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Discussing Juvenile Dependency

Discussing Juvenile Dependency

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Published by dhfamilylaw
In a juvenile dependency case, the court determines what will happen to minors who have been abandoned, neglected, or hurt by their parents, foster parents, or other caretakers.
In a juvenile dependency case, the court determines what will happen to minors who have been abandoned, neglected, or hurt by their parents, foster parents, or other caretakers.

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Published by: dhfamilylaw on Nov 16, 2009
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Discussing Juvenile Dependency
In a juvenile dependency case, the court determines whatwill happen to minors who have been abandoned,neglected, or hurt by their parents, foster parents, or other caretakers. A topLos Angeles divorce lawyer  explains that juvenile dependency cases may also be brought in situations where the parents/caretakers are notable to sufficiently meet a child's specific needs as aminor.
A typical juvenile dependency case usually beginswhen a report is filed with a law enforcement agencyor social service agency claiming that a child hasbeen neglected, abused, or abandoned. If the agencydetermines that the child's well-being is in danger, the child may be physicallyremoved from their home and placed in the care of a relative or foster parent untilthe issue can be addressed by aLos Angeles family lawyerin juvenile court at anappointed time.
According to experiencedfamily attorneys Los Angeles social workers then have 2 days to file a petition asking the court to have the child declared a "dependent of the court."The court will scheduled a hearing where the judge will issue orders about who will havecustody over them and how the child will be supervised, and cared for. If the judgedecides that your son or daughter is a "dependent of the court," the court can mandatethat: either your child must live in a different home under court supervision or your childcan return to your home but still remain under court supervision. If you are a parent whofeels that your child has been unfairly taken away from you due to a juvenile dependencymatter, it is important that you acquire legal representation.Parents have a right to a trial where they can make their case, and a family law attorneycan represent them in court. Their child will also likely be appointed a lawyer to representthem. With the counsel and guidance of professionaldivorce attorneys Glendale residents can expect the following to take place if there is a trial: the court schedules the trial dateat the first hearing and notifies you of the date and time. The social worker assigned toyour case files a report with the court that details your case and recommends where your child should live until the next hearing. The social worker works with you to present acase plan to the court which may include: family and individual counseling, courses on parenting, and substance abuse treatment. For more information about juveniledependency cases, contact your local law professionals to learn more.

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