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May14d Ctm Vet

May14d Ctm Vet

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Published by CBS_News

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Published by: CBS_News on May 22, 2014
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CBS NEWS POLLFor release: Thursday, May 22
, 20147:00 a ETPro!les a" "he #e"erans $d%n%s"ra"%on
May 20-21, 2014 Americans are divided as to who they think is most to blame for the problems at Veterans  Administration medical facilities, which involve allegations that VA hospitals kept delays in treatment off the books and patients may have died waiting for care  b!t Veterans Affairs "ecretary #ric "hinseki and the VA $%%&' receive more blame than either local VA hospitals $2(&' or )resident *arack +bama $1&' Abo!t a .!arter doesn/t have an opinion here are partisan differences hile %1& of 3ep!blicans blame "hinseki and the VA for the problems, nearly as many blame )resident +bama $%0&' ewer 5emocrats and independents say Mr +bama is to blame6 they are more likely to place blame on "hinseki and the VA and local VA hospitals hose who have served in the military are also more apt to blame "hinseki
Who do &ou Blae Mos" 'or "he Pro!les a" "he #$(
otal3eps5ems7nds Veterans#ric "hinseki and the VA%%&%1&%8&%0&%9&:ocal VA hospitals2(20%0%028*arack +bama1%0 11(5on/t know2%182%2%1 Americans split as to the root ca!se of the long wait times for patients 42& think the problems of long waiting times at Veterans Administration medical facilities are the res!lt of not having eno!gh reso!rces to take care of patients, b!t 41& think it/s more a matter of these hospitals not properly managing their reso!rces 3ep!blicans are more inclined than 5emocrats or independents to say the problems are more of a management iss!e
Lon) Wa%" T%es a" #$ *os+%"als $re Mos"ly ue "o-
otal3eps5ems7nds Veterans;ot having ade.!ate reso!rces42&42&42&42&44&;ot properly managing reso!rces414%8404%+ther reason<don/t know111201(12
 ==================================================================================== his poll was cond!cted by telephone May 20-21, 2014 among 1,0>9 ad!lts nationwide 5ata collection was cond!cted on behalf of ?*" ;ews by ""3" of Media, )A )hone n!mbers were dialed from samples of both standard land-line and cell phones he error d!e to sampling for res!lts based on the entire sample co!ld be pl!s or min!s three percentage points he error for s!bgro!ps may be higher 7nterviews were cond!cted in #nglish and "panish
 his poll release conforms to the "tandards of 5isclos!re of the ;ational ?o!ncil on )!blic )olls

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