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Interview With the Apostle Peter

Interview With the Apostle Peter

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What would the Apostle Peter say if someone interviewed him after Paul had come on the scene? Would there be resentment there as Paul upstaged him in taking the gospel to the world? Why did Paul "take over" and how did the twelve apostles who had actually walked with Jesus feel about it? (What follows is a fictional account!)
What would the Apostle Peter say if someone interviewed him after Paul had come on the scene? Would there be resentment there as Paul upstaged him in taking the gospel to the world? Why did Paul "take over" and how did the twelve apostles who had actually walked with Jesus feel about it? (What follows is a fictional account!)

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Published by: Deborah L. (Kuzenski) Collins on Nov 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The following is a purely imaginary conversation between a young man and the Apostle Peter. It in no way takes the place of reading God's word, but is just a fictional account to illustrate Bible truth.
As one of the scribes of  Flavius Josephus
,I was sent to discover more of this cult of “the
st” which was in Jerusalem. Who better to inquire of than the supposed
,” Peter? I found the old fellow easily and he bid me to ask of him
anything. Our interview follows:
Me: Good sir, I thought I would find you on a throne wearing embroidered garments, andnot in such humble surroundings!
Peter : May it never be, my child. If truth be told, many of us would still lack even the basic necessities if it weren't for the charity of Paul's followers!You see, when our Lord Jesus left us to await his glorious return
,we apostles and our converts to “the Way”
obeyed the instructions he had given uswhen he walked among us and had all things common,selling or giving away all our goods in preparation for the day of the Lord's wrath to shortly come.We trusted in God's providence for those times ahead; but when we realized that God had postponed the evil day, we found ourselves desperately poor 
with no such hope but that the Holy Ghost would inspire Paul's churches to come to our aid.
Me: This Paul, is he also part of this "Way" of which you speak?Peter : It was a hard thing for us to understand, my friend, that God would call someone
like Paul to add believers to the “little flock”
of believers in Messiah and his kingdom,the Paul who had been 
 persecuting the “church of Godeven unto death! Who was this
Paul, that God would choose him to take the gospel of the kingdom to all the world,calling Jew and Gentile alike to aspire to the  promises of Abraham?
Me: So this Paul began preaching this good news with you?
Peter : Yes, my son, Paul received the revelation that there is now no difference between Jew and Greek  and that Gentiles that seek the Lord could have a place in the greatkingdom to come if they put their faith in Jesus' name.
Me: So you and your band never approached Gentiles at all? This promise of a kingdomwas only for Jews?
Peter : You are a Jew and yet you do not know the holy scriptures of God? God desired todraw Gentiles to himself all along! The door of salvation was always open to Gentiles if they entered in  by way of Israel. When the kingdom is set up by our King, and Israel again rises, then the Gentiles will be invited to flock to the great throne!This was alsowhat our Lord meant when before he ascended to his Father's throne, he told us to  baptizeand teach all nations,and to  begin at Jerusalem, Judaea, and Samaria and then to the uttermost parts of the earth.
Me: So Gentiles were invited to enter in with Jews in this endeavor?
Peter : (laughs). You're steering me to tell the tale of  how God sent me to a Gentile named Corneliusin order to begin teaching me that the Gentiles could become Abraham's seed  by faith.God knew that I would be loathe to go in unto an unclean Gentile, so he sent mea disturbing vision in which he told me to kill and eat unclean beasts! I was deeplytroubled by the vision and doubted in my heart what it should mean. I'm happy to say thatI did obey God and go in to Cornelius, who was a God-fearing Gentile.
Me: So you told him of the grace of God, how it had now appeared unto Gentiles?
Peter : No, as it had not yet been given to our brother Paul and revealed to me. Corneliusand I spoke of the great things God was going to perform on the earth, for Jew andGentile alike, in his kingdom. While Cornelius was speaking of his own vision, Iconcluded that God is no respecter of persons, but in every nation he that fears him, andworks righteousness, is accepted with him.
Me: And this Paul, does he teach that man need not work righteousness to be accepted of God? That is against the law of Moses!
Peter : It was revealed to Paul by the Lord of glory that men are now saved by believing that the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood unto death in payment for the sins of the wholeworld, of both Jew and Gentile, and that he was buried and rose again to justify menapartfrom the law of Moses. This is the grace of God,and had been spoken by the prophets,  that men need not work deeds of righteousness to gain his approval, but believing in Christ's death, burial, and resurrection causes them to be saved by the faith of Christhimself, as they are  baptized into his body by the Holy Spirit.The righteousness of the very Son of God is imputedto those who believe. I must admit that I found these thingsvery hard to understand,but Paul was patient with me.
Me: This gospel sounds too good to be true! Perhaps this Paul is merely an impostor!
Peter : God has shown his power through Paul's own hands in miracles and healings which he wrought through him. This is proof enough of his apostleship, but add to thisthe incomprehensible turnaround by which he ceased his murderous pursuitof followers of this Way, to become a humble believer in the Lord of glory.
Me: So this kingdom you expected to come for the Jews and Gentiles who believed inJesus failed to arrive?
Peter :  Not that the prophecy of God had failed!May it never be! But because of his long- suffering and mercy, God set the nation of Israel aside and postponed that time of greattribulation that must come before the Lord will return to earth to establish hiskingdom. God is instead acting upon a secret he had hid in his heartthat would draw Jew and Gentile alike into one great body for the purpose of  ruling the heavens with his Son, Jesus Christ.
Me:How did God make known this mystery?
Peter:The risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ appeared yet again to Brother Paul and revealed it unto him as he had promised to do when he showed himself unto Paul at thefirst.Me: So you and your Jerusalem church are a part of that now?
Peter : No, my son. We Jews who have  believed in the name of Israel's messiah, Jesus,

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