deen gab
“The )an +ho Gave *itler *is &deas!
D& b Austrian (schologist *ilhelm /aim& called %an7 the true
 of  National Socialism.%ist& a close associate of %an7& formed the 5uido Bon %ist Societ in Bienna in 1;=+. The 5uido Bon %ist Societ was accused of (racticing a form of Hindu Tantrism& which featured sexual (erversions in its rituals Cthe swastika is from 6ndiaD. This form of sexual (erversion was (o(ulari7ed in occult circles b a man named Aleister !rowle& who& according to Hitler biogra(her $. Sdne $ones& enEoed
“'laying with blac magic and little boys!
 *itler in -ienna /012/3
& (. 1')D. %ist was
“accused of being the Aleister Crowley of -ienna!
 (. 1')D. %ike %an7& %ist was an occultist> he wrote several books on the magic (rinci(les of rune letters Cfrom which he chose the
smbolD. 6n 1;=& %ist
“was unmased as the leader of a blood brotherhood which went in for se4ual 'erversion and substituted the swastia for the cross!
The a#is and the $ccult 
& (. ')D. The Na7is borrowed heavil from %is@s occult theories and research. %ist also formed an elitist occult (riesthood called the Armanen -rder& to which Hitler himself ma have belonged C
The 5sycho'athic God Adolf *itler 
& (. ;1D.The Na7i dream of an Aran su(er9race was ado(ted from an occult grou( called the Thule Societ& founded in 1;18  b followers of %an7 and %ist. The occult doctrine of the Thule Societ held that the survivors of an ancient and highl develo(ed lost civili7ation could endow Thule initiates with esoteric (owers and wisdom. The initiates would use these (owers to create a new race of Aran su(ermen who would eliminate all
 races. Hitler dedicated his book&
 )ein 6am'f 
& to /ietrich Fckart& one of the Thule Societ@s inner circle and a former leading figure in the 5erman *orker@s art Cwhen the met at the ga bar mentioned earlierD C
The 7nnown *itler% *is 5rivate 8ife and  9ortune
& (. 48D. The various occult grou(s mentioned above were outgrowths of the Theoso(hical Societ& whose founder& Helen etrovna "lavatsk& was a lesbian C
The $ccult 7nderground 
& (. ;+D& and whose
 was a notorious (ederast !harles %eadbeater.-ne member had a quote from Hitler sating he was a !atholic& or !hristian& or something of the like. Hitler merel used his !atholicism to infiltrate the (eo(le@s minds and hearts. This S" member seems to (ut weight in (eo(le@s words and not their actions. ?or instance& let me
cut and 'aste
 this comment from another discussion to make a  (oint: 6magine the 0ormons@ reaction to the following statement: '

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