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The House of Windsor

The House of Windsor



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Published by tathaagat

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Published by: tathaagat on Nov 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Founder and Contributing Editor:
 Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Nora Hamerman
Managing Editors:
John Sigerson, Susan Welsh
Assistant Managing Editor:
Ronald Kokinda
Editorial Board:
Warren Hamerman, MelvinKlenetsky, Antony Papert, Gerald Rose, Edward Spannaus, Nancy Spannaus, Webster Tarpley,Carol White, Christopher White
Science and Technology:
Carol White
Special Projects:
Mark Burdman
Book Editor:
Katherine Notley
Advertising Director:
Marsha Freeman
Circulation Manager:
Stanley Ezrol
Marcia Merry
Linda de Hoyos
Jeffrey Steinberg,Paul Goldstein
Christopher White
European Economics:
William Engdahl
Robyn Quijano, Dennis Small
Edward Spannaus
Russia and Eastern Europe:
 Rachel Douglas, Konstantin George
United States:
Kathleen Klenetsky
Pakdee Tanapura, Sophie Tanapura
Jose Restrepo
George Gregory, Rainer Apel
Buenos Aires:
Gerardo Terdn
Paul Rasmussen
Harley Schlanger 
Sara Madueho
Mexico City:
Hugo Lopez Ochoa
Leonardo Servadio
New Delhi:
Susan Maitra
Christine Bierre
Rio de Janeiro:
Silvia Palacios
Michael Ericson
Washington, D.C.:
William Jones
Goran Haglund  EIR (ISSN 0273-6314) is published weekly (50 issues)except for the second week of July, and the last week of  December by EIR News Service Inc., 333 1/2Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-7010. For subscriptions: (703) 777-9451. European Headquarters:
Executive Intelligence ReviewNachrichtenagentur GmbH, Postfach 2308,D-65013 Wiesbaden, Otto von Guericke Ring 3, D-65205Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of GermanyTel: (6122) 2503. Executive Directors: Anno Hellenbroich,Michael Liebig
 In Denmark:
EIR, Post Box 2613, 2100 Copenhagen 0E,Tel. 35-43 60 40
 In Mexico:
EIR, Francisco Diaz Covarrubias 54 A-3Colonia San Rafael, Mexico DF. Tel: 705-1295.
 Japan subscription sales:
O.T.O. Research Corporation,Takeuchi Bldg., 1-34-12 Takatanobaba, Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo 160. Tel: (03) 3208-7821.Copyright © 1994 EIR News Service. All rights reserved.Reproduction in whole or in part without permission strictlyprohibited. Second-class postage paid at Washington D.C.,and at an additional mailing offices.Domestic subscriptions: 3 months—$125, 6 months—$225,1 year—$396, Single issue—$10Postmaster: Send all address changes to
P.O. Box17390, Washington, D.C. 20041-0390.
From the Editor
A he offprint you are holding in your hands comes from an expandedissue of the weekly
Executive Intelligence Review,
which rushed thisspecial report on "The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor," intoprint on an unusually short timetable to be published for a cover-dateof Oct. 28, 1994.What you are about to read is the result of a team effort of 
s internationally and nationally based intelligence staff underthe direction of Founding Editor Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. The teamof researchers on three continents who assisted in preparing materialfor the articles, charts, and maps in this Special Report includes:JosephBrewda, Mark Burdman, Carlos CotaMeza, Linda de Hoyos,Allen Douglas, William Engdahl, Manuel Hidalgo, Ken Kronberg,Hugo Lopez Ochoa, Rogelio Maduro, Marcia Merry, Silvia Palacios, Ana Maria Phau, David Ramonet, Raynald Rouleau, MichaelSharp, John Sigerson, Dennis Small, Gretchen Small, Jeffrey Steinberg, Geraldo Teran, Scott Thompson, Charles Tuttle, and AnthonyWikrent. Other collaborators contributed information from Asia,Africa, and Ibero-America. The project editor was Susan Welsh.The timing was chosen to maximize the impact on the Nov. 8,1994, midterm elections in the United States. Both the Americanelectorate, and responsible citizens and policy making elites aroundthe world, must base their political choices on the primary fact whichLaRouche underlines in his concluding article: that the breakingeconomic and financial crises now gripping the entirety of this planetreflect the close of an approximately 500-year cycle in Europeanhistory. The fall of the Berlin Wall five years ago in October 1989,was but the first fissure in an edifice of oligarchical control whichshaped the 20th century as an era of holocaust, genocide, and war.President Clinton's break with the U.S "special relationship" withBritain, announced during his visit to continental Europe in July1994, marks an inflection point for a potentially new foreign policy.We contend that the case presented in these pages is irrefutable.We also believe that this report makes it clear that no serious intellectual, political or religious leader, or economic decision-maker canafford to be without the uniquely authoritative, and effectively presented , intelligence picture of the weekly
"Prince Philip wants you to give him a hand."
4 The coming fall of theHouse of Windsor
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.introduces the devastating exposureof the world's biggest "Murder,
9 The trial begins: PrincePhilip's Allgemeine SS
The executive agency directed byPrince Philip, the royal consort of the world's richest woman, QueenElizabeth II of England, has createda powerful apparatus, an SS, madeup of Royal Chartered trusts andcorporations, propaganda fronts,and assassination and terroragencies.
15 Prince Philip's CorporateSS17 The '1001 Club': a naturetrust18 The WWF: race scienceand world government19 Prince Philip's friends ran'Get LaRouche' plot20 Prince Philip's murderousworld view, in his own
22 'Nicky' Arundel and the'Get LaRouche' task force24 Capital offenses: WorldWide Fund for Naturecommits genocide in Africa27 The African parks werecreated as a cover for
33 The oligarchs' real game iskilling animals and killing
40 The British Royal Family'spolicy at work: mass deathin Rwanda42 Rwanda-Uganda genocide:
43 West Africa: war against
43 South Africa in the British
Special offprint—November 199452 Other overt criminal acts:The WWF is out tobalkanize and depopulatethe Americas53 Other exhibits: The royalplot to splinter Australia54 WWF: Send Europe back to the Dark Age54 WWF role model isCambodia's Pol Pot55 WWF's eco-terrorist,eco-fascist legions56 The presently closingdynastic cycle
The concluding section of the"presentation of the case to the jurors," by Lyndon H. LaRoucheJr.Photo and graphic credits: cover,EIRNS/Stuart Lewis/Alan Yue;page 5, EIRNS; page 12, LondonPictures Service/Terry O'Neill;page 21: EIRNS/Stuart Lewis; page32: SATOUR; All maps: EIRNS.The maps for this issue wereprepared on the basis of data fromthe 1991 four-volume .Protected
 Areas of the World: A Review of  National Systems,
prepared by theInternational Union for theConservation of Nature (IUCN) forthe IV World Congress on NationalParks and Protected Areas inCaracas, Venezuela in February1992, supplemented by data fromgovernment agencies of the nationsconcerned.
EIR 94-006

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