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WANSpeak Musings - Volume VI

WANSpeak Musings - Volume VI

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Published by quocirca

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Published by: quocirca on May 22, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Copyright Quocirca © 2014
Clive Longbottom Quocirca Ltd Tel : +44 118 948 3360 Email: 
Bernt Ostergaard Quocirca Ltd Tel: +45 45 50 51 00
WAN Speak Musings – Volume VI
Over the last months, Quocirca has been blogging for Silver Peak System
independent blog site, http://www.WANSpeak.com. Here, the blog pieces are brought together as a single report.
May 2014
In the continuing series of WAN Speak aggregated blog articles from the Quocirca team covering a range of topics.
WAN Speak Musings
 Volume VI
© Quocirca 2014 - 2 -
WAN Speak Musings – Volume VI
Over the last months, Quocirca has been blogging for Silver Peak System’s independent blog site,
http://www.WANSpeak.com. Here, the blog pieces are brought together as a single report.
Networking in the Year of the Horse
The Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Horse
 maybe time to have a quick look and see what sort of a horse your network equates to. Just as a bit of fun.
Storing up a load of nonsense
New, small, agile storage vendors are popping up all over the place. Many have exciting technology that is proving to be disruptive in the markets
 but they do seem to pushing the limits of truth in many of their marketing messages.
Don’t Sell SLAs To Me —
 I Want Outcome Guarantees
Most service level agreements (SLAs) are not worth the paper they are printed on. Failure to meet their terms often just results in a lot of talk to no-one
s benefit. However, using technology to attempt to manage toward guaranteed outcomes is far more intelligent. Can it be done, though?
4 reasons why IPv6 has not taken off
 and 3 why it should
IPv6 was first described in full detail at the end of 1998. In the 16 years since, continuous warnings of the end of the Internet as we know it have been bandied about due to how we have completely run out of IPv4 addresses. Somehow, the world has continued
Content Delivery In The Virtual World: If The VICAP Fits, Wear It
Virtual capacity providers (ViCaPs) are emerging that can pool resources across multiple data centres to monetise what spare capacity each data centre owner may have available. As a replacement for a fixed content distribution network (CDN), ViCaPs may be a good approach.
Welcome the Data Scientist, your next CEO
Unless you have been on a different planet, it will have been hard to avoid the hyperbole over the need for data scientists. Indeed, one commentator has stated that your next CEO will come from these ranks of data overlords. However, danger lurks within this space
It seems not that long ago when your choice for an Internet address was a .com, a .co.uk or a similar one. Now, it seems that you can stick pretty much anything at the end of your address. Is this a matter of great flexibility of choice
 or just a way for those companies selling and managing internet addresses to make shed loads of money?
Protecting the Digital
Economy’s ‘Soft
Internet purchases continue to accelerate, alongside acceleration in the attacks by blackhats to try and obtain user
s credit card details ramp up. PCI-DSS has been developed to try and make the blackhat
s job harder: but it is not being universally adopted.
Performance Is The First Victim In Application Warfare
Managing Quality of Experience (QoE) for users is increasingly complex, as more and more traffic traverses the same data lines. Identifying the right traffic types and managing them to ensure a suitable QoE is becoming a major market.
It’s the IP, not the IT that matters…
It is tempting to look at all that shiny technology in your data centre and wonder at all the money that has been spent on it. Unfortunately, though, it has little actual worth to the business. What is really valuable is the intellectual property held in the data that is created and stored by that technology.
The internet and a Magna Carta
There have been calls, led by Tim Berners-Lee, for a charter for Internet usage. Although this sounds fine and dandy on the surface, it is highly unlikely that what is being asked for could ever be provided in real life.
Can the Global InterCloud Mesh With The Global Internet?
s launch of its InterCloud platform for use by itself and its partners marks a significant change for Cisco itself
 and for the partners. Just what will this mean for all concerned?
WAN Speak Musings
 Volume VI
© Quocirca 2014 - 3 -
Networking in the Year of the Horse
Happy New Year to everyone. The Chinese New Year on 31st January brings in the Year of the Horse
 is this analogous with what we can expect to happen in the networking world through the rest of the year? Luckily, the horse world is varied, so we can probably draw enough comparisons to come up with a picture of the year.
The Carthorse
 the trusty, strong engine of the pre-industrial revolution, the carthorse was the mainstay for agricultural Europe. Although the move to IP-everywhere continues on apace, older systems, including TDM, will continue to be present and facilitate information transport in many instances. Vendors in this space will not set the world on fire, but will continue to have decent revenues. The carthorse will be with us for a while yet.
The Pony
 the small but endearing pet that is there for first-timers and the young. The market will remain full of ponies
 the new kids on the block with interesting ideas that younger people in the networking space will swear will be their focus for ever
 many of which will be around extensions to
SDN. However, as the people grow up, they will realise that the pony doesn’t meet their needs any
longer and will look to other, larger horses instead. A lot of vendors in this space will find themselves becoming a little less loved
 less investment; more requirement to prove themselves; more being passed from one owner to another via acquisition.
The Nag
 the other end of the scale, these are the horses that are on their last legs. Sway-backed, they have carried the weight of the networking world for a long time, but they are now struggling to keep up with the younger horses around them. Software defined everything (SDx) is taxing their abilities: it could
be that it is the knacker’s yard for some of these old favourites. Others will buy in younger horses to try and replace the nags, but they will still need to find a way of “retiring” the nags in one way or another.
The Hack
 useful in general terms for every day work, the hack provides the general backbone for the average user. SDx will be embraced by vendors in this space
 and will allow them to race those that are generally considered more likely favourites. With no real stress being placed on the requirements for the hack, we could see a proliferation of vendors entering the market in this way
 particularly from the East.
The Thoroughbred
 flighty, nervous and sometimes unpredictable, the thoroughbred is what people think they want, but then find that it is expensive to keep, with a need for in-depth skills to stop the horse from damaging itself, and to keep it in top order. Vendors trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the stable could find that they often fail to finish in the Network Purchasing Stakes.
The Three Day Eventer
 a bit of a jack of all trades, the three day eventer needs to be capable of getting over obstacles, moving at speed and being elegant. For many, they show expertise in one of these areas and are poor in the other two. The gold-medal winner needs to excel in all three. This could be the focus for the larger network vendor
 instead of just concentrating on differentiating itself through
network capabilities, it could go for the “SDx” play, work
ing to integrate alongside software defined server and storage needs.
The Lipazzaner
 highly specialised, trained to do one thing to jaw-dropping standards. Some vendors in the optical space will continue to make inroads with longer-distance, multi-lambda optical capabilities to take metro and wider data transport speeds to a new level. What is clear is that the networking world is varied in itself
 it is not just a case of transporting the greatest volumes of data in a faster manner. Indeed, many users will find themselves needing a mix of capabilities and so will find themselves running a stable of different vendors to meet their needs. This could then mean that an external management capability needs to be brought in, with the skills available to run the multiple different systems together, whether solely through SDx or through a hybrid mix of software abstraction running alongside silicon-based capabilities still held within the networking equipment box itself. Anyway
 let the race begin!

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