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City Profile Bellflower California 1924 by C.V. Loop President Realty Board Culver City

City Profile Bellflower California 1924 by C.V. Loop President Realty Board Culver City

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Published by real-estate-history
City Profile Bellflower California 1924 by C.V. Loop President Realty Board Culver City
City Profile Bellflower California 1924 by C.V. Loop President Realty Board Culver City

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Published by: real-estate-history on Nov 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tke Real,tyBl,ueBook al Cailornia39?Threeyearsago we had a fourth classpostofiice.Today we havecity delivery and apostoffice equal to that tobefound inmost townsoI 10,000._Threeyearsago we hadnumerousquestionablereso*s. TodayThreeyea$agowe were well content withcesspools,but todeywepoint'with prideto our complete systemof sewers, installl€dthrough a bond issu€,putover by a boardoftrusteeswhohaveendeavor€d o keeppacewith the city'sphenomenal g:rowthandpro-vide for the future.Threeyearsago we hadno ire alarm system. Todaythere isbeing nstalleda completeGamewellFire Alarm system.Priorto threeyeaNagothe city was in an embryoiicstate;thatstage hasbe€npassedandCulverCitytoday hasembarkealon ajourneyfromwhich ther€is no backing down.Shemustprogress.
ELLFLOWER,is,pmcticallyspeaking,an allnewtown, havinggrownfrom a srrall haBletof 500peopleto e inoil€mcity of8,000nhabitentsduring theparstwoyears;thecauseof thisphenom€nal grow'thbeing thediscovery of oil near thecity at SignalHill and Santa Fe Spdngs, thesetwo fields;beingbutafewmilesdistant.Besides theoil wells, manylarge refineries have locatednear thecity, inalldirections,furnishingemplo}.Inerlt o hundrealsof men,allof whomareresidentsof this eityand its environs. Daityingandpoulhvraisingis carried onquiteextensively around Bellflower.Thetown wasodginally laid out in acretractsforthepurposeoffumishinghomes forpeoplewlo wanted morethan a to\rnlot forgardening,ruit andpoultryraising, butsince Lheoil discoveryhelatterindustricshave been neglected oagreatextentand much ofthea(reagehasbeensubdividednto townlols.Bellflower hasone of the best watersystems in theState.Bellflowerloastsofhavingheverybestof schools, rogr.ammarschoolbuildingsnow doingser/ice ard bonds ssuedor a third build-ing,the erectionof which wiubegin n the near future.Th€reare seventy-fivetores and business ousesn Bellflower,nearlyall being new andof brick construction.Twobariks haveembarkednbusinesshere during thepastthreeyears,theCommercial sndthe First National,and botharl doing agoooDusrneaa,Drillingforoil is inprogressin several localitiesaroundBell-l9t"Iy.illtgoodprospectsf developjngnothergoodield simjlartoDrgruunrnano santa !e Sprrngs,In th€ wayof transportationBellfloweris well supplied,thepacifrcElectiicSanta Ana linerunning EastandWest, comecting with LosAngele-snd all lin-esut of thal(ity.Stages iomLong Beachpaesthroughhereto a.llpointsNoIth.Much of thelandsunounding Bellflowerhas b€eneasedor oil.
398Tlrc Re(LltABlue Bookof Californi.L
which would ndicate heconfidencef oilpr.omotersnthis field. Theleases,n nearly every nstance,ave beenmade othelargeoil com-parnes,Thefuture oJ B€llflower s exceedinglyright, many new resi-dencesnd storesbeing n courseofconstructionndproposed,ndtispredictedthat inanother fiveyearsthepopulationwill againdouble.We still hav€rcom for many more homeseekers.
lrlr)Lll.ItltvliiliIiE]lr,r'l- rloAlaDThos. w, Powell,Ple8ident.J, D. Clark,Vice Presidetrt.!'troEa6D. Flynn,Secretary-Trcasurerr. l. xlarriott(ofHynes).
West Hollywood
B?/G. L. SCHMUTZ,ealtorfT wouldbe ndepd ifficulr o find a seciionn any metrcpolishalIhasdeveloppdq fast as WesrHoll)wood;Wccr. ollJwood eing ^thrtpaftoI Los Angelpsboundpd n the east byLa Brea avenue.and on thenorth by the Santa Monicamountains.In this district,there are areas hat were under cultivation lessthan twoyearsago;today hey are almost completely eveloped ithhomesof bona ide residents.Farm lands, untillableswamps, l'ugged hill slopes,have allbeensubdivjded,nd mprovedwithpavedstreets, oDcrete idewalks,gas,electricity and waterconrections; hey have beendeveloped itha variety of charminghomes, ncomparable nl'lvhereon the face ofIheglobe.Bounding west Hollyrvoodon the north is the SantaMonicarangeofmountains, erminating at the Pacific Ocean,someeightmiles tothe west. It is along he southernslopeofthesemountainsthatHolltwood and West Holl)'wood ie, nestledagaipstthe hillsid€,and spreadingsoutherly nto the alluvial flats below.IrWestHollywood. he topographyvaes,as well as thepricesofproperty;there is variety wide enough opleaseeither tasteorpocketbook.One canlive along the slope of thegentlehillside, orreside on levelgrouDd;onecanpurchasepmpertyat very modestprices,orgetall of the exclusivenesshatmoneycanpurchase.fn the extreme western end of WestHoll]^vood lies the beautifulvillage of Sheunan, vith thepoinsettiaields ancl avocadoglovesspreadgraciousl)'along thehillside, and interspersedwith maglifi-cent homes,blendnrgnto a color scheme hat only the SupremeArchitect could create.WestHollj'wood has the leastvariation in temperature of anys€ctionof Los Angeles ounty; it is frostlessandfogless. Dudng thehottestdaysof summer West Holll'woods fannedbythecool,re-freshing breezesrom the ocean,

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