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City Profile Lankershim California 1924 by Frank D. Parent

City Profile Lankershim California 1924 by Frank D. Parent

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Published by real-estate-history
City Profile Lankershim California 1924 by Frank D. Parent
City Profile Lankershim California 1924 by Frank D. Parent

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Published by: real-estate-history on Nov 14, 2009
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TheRedltaBkLeBook ol Califotni&Chicago,lvith its increasingpa]'r'oll,is onlyotre ofherpresentindustries.A transcontinental nilway,an iDterurban line and a five centLos ADgeles city car se$'ice, combired witht{'o of the heaviesttraveled high\Mays in Southeln California, ardthirty miies of im-plovedandprojectedboulevards withiD her own boundaries, allowhertouringjoysunexcelled. Ma[y religious denoniDations, c]editablyhoused,wo model'n theaters and active social and civic organizations,giveher wholesomepleasule.All the above and other natural ad-vaDtagesar'€ enjoyed at Inglewood.
i\GI,DII'OODRalrco.li, Jessie W., 944 N. Ercallttus.Baum &Sariers, Sarnrgs Bank Blds.ledlord, J. R., 125 So. MarletSt.Bender,Clras.C,,6501 nedondo Blvd-B.ooks & BatrDr. 09 \. XlarlielSt.De Lons. G.o. T., 623 \. Hns'thorne,D.nsDore,Gilbbert.Sa!inss Bark Bldg,nrisliill Bros., 113 so. llar\ctst.Crijtin C. C.,205 Crilin Blrls.H.co\,C,E.,3r3 So. XlarlietSt.lnclerood R€altJ Co. 130 N. \IarketBltolillRsMaaee& Son, 112 So, IlarlretSt.llilbufn & llandall.i514 i-enor-XrcDonrid, r. ll., 11ri N. lIarlrel.SonurNcsi ae.liols, 223\. llarket St,s[ilh,Lero! H., 115 N. arlret.Schouboe& XIccaliister,152 l!. SpruceSDanltlins,Henrr R.,21S n.QueenSt.Tlromtor Realty Co., 108 S. arket.\Varirg &Law, 1r,!S, tr[arkei.
Lankershim,he FriendlyCommunity
USTovcr the hills fronHolly$ood lies the suburbancommunityof Lankershim,only teD miles from the Los Angelesbusinessdist]'ict. Lankelshim is $.here theSanF€rnaDdo Valley bcgirsthat 125,000 acregardenof Los Angeles wheresoil, water, climateand industry 1'aised heplodigioustotalof tweDt)-five Dlillior dol-lars'worth of market-basketproductslastI'ear.LAl reNhinl,longhno$n as the"HoneofthePeach"place,has now, through the trans-formatioD of its acresoI braDching orchards iltobroad thorough-far€s and beautiful honesites, become he"Peach of aHolr1c"place.Almost over rightLaDkelshim has ar.isen rthis lnnd oIpleDty.From 2372personsjD1922, it hasglo1{-no athdftl'connunity of5360 ill 1923 126DercentiDcrease rorleyear'.Today itstwenty-eiglrt mode'-nloons fail to accommodatehe schoolpopulation,andthree additional llew irltemediateschools and A DlasrificeDt newhigh-chool|e soorro be built Lpon beaul iusilF"r'ecn;typrovidpd.Thisph€noeralglowthoI Lankershim isdueto natulalad-It restles hcath the hillsin ore of the ost beautifulsDotsinSoutherrCaliforuin. It has delightful tree-bolderedstreets, {'ell or-dered homes, fine high*ays,rapid electricaDd stean lines, modernstores, strongbanl(s,goodchurches,dependable ealtors.Backof it is the urge of agrcat, glo$'ing,nasterful city.Justbe)-oDd savet'itabieempile. Acharming noultain-gift va]ley, r'ichasCroesus unatural$'ea1thand oppo unity.
TlLe Re(ltu BhleRoaL alCaliforltiaChalminsin situ^tion.str':ltesic irrlocatiorl and friendlvin en-vironncnt-thisis Lankelshim.From helethe fxmed SanFelnando Vailet'spreads, fanlikeover itsvast slretchcs oflleld aDd orchard.FIomhele nainly di-verge lh€gleAthighwaysand a]teiesof travel ovelthisinland em-oire-.Lankershimboule\':rrd, Sh€rmanWay:rnd Venturaboulevardnow delive...nevcr-endingstlcarn of commelce,lihe theshuttle cockofthe loom, bct\!ecncity andcountry.Conser'\'ativccstirnatessi!ethe SarFcInarldoVallovhalf a nliliionconterted,plosDelous popul.rtion withir avery fcwyeals.Larker-shim'sgl.or'lhlhepast yearpresagesit. Thefaster thev:rllev fills,the more substantialbecomesL^nkershim.Ttirtt- thousandpopula-tion forLankershimin 19110s notan exaggeratedplophecl',for thatis onl]'hatftheprescntlopulationofthovalley.LankelshiDris foul and ahatl nilesfr'onr llollvwood'sme|Io-Dolitancenter, $'lrcret*-erty-filenlilliorl dollar's Northofhcight-limitLuildings areunder constructioti.Ourorvn lastl'e:lr'sbuildingpro-gramreached$920,000. Lankexhimrvas lecentlyannexed to LosAngelesirl olderthatitmighthave rnoreoldcrly dilecliongiventoits r'apid development:Thatit mightpticipatein the benefitsoI thegreataque-ductlYater supply;-thatit mightfeet the securityof lifeandpropertvwhichadequatepoliceandnrepr-otectioD tffods;-thatit might oller theadlantagesof itsnatumllocation,Dlusthose conveDicncesn theindustrial expansionof SouthenCaliforniaand thus attainthe fullcstmeasureofpermanency asan integralparto{thatphenomenon in cit)-building-LosAnEeles,Th-e ealto|sare anim:rted bvthe ethjcsand loltvideals oftheirplofessiol.They:uc itrbuedi'ith thc spititof lovrl :1nd.Ntingser'-vice to Lxnkelshim.Themost cordialinvitation ofits RealtyBoard and Chamber01Commerceis extendedto thehones€eker.TheilfrieDdlvilterest isoferedtomakeyourvisit orinquiry oneofpleasure andprofittoyou-You'11 iketo live in Lank€rshim-theFriendlv Communit-v.
Jlartlelt,]Irs.Lorisl,ii.11LanktrChas.& lrrfr.ll.600u l,anlrersl'i,:LBlrtl.Forsylh, E.L-, 5!l ILantdshtn UlrllFrcedmar, wm. J., Lank€rshimDlYd.1, lch.r,J.s., C.nlul-\r.. aDd lr iarBITd.Btvd.McCeDn, Ifs.\. U..It,Jr.is.r.al.o.l.i0{iLarkc'shimBlrdo Neil,D. L., Itvans Si.eell).nneld& Forsyih, 5219l,arkershim'fhrrslr.r,1\_." F.ufthsl xDd viDr"i111r'rntebhlnRorick, e. c., 10,J12veltufaBlvd.51122anke.shinrs!o.1,1,)n. llalDlr 51lSl,iDkersnit!

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