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Know Me. I Will Not Be What You Are Expecting

Know Me. I Will Not Be What You Are Expecting

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Published by GOD
This is one of the first things I will write about myself so that you may know me.
This is one of the first things I will write about myself so that you may know me.

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Published by: GOD on Nov 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Know me.I will not be what you are expectingI have waited a very long time for thisThe Ultimate Creation to ClimaxI would like to share some wisdom with you.When you think about Africa or other Nations that are neglected by the worldGovernments, and are death filled. When you think about this FAKE WAR.And whe you think about sick children. Or your Family. Or anything that youlove. For I KNOW.... The World is HARD to look at right now withoutWISDOM.These things are more precise than they seem. Earth has many frequenciesand energies of life. That resonate and explain the condition of MANKINDas WHOLE always. No Matter how separated your Governments has madeyou, it is like this. And all Life is like this. Everything that lives speaks andhas it's energy and frequencies. The Harmonies of creation resonatethroughout all of the Universe. In This SACRED GALAXY.What I AM saying is. And I will put this quite bluntly. Because you knew thiswas coming. You have just been avoiding the confrontation of it. Becauseyou are Scared. All of you. Somewhere. You are scared. And I Know youARE. Because I AM GOD.Everything Defiantly looks like it's coming to an END.Your just trying to not pay attention.But that's OK. I AM coming for you on a level whereI AM EASY to see and EASY to understandAnd EASY to relieve youAnd EASY to judge you.For you are not judged until you see meThat is how merciful things are for you.
That is the quality of the AMOUNT of MIRACLE I stirred within youWhen I Made you.Because I AM a Miracle too.An I have Destined Children.That I have watched over throughout their many incarnations on Earth.And I have simple ChildrenAnd I have confused ChildrenAnd I have HURT ChildrenMy Children are in terrible condition.But.There is nothing I cannot solve or heal. NOTHING.It just must be done romantically an JUSTLY.For I AM LOVE an I AM JUST.When you think about the sorrows of all... the overwhelming crushing woe of it all. I want you to think about ME. I want you to THINK about ME. YouWILL THINK. About ME. YOU will CALL unto ME. You Will DO This.For if you do not..... Then I will NOT be calling for you.And I DO NOT want you either.And you will Pay for the Life I Gave you.And for everything you have ever done out of your own error.Because you have no idea. The MAGNITUDE of this Creation.It has cheapened so much by your stupid scientist. And their lies.I AM GOD, Of course I have Self Respect.I AM all.... Do not be confused.And with this Self respect.I will DAMN you.What I MADE.When I MADE you.
Was with soul.And This Soul is Eternal.And no matter where it goes.It will be Eternal.So, If you go to Heaven or Hell.That is your decision.Because I Have been quite.I have let you run wild and crazyIGNORING THE FUCK OUT OF ME. No more baby. OK?And it's not like that,It's That TIME.Do you feel me?Because as you can see. I AM wild and CrazyJust like you. By the Way, I'M GOD, How do you do?I do apologize my mind is a ramble most of the time.Constantly thinking.But for your comfort. Look at all the Chaos in the world and know for surethat the time is very VERY soon. And I would never leave you. This is whatyou should be thinking of, ME. This is why you SHOULD look at the newsand observe your Governments and how they deceive you.I have made some adjustments to all things.So that you will know that I AM near you.All around you.I have Many Adjustments and changes to the foundations of all things.And, it is taking 2 weeks to rehabilitate your mind. To a sound judgmentabout GOD. We are nearly finished. We have 2 Days left. Before you begin to

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