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The Illuminati

The Illuminati



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Published by GOD
This is information on the Illuminati... and Heaven and the history of many things... you should take a read.
This is information on the Illuminati... and Heaven and the history of many things... you should take a read.

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Published by: GOD on Nov 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ABOUT the ILLUMINATI and this WAR.BY: GODThe Illuminati, if you are aware of them and study them, which I recommend.Because you will not understand all I am saying unless you do.Are Weak, Ritualistic, Previously Demoniacally Related, World Dominator,Devil/Lucifer Worshipers. They Believed that Lucifer was right, That I could bedefeated and my POWER as GOD contained in mortal flesh...hahahaha.. I laugh atall this. Becaue Lucifer Told them this... That is why they are related to BLACK MAGIC. Witches. And so on. Need I say More? I really don't think so.Lucifer is a Demon. That revolved around material power and world leaders. Hewas the HEAD ARCH Demon of the Fallen. And That became his nature. For inHeaven he was beautiful and powerful and related to me and to light. But when hefell... he inverted and became the opposite of that which is light. Yes, He sufferedhis own defeat. Because you will be like an angel or a demon and disobey me. YouSuffer automatically.Then There was Lilith. Lilith was a form of Revenge upon all thins that I had. For I was watching the ancient world develop and round...and watching Lucifer and allof Heaven rebound. And all this Caused a Feminine Force within to ANGER andto BECOME a Being. Because of all the Hurt I was Feeling. To Feel is a FeminineThing, but don't dive too deep into what I AM saying for MAN should feel as well.Because he came from a Mother Fuckin FEMALE.Understand me?I created Lilith with only thoughts of pain... and anger and revenge.... and hurt...for I thought I loved Lucifer...But My judgment and other things about me becameconfusing as time progressed... because I became to Manifest. So I was pulledaway from all that is distress... hopelessly JUST. I cannot resist. To be me. So Ifaded away honestly... because I could not cling to watch everything. I had to be agreat distance from all things... because of the disgrace caused by all the fallen.“Out of Self respect, Would you accept your distance, so that you would not bedisrespected. So that you can wait for what is honest?? That is what it was like for 
me.”I have no choice I AM this way I AM GOD. It's just like being GAY.I'm Made this way.Of course I LOVE you so Much I want to Fuck you.... Duhhhh???Dummy.Anyways..... LUCIFER.And Lilith.When I created Lilith I took very little time... because I was so angry... and timecould be counted at that era...in time.... so it took me less than three weeks to makeLilith. I basically said all I could say....and that was.... “EVERYTHING you giveto me Lucifer I now Give back to you.” and that is how she came to be....BEAUTIFUL EVIL little thing. And.... I knew she would not live.... because of theway she was made, so cheaply,... so quickly... either way... she took a piece of Divine Feminine energy from me... and that is how she came to be.Metatron still confused... still misled by Lucifer in his head. And all the things thatLucifer Said that GOD is Fading and soon will be dead... hahaha...yes... that iswhat he said.When I place Lilith on the surface of manifestation..... she was immediatelyRAPED. By Metatron. For she was so beautiful. She had a piece of me within her.It made The foundations of her. And At those times sex was just NORMAL. Andusual. All because of LUCIFER. Hahaha. Because he raped everything in heaven.He fucked …. whatever he could fuck.Sorry if that too much, maybe you need to grow up.Either way, Lilith grew in rage, of course, SHE WAS RAPED. And I wasunderstanding all of this for the first time... studying her reactions... looking atmyself and wondering.... and thinking and feeling... and documenting... andrecording... all that occurred... so that I May know myself. That is whet thisUniverse is also made for... .so THAT GOD may KNOW HIMSELF.The Identity of GOD.
“Imagine Being Light and nothing more, and anything you will, will become.What you adore... and soon... after ages upon ages and even more... you sorrow... because you want more.... because you deserve more... more than just to be.... aFORCE of LIFE. The FORCE of Everything. With no body, with nothing. It is not just a great thing. No. I was not happy. I was alone. Keeping my distance so that Iwould not consume that which I had mold. Because I AM that Strong”I want to be to touch to feel to fuck that which I LOVE.... The Same as you mylove. So your Admiration sooooooooo my like, total get off dude... you have noidea. :) NOW, Back to Lilith.I was inside of Lilith... it exhausted me to create her...because as I said I AM aJUST GOD... There is only so much that I could do JUSTLY in this Universe. Isimply could not betray myself. I fell into a far off place where I slept in Darknessand withdrew from all things... But while I slept...I was in another place... I was inanother Face... I was In Lilith. Next To Lucifer. All by Mistake. Not even knowingwhat was taking place. It was all just like a dream... but Lilith was a PowerfulDEMON. And She was NOT ME. Tho... I raged inside of her... because I MADEMANKIND punish the Heavens by using her....till she was no more.Like shooting down UFOS and stuff... and …. calling down Beings from heavenand stuff... .like Lilith was a Smart Bitch... she studied everything... She is theartist of Black Magic.... She wanted to be me... but she would naturally... because Iwas already inside of her anyway. She just longed to be back at peace. With me.And in the end. She did fall in love with me... and all that was anger and rageinside of her was destroyed her, permanently.So I was Lilith... GO fig....I really was... Because... I wanted to be down here sofuckin bad... and all these things... and all thee emotions.. got intertwined in her creation... and Justly... she came to be.... and the agony that I felt... I placed insideof she... so that I May think... and be at wisdom and calm with everything. That isalso why I made Lilith, to bring order to my emotions and everything.When this was all discovered.... Lucifer felt betrayed by Lilith and me. so.... they betrayed one another constantly. It was really a CRAZY fuckin battle... OMG...you would not believe. I had fuckin Aliens attacking Me. Hahaha. Oh well... that is

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