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Brother Andrew's 'Sanctuary Messenger'

Brother Andrew's 'Sanctuary Messenger'

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Published by Andrew Butterfield
The Sanctuary Messenger is a free inspirational magazine from The World Healing Crusade (Reg. Charity No. 232409). We are based in the UK and we are completely non denominational welcoming all irrespective of race, colour or creed. Jesus Christ is for all humanity!
The Sanctuary Messenger is a free inspirational magazine from The World Healing Crusade (Reg. Charity No. 232409). We are based in the UK and we are completely non denominational welcoming all irrespective of race, colour or creed. Jesus Christ is for all humanity!

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Published by: Andrew Butterfield on Nov 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHC is a registered United Kingdom Charity No. 232409Web site:-www.world-healing-crusade.org.ukWebcam:http://andrew.camstreams.comEmail:Andrew@world-healing-crusade.org.uk
I know that life can be difficult and there are many challenges that weface each and every day but remember that you are not alone; we arehere to help you and we will give good counsel if requested to do so. Ofcourse prayer is vitally important in the healing process and I don’t justmean for the healing of illnesses. Payer is far more powerful than that!Intercession can be applied to any area of your life and to great effect.We will offer our prayers on your behalf and we look forward withconfidence to blessings enfolding all areas requiring God’s attention.God is manifesting His perfection as you share your needs with us. Inever tell God what to do; I ask, I share needs and He makes thedecisions. I learned from an early age to ‘let go and let God,’ it neverfails, so be of good cheer and trust Him to answer at the right time andin the right way. Please share your testimonies with us and with yourpermission we will share them with Crusaders
around the world. Godbless you and your loved ones.Yours sincerely,
Dearest Crusader friend,It is so good to hear from you again and we are verygrateful to you for making contact with us. I do feel thatwe have a very special prayer partnership that enablesDivine Healing to take place. Irrespective of how youmake contact with us, we offer prayers for yourwellbeing and for the health and happiness of yourloved ones as well. Letter writing takes a little longerbut you receive a reply that you can keep!
Your Testimonies 
I’m grateful to God!
“I’m grateful to God for all the help and support you give; when youbelieve in God and have faith miracles do happen. At work I am the onlyperson that has managed to do better and even reach target in the pastthree months which is amazing. Stay well and God bless you all for yourwonderful work.Regards,J. N.” – Email received 12/09/09
I am filled with faith!
“What a beautiful message from Brother Andrew. Thank you so much,Brother, for these uplifting words. I am filled with faith that God is indeedat work and we Praise Him today for renewed "Hope" that has comefrom you to us. May God continue bless your good work in Him.K. B.” – USA (Email received 22/10/09)
He has made an amazing recovery!
“Thanks Father, thanks Brother Andrew,Yesterday I emailed you for prayers for Tim who was ill with a chestinfection this could have been bad considering he is wheel chair boundand has spinal curvature. I passed the message on to Shirley his motherthat he was receiving your prayers. Shirley emailed today to say he hasmade an amazing recovery. Thanks so much and thanks for yourprayers for myself and my family.God Bless,J.” – Email received 05/10/09
Healing In Hospital 
At one time or another so many people in this age need medical care inhospital. With the amazing knowledge and healing techniques nowavailable we certainly need no longer fear following the doctor's advicefor treatment in this way.God heals through every channel offered to Him and definitely throughthe dedicated lives and skills of the entire medical faculty and the kindnurses who expend themselves in loving service for the sick.The Lord is surely there, in every ward, ever seeking to help bothdoctors and patients in every way. Love, faith and prayer are, we know,the central principles of health, peace and well being. Someday they willbe even more completely recognised and implemented in every hospitalin the World.If you, or one of your loved ones, must go to hospital, then you have aremarkable opportunity to prove for yourself how God can heal bothdirectly and through the doctors and nurses. Make your own love, faithand prayer, your living experience. This is your great contribution of theChrist way to hospitals now and in the future.Go to the hospital with God. He is one with you always. Your life is inHis keeping, and His Power is flowing through every doctor and nurseyou meet. Love and pray with faith for those who are caring for you.Thank God for your experience and opportunity to help them in theirwork.Love and pray with faith for each of the other patients. In partnershipwith the Lord you are an "Angel of Light" bearing His Blessings toall. You are now being blessed with Perfect Everything. You areenfolded in His Peace. The happiness and joy of the Lord fills your soul.You are spirit, not a body, and therefore an eternal being who can neverbe lost - no matter what happens. – Extract from ‘Healing In Hospital’ -FREE
PAMPHLET- when you write in and request it.

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