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Interview with Zainab Qayum

Interview with Zainab Qayum

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Published by Nabeel Aejaz

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Published by: Nabeel Aejaz on Mar 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zainab Qayum
Q&A with ZQ
by Ahmed Hayat 
who do not let their girls model orwhatever reason. The girls that do modelare rom Punjab or Sindh. It is still noteasy or girls to take up modeling, inthese provinces, as a proession. Peopleput you down with comments like ‘noone is going to marry you, you will haveno reputation and all, etc’. Things havechanged considerably though.
But why is it so in our culture?
Our culture does not allow modeling.We have been able to put the Pakistaniashion scene on the world map withgreat diculty and thanks to the supporto General Pervez Musharra. We aregiven more permission nowadsys.There were many restraints earlier.There are so many preconceivednotion and stereotypical images aboutmodeling; it is very hard to shatter these.I am reerring to the general public aswell as members o highly educatedamilies. They would rather have theirdaughters become rocket scientists anddentists than models.Even I agree that modeling is not a ulltime proession; one has to completetheir education. A all back is necessaryas in modeling the un only lasts or veto six years. This is my ourteenth yearbut you cannot drag it longer than this.The essence o modeling is constantchange.
Will you ever encourage your daughterto become a model?
Being a 21 st century woman, I willingrain proper values in my daughterand make sure she does not let hereducation suer. I she wants to becomea pilot I will let her do it. I will let her doanything.I think this is where parents go wrong.My mother gave me ull permissionknowing that she had taught meeverything about right and wrong. I ZQ is one o the most talented emalestars o our country. She is a topmodel a talented actress and needsno introduction. She was crownedthe ‘Best Model o the year 2004’inLux Style Awards and recently wonthe “Most Stylish TV Actress Award’inIndus Style Awards 2006. Read on toget to know about ZQ’s point o viewon career, marriage, politics and more.
Tell us about you’re your backgroundand your journey into the modelingworld?
My amily comes rom Kohat and I wasborn in Karachi . I did my O levels inKarachi and then moved to Lahore todo my B.A. and M.A.I taught at ‘Grammer school’ or a yearbeore joining Libas as an assistanteditor. I worked there or two years anddid my masters again or another twoyears. I have been modeling or thepast ourteen years.Modeling has been your major career.Are you going to continue it or long?I am very happy that the new crop o models is coming up and soon theyare going to take our place. Until thattransition takes place I think I haveanother year to go. I am concentratingmore on my plays these days.
Talking about the current Pakistanimodeling scene, why don’t we get to see many new faces compared toIndia .
First o all compare the population o India and Pakistan and their provincesand states. It is a bigger country thanPakistan . Models in India are comingrom everywhere rom Madras andBengal . They have got the two MissUniverse and Miss World rom Bengal.India has so many regions.In Pakistan you can orget the provinceo NWFP and Balochistan, these aretribal areas and have eudal amilies
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Zainab Qayum
you have given your kids good trainingand taught them the right values, thereshould be no issues.There is nothing wrong in modeling.I I had seen something wrong withmodeling I would have quit beoreasking my daughter to quit.
Do you see Pakistan taking part in Miss Universe and Miss Worldcompetitions in the next 5-10 years?
We cannot unless they respect ourvalues, we cannot go through theswimsuit round. Anita Ayub did try butit just doesn’t work that way. It is not inour culture. It cannot happen.We do have beautiul women. Eventhe Indians themselves say it. Therehave been so many Indian actors anddirectors who come here and they allsay that Pakistani women are gorgeouseven without makeup.
Does religion hinder?
O course! And I don’t think we shouldbring religion into this because there isgoing to be a never-ending debate.I think i ones conscious is clear it isne, I know my conscious is clear.I know I am not faunting my body Iam basically modeling the clothes. Itdepends on the audience whether theycome to see my body or my clothes. Itis all about intentions.
Who is your favorite Pakistanidesigner? Whose clothes would youlike to wear for your wedding?
I have worked with everyone in thisindustry, the established ones as wellas the newcomers. I would really liketo get married in just my jeans andT-shirt. I think I have become a bridemore than 3000 times.
When do you plan to marry?
‘I think Abhishek, John Abraham andBrad Pitt are busy right now.’It is not about when I want to getmarried. Whenever it is destined to be,it will be. Probably when I meet theright guy. When kuch kuch hoga touhojaye ga!
You advised Zhalay to turn tomodeling instead of acting. Why?
No particular reason. I met Zhalay atthe set o Marina Khan’s ‘Dhoop’whichshe did or ARY. As she is tall and hasgot a good gure, I suggested to her thatshe should try modeling. I just thoughtthat along with acting she can take upmodeling.
Which one do you prefer to do acting/compereing or modeling?
When I am hosting it is very hundredpercent me. I am not putting mucho an eort. I love talking; I love totalk whether it is my riend or mom.Compereing doesn’t work or me.I have been modeling or such a longtime the clothes change, the rampchanges, the choreography changesbut basically you are just walking. It isall very natural.Acting is very challenging and I love it.Every time it is like a dierent characterand you have to internalize it. Kill yourpersonality and actually transorm intothe person you are playing.I am not complaining but since my lieis so smooth and boring that being apart o these stormy relationships andlove triangles is very exciting.
Tell us about your upcomingprojects?
I have just nished ‘Kabhi na kabhi’orARY which I did with Indian superstars(ones rom Star plus) there are TinaTariq and Shubha Mudghal in it. Riyasatis on air.I have got two projects with Avenue.One is called ‘Thora thora pyar’where Iam staring with Mohammad Rana andone is with Jibran. These will be airedon Hum.
What do you think about all the joint ventures happening between Indiaand Pakistani stars these days?
As long as it is equal there are noissues.My best wishes are with Meera to dowhat she wants to do. I really like peoplelike Reema and Zeba Bakhtiar. Youknow Reema has not acted but ZebaBakhtiar did. The amount o respectthey got is amazing. It is all about beinggraceul and dignied because you arerepresenting your country.I an actor is going to be desperate andgive me any role type then no way! Andit should not be like that one countryshould be one up on the other. It shouldbe equal representation rom both thesides.
If you get an offer from India in thenear future, would you be doing it?
I would love to do an Indian lm butthey have to think that I am really goodenough. I would like to do it with bigbanners like Karan Johar, Yash Chopraand Sanjay Leela Bhansali but theyhave to keep in mind that I won’t doany anti Pakistani movies.I do not like to wear mini and I will notkiss- there are so many limitations. I anyone has a really abulous and mindblowing idea and keeps my limitationsin mind I might do it. At the end o the day I am representing my countrybeing a very patriotic, I will not try totarnish its reputation in any way.
So any plans to get into Lollywoodand promote your country.
You know the current state o Lollywood.Unortunately ... You see we are incharge o the modeling industry andor the past 14 years we have come along way, we have struggled; we havehelped develop it.It is up to the Lollywood stars to developtheir industry. Now I am working or TV,the silver screen Lollywood has to takecare o Lollywood. They could make itgood enough or us to join it.
Why don’t you work with newdirectors?
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Zainab Qayum
New directors would like to work withold actresses because it is all aboutcommercialism and making money.They themselves are new and on topo that i they take new actresses andactors to ‘phir sab hi doobay gay’(everyone will drown). They also wantan anchor or their ventures thereorethey preer the old crowd.It is really sad that Pakistan just hasve male and ve emale stars andsometimes the heroines look like theelder sisters o heroes. I won’t takenames but you go and watch a coupleo movies and you will understandwhat I mean.
In a recent interview with TariqAmin he said that a model should be18 and not 36 and wrinkled. What isyour comment on this?
Who said that? Tariq said that.Well I am 31 years old and I am veryproud o it. I won’t say that I am teen.I don’t think we need to hide our age.We look good and people are hiringus.Multinationals are taking us and I amglad to be a brand ambassador orMobilink. I Mobilink thought I was oldwhy would they take me? It is also aboutpopularity, right. I you are popular andlook good so you will sell, otherwisemasses would reject you. And no onewill take you.I am talking about premium level work.So you could be 18 and total paindooand have no personality. What is thepoint? By the time they polish you arealready ty. I we are not going strongthen how come it is only the oldies thatare being approached?Don’t you think that Pakistan shouldhave modeling institutes and othersimilar institutes?Don’t you think Pakistan should rstworry about educating the masses?These are supercial little things.Educate the masses and we will see aprogressive change in Pakistani lie.
You seem to be a very patrioticperson, any plans to join any NGOs.
 I am a member o several NGOs.The only dierence is that I am not goingto faunt about it in the press because itis my thing. It is my conscious, i I cangive back to my society which is givingme so much. I am lucky enough tohave a name in this country but I thinkeveryone should payback to society.In act my biggest dream is to dosomething really amazing or Pakistanand to have the highest civilian awardthat is ‘Sitare Imtiaz’. I have got theLux Style Award or best model and Ihave got the Indus most stylish actressaward. The ‘Sitare Imtiaz’would be theultimate award I would ever get.
We have seen you in couple of musicvideos but mainly Jawad Bashir’svideos. Why is that so?
I think it was a long time ago. Yes I didaround eleven or twelve videos. JawadBashir is a very good riend.How come you haven’t asked that Ihave done over 4500 shoots with AtherShahzad. It’s the same thing, that youdo 25 videos with one directors orwhether you do maximum shoots withone photographer.We are very proessional, we work withmales and the sad thing is that there isa big controversy that Jawad and I werehaving an aair. This was very unny. Inthe beginning it was unny and later itbecame irritating.People expect that in the ashion andmusic industry every pop star, actorand director is vulgar. The models aredesperate and have no reputation.When within the industry the suchrumors come up it is pathetic.
There was a scene with Ali Haiderand some model and so there arethese controversies.
That is something totally dierent andit happened later. I worked with JawadBashir because I was going to do a serialand was ree or two months. Jawadsaid he has these videos and wantedme to shoot or them. I agreed. I cando 59 videos with the same directori I want to. How come no one askedstrings that why they are only hiring Jami as a director?
I was coming to the photographerpart of the question ...
 The reason to my success and thereason that Vinnie, Iraj, Tanya Sha(we are dinosaurs na) have made it orsuch a long time is because we haveworked with everyone; reelanced witheveryone so no one can complain ‘whyshe doesn’t work with me?’It just happened the Ather Shahzadare in Lahore . I have also worked withPappu, Rizwan Beyg and Rizwan UlHaq.
Your ambition as a model?
It is over. I have done it. I have got thehighest award that is Lux. I have movedon.I have ventured into acting and i youask me o my uture plans it is acting.In modeling you just get your projectand do them. I have been doing it or15 years now.
So you have no plans of entering intothe International Model Scene?
We have been to KL ashion week.Vinnie and I were selected romPakistan . The oldest model there wasseventeen. They have no set rules.There are many short models. In actwhen Indian models come here, theonly reason we survive is because o our heights.Kate Moss is short.Kate Moss is a dierent class o modeland then there is Giselle. Giselle isgorgeous and i you go to her countrythere are a thousand Giselle’s like her. Just because she is in America andexotic she is very popular. But everyBrazilian maasi (old lady) looks just asgood; I am being very serious here.
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