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Obamacare: Dr. white

Obamacare: Dr. white

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Published by Turiyan Gold
My commentary on the myth of folklore of the "mental hospital".
My commentary on the myth of folklore of the "mental hospital".

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Published by: Turiyan Gold on May 25, 2014
Copyright:Public Domain


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Meeting Dr. White:There was a book called big secrets, with a sequel, bigger secrets and another sequel, biggest secrets by William Poundstone that talked about PA codes in hospitals and hotels.or e!ample. Dr. "lack means someone died. Dr. "lue is security. Dr. #ed means $ire. What % wanted was to lay some groundwork $or what will be a signi$icant change in &' society. When a new law is passed, or repealed: What a di$$erence a day makes.Take $or e!ample Williams park in 'aint petersburg, lorida. %ts more commonly known as: (The outpatient clinic(. 'aint petersburg, lorida used to be known as ()ea*ens  waiting room(. +ou essentially had tons o$ old people sitting around on park benches  waiting to die.This be$ore the ad*ent o$ - channel drugs which help pre*ent you $rom urinating yoursel$, so it leads to other questions o$ public health and sa$ety. The internet has illustrated that there are too many people that think themsel*es too cle*er to be aided by psychotherapy. Pride is the down$all o$ many. This is not the main issue. The main issue is the perception that out in the boondocks, where the buses dont run, is a place called 'ilent hill or reedom *illage negation is distinction/ where you go to ha*e (ner*ous conditions( treated. Presumably by shock therapy or lobotomies.0o, there is a psych ward in e*ery hospital and its usually the 1rd $loor. Which is a running 2oke in some places. 0e!t time your in an ele*ator at the hospital, check to see  which $loor requires a key instead o$ a button. Thats the 2ail and or the psych ward.% think we3*e about trancended the chiq bu44words $or the chemically imbalanced sel$5medicators out there. We are only about a week into the phasing in o$ the (new system( and 2ust be in$ormed that... well, you ha*e insurance now to pay $or your chemical lobotomy, so thats more money you can spend on soda and 2unk $ood and online *ideo games. 'o, dont be too proud to walk in a hospital and say: (% need to talk to Dr. white(. %ts the $ormal opposite o$ being released upon your own recognisance. They can only legally hold you $or 67 hours, 2ust like in 2ail. &nless you (quali$y( $or other ser*ices. Would you rather ha*e 67 hours in 2ail or on the (1rd $loor( o$ a hospital in a padded room with a bo! o$ crayons8 %n the 9s thanks to #eagan, who cut $unding to hal$way houses, places $or people to stay that were a little $unny upstairs but werent a harm to themsel*es or others.This is where the band 'kid row got its name. 'kid row didnt e!ist till a$ter these people

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