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ghid conversatie engleza

ghid conversatie engleza

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Published by madalina_eu

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Published by: madalina_eu on May 22, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Conversatie generala
Greetings - Cum salutam
 hello/hallo!  – Buna!Hi!  – Salut!(Good) morning!  – Buna dimineata!(Good) afternoon! Buna ziua!(Good) evening! Buna seara!How do you do? Buna ziua!Im very glad to see you "a #u$ur foarte mult sa te/va vadHow are you? %e mai fa$i/fa$eti?How are things? %um iti/va merge?&ery well' than you! oarte #ine' multumes$!%ant $om*lain  – Bine/ +u ma *lang "adam doamna"iss domnisoaraSir  domnule 
este salutul $el mai fre$vent si des folosit intre $unostinte' $at si de *ersoane $are se intalnes$ *entru *rima data
”how are you”
este in *rimul rand o formula de salut si rareori o interesare serioasa asu*ra starii de sanatate
Farewell – Cum ne luam la revedere
 Good,#ye!  – -a revedere!Bye/Bye,#ye!  – .a!Good night!  – +oa*te #una!Im sorry #ut I have to go now – Imi *are rau' dar tre#uie sa *le$Its getting late tarziu0ill tomorrow then!  – 1tun$i *e maine!Ill ring you tomorrow 0e sun maineSee you tomorrow .e maine See you soon! .e $urand!See you around! .e $urand!1ll the #est!  – 0oate $ele #une!Ho*e to see you soon! S*er sa ne vedem in $urand!2hen $ould we meet again? %and ne mai *utm vedea?Ill tae you to the  – 0e $ondu$ *ana laGive my regards to3  – 0ransmite urarile mele3Say hello to3for me Saluta *e3din *artea meaIt was lovely 1 fost minunat0han you for a lovely evening "ultumes$ *t a$easta seara *la$uta/minunata
I en4oyed it very mu$h  – "i,a *la$ut f mult0hans for $oming "ultumes$ $a ai venitSafe 4ourney home! Sa a4ungeti $u #ine a$asa 
 Introductions – Cum ne prezentam
 "y name is  – +umele meu este1llow me to / let me introdu$e myself  – .ermiteti,mi sa ma *rezint0his is my wife/hus#and  – 1$easta esto sotia mea/1$esta este sotul meu%an I introdu$e you to3  – 1s *utea sa va *rezint *e3I would lie to introdu$e you to 3my daughter/son – 1s dori sa va *rezint *e fii$a mea/fiul meu +i$e to meet you!  – "a #u$ur sa va $unos$!Ive heard so mu$h a#out you!  – 1m auzit atat de multe des*re dumneavoastra2hats your name? %um va $heama?%ould you tell me your name *lease? 1ti *utea sa,mi s*uneti numele d,vs' va rog?2here are you from? 5e unde sunteti? 
 Age – Varsta
 How old are you? %e varsta aveti?I am 67 (twenty) 1m 67 de ani2hen were you #orn? %and v,ati nas$ut?2hat is you date of #irth? %are este data nasterii d,vs?I was #orn in 89:6 ",am nas$ut in 89:6;ou are younger than me sti / suneti mai tanar/tanara de$at mineI am older than you Sunt mai in varsta de$at tineI am going on forty  – "erg *e <7 de ani/"a indre*t s*re varsta de <7 de aniI have turned 67  – 1m im*linit 67 de aniIm too old for this! Sunt *rea #atran/#atrana *t asta!=n the $ontrary' I thin you are still young %red' dim*otriva' $a sunteti in$a tanar!2e have started to grow old now Ine*em sa im#atranim 
 Language – Limba
 5o you s*ea nglish? &or#iti engleza? +o' I only s*ea German +u ' nu vor#es$ de$at germana;es I do 5a' vor#es$ 
 Accommodation - Casa
 2here do you live? >nde lo$uiti?2e live in a #eautiful flat /house -o$uim intr,un a*artament frumos/ o $asa frumoasaI live in lodgings Stau $u $hirieIts my own flat/house  – ste *ro*riul meu a*artament/$asa
Ive #een living here for a long time now -o$uies$ de4a de mult tim* ai$iI havent #een here long +u stau de mult ai$iI live on the ground floor -o$uies$ la *arterI live on the se$ond floor -o$uies$ la eta4ul doiI live in the $entre of town -o$uies$ in $entruI live in the su#ur#s  – -o$uies$ la *eriferieI live in the $ountry  – -o$uies$ la taraI live in a very uiet/noisy street -o$uies$ *e o strada foarte linistita/zgomotoasaI lie living in the $ity/$ountry Imi *la$e sa lo$uies$ la oras/tara @In marea Britanie *arterul este numit Aground floor in tim* $e in S>1 *arterul se numeste Afirst floor' Ase$ond floor $ores*unzand asadar eta4ului intai 
Work – erviciul 
 2hat do you do? %u $e te o$u*i?2hat do you do for a living? %um iti $astigi eCistenta?2hat is your line of wor? In $e domeniu lu$rezi?5o you wor? -u$rezi?2hat $om*any do you wor for? -a $e $om*anie lu$rezi?

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