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Summer Nights

Summer Nights

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Published by kyle_a57

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Published by: kyle_a57 on Nov 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kyle Albert11/15/09Academy English
Summer Nights
 Jeremy, Carter, Hanna, Steph, Elizabeth and I sit in a tent in Steph’sbackyard. Though there are six of us in one tent, but there’s plenty of room. This isa massive, two room tent, probably meant for a troop of boy scouts. Instead, ithouses six teenagers playing truth or dare on a warm night in August.Carter climbs back through the tents giant door, and I immediately burst intolaughter. He’d just victoriously returned from performing a Michael Jackson dancefor Steph’s parents inside their house. He utters one word, “Helen”, Steph’s middlename, which proved he had completed his dare. My brother, Jeremy, slaps him onthe back, congratulating him.“I can’t believe you did that!” squeals Hanna. She scoots closer and hewraps his arm around her, a smug grin on his face. I slide my phone out of mypocket; the digital clock face reads 9:50.“Shit Jeremy, we have to get home, curfews at 10:00, and Mom will flip out if we get home any later than that.” I say. “Sorry that we can’t join your sleepoverguys. You coming Carter?” I say.“Yep, but don’t worry girls, I’ll be back later”, Carter replies, winking at onegirl in particular.“You’re serious? You’re actually planning on sneaking back here later?” Ireply incredulously.
“Ya, it’s not a problem. Once my parents fall asleep I’ll just slip out the frontdoor, into my car and I’ll just drive here.” He replies, with another wink to hisgirlfriend.“You’re not worried about getting pulled over Carter? And wouldn’t yourparents kill you if they found out that you snuck out? I’m pretty sure that if I did thatmy parents wouldn’t let me out of the house again until after I graduated.” I said.“You see Kyle, what’s going to happen is nothing. I’m not going to get pulledover because I’m not going to do anything illegal, other than curfew breaking of course.” Elizabeth and Hanna giggle. Carter smiles at them appreciateively “And myparents aren’t gonna catch me because I’m not dumb enough to make any noise.” Isit, processing the information. What Carter was talking about seemed to fit betterin sitcoms and movies, not my life. “So Kyle, Jeremy, are you guys gonna sneak outtoo?” Carter asks. “I’m sure that Elizabeth and Steph would be happy to see youcome back.” I look over to Elizabeth and blush. She smiles back. After a moment Iglance over at Jeremy.He shrugs, “I don’t really care”, he says, “Up to you.” I sigh.“C’mon”, Carter says, “Don’t be a wuss, just do it, we’ll come back herearound 1:00?” Carter asks again. Different ideas flit through my head. The thoughtof sneaking out has never crossed my mind before. But there was Elizabeth, sittingin a corner. Looking at me. Smiling. But her face was quickly replaced by my Mom’s.She’d be crazy pissed if I snuck out. I shook my head to rid myself of the image andglanced at Carter. He wanted us to come, but was I going to let him make mydecision for me?

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