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Published by Rahul

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Published by: Rahul on Nov 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Developing and modernizing the technologies without losing our soundtraditional values and practices is essential.
Sustainable development
Meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of futuregenerations, to meet their own needs.
True sustainable development
Optimum use of natural resources with high degree of reusability, minimumwastage, least generation of toxic by products and maximum productivity.
Dimensions of sustainable development
Multi dimensional concept – derived from interactions between society, economyand environment.
Aspects of sustainable development
i.Inter-generational equityii.Intra-generational equity
Approaches for sustainable development
1.Developing appropriate technology - locally adaptable, eco-friendly, resourceefficient and culturally suitable.2.Reduce, reuse, recycle [3R] approach – reduces waste generation and pollution3.Providing environmental education and awareness – changing attitude of the people4.Consumption of renewable resources – attain sustainability5.Conservation of non renewable resources – conserved by recycling and reusing6.Population control
Urban problems related to energy
1.Causes for urbanization2.energy demanding activities3.solution for urban energy problem
Water conservation
The process of saving water for future utilization Need for water conservation1.changes in environmental factors2.better lifestyles3.increase in population4.deforestion
5.over exploitation of ground water 6.agricultural and industrial activities7.
Strategies of water conservation
1.Reducing evaporation losses2.reducing irrigation losses3.re use of wate4.preventing of wastage of water 5.decreasing run-off losses6.avoid discharge of sewage
Methods of water conservation
1.Rain water harvesting- A technique of capturing and storing of rain water fofurther utilization.Objectives of rain water harvesting1.increasing demands2.recharging the ground water 3.reducing the ground water 4.increase in hydro static pressure2.Water shed management – The management of rainfall and resultant run-off Factors affecting watershed1.Unplanned land use]2.deforestation3.droughtly climatesObjectives1.To minimize of risk of floods2.For improving the economy3.for developmental activities4.To generate huge employment opportunities5.To promote forestry6.To protect soil from erosion
Resettlement and Rehabilitation of people
Causes1.Due to Developmental activities2.Due to Disaster 3.Due to conservation initiativesRehabilitation issues1.Displacement of tribals increases poverty2.Breakup of families3.Communal ownership of property4.vanishing social and cultural activities
5.Loss of identity between the peopleCase Studies – Sardar Sarovar Dam, The Theri dam Project , Pong Dam
Environmental ethics
Refers to the issues, principles and guidelines relating to human interactions withtheir environment.Environmental problems1.Deforestation2.Population growth3.Pollution due to effluent and smoke4.Water scarcity5.Land degradationSolutions1.Reducing the energy sources2.recycle and reuse of waste products3.Soil degradation4.Sustainable development5.Protection of Bio – diversity6.Reducing the population
The average weather of an areaCauses of climate change:1.Presence of green house gases2.Depletion of ozone gasesEffect of climate change1.Migration of animals2.upsetting the hydrological cycles results in floods and droughts3.changes in global pattern of winds.
Green house effect:
The progressive warming of earth surface due to blanketing effect of man made CO2 inthe atmosphere.Green house gases- causing global warmingCO2, Ch4, N2O, CFCsEffect on global warming- effects on1.sea level2.agriculture and forestry3.water resources4.terrestrial ecosystems5.human health

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