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Faraz Anwar - Exclusive Interview on Karachi Underground

Faraz Anwar - Exclusive Interview on Karachi Underground

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Published by Nabeel Aejaz

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Published by: Nabeel Aejaz on Mar 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Faraz Anwar.
Date of Birth?
15 july 1975.
Music, Video games.
Music Education?
none, all god gifted.
Music Equipment?
Jackson guitar DKMG ,Vamp ,QY70 music sequencer.
Other Occupations?
Sources of inspiration (while creating music)?
It could b anything.
What drew you towards music?
My heart,my mom helped me alot in d begining.
Tell us something about your upcoming album?
Its a concept album on insaan,style of music isalternative progressive rock,all d songs r based on my
feelings & observations.its all ready waiting 2 breleased soon.
Music Recognition or achievements?
ive got recognised wrking as a session player 4 variousartists.my biggest achievement ws wen i made abstractpoint of view ive also achieved outstanding musicalachievemnt award along w d scholarship frm BERKLEECOLLEGE OF MUSIC BOSTON.
Type of Music you like?
Music should b serious in nature dats wat imp.2 me ,itdoesnt matter wether it is trance,rock or pop etc,itshould ve sm kinda meaning 2 it.
Type of Music you hate?
i dont like cheap n nasty music.
What do you think about other Pakistani Artists?
Most of dem r nt serious ,sincere& devoted 2 theirwrk.for dem music is jst 4 mony making ,bt musicscene is growing in sm direction bt dont knw where itsgoing.
How would you like to be remembered?
1st of all i nevr thought of dis bt ys i want 2 bremmberd like jimi hendrix,beethoven,mozart,bach.
Favorite musicians (Pakistani)?
i like all of dem .HAHAHA.
Favorite Song (Pakistani)?
pani da bulbula aha..ha.( i like abida perveen,mehdihasan,gulam ali).
Final Comments?
pls do send me a copy of dis interview.4 me music ispart of my life i want our society 2 gv it importance & 2respect d artists 4 wat they r doing by heart& i wld like2 gv sm advice 2 d paki musicians;dat music is nt 4mony bt it is 4 expressing yorself & giving good mesgs2 d pepl around u .share their laughs n tears dont jstfocus on pyar mohabbat, their r millions of topics in dwrld 2 bring out.in d end 4 every1 pls b a good muslim.
Fan's Questions:What are your main influences, we know JoeSatriani and Steve Vai, but whose style do youusually like playing?
What music genre are you more shifted towards?
It just depends on whats happening, music just comesto my ears. I am a verstyle artist, I am doingeverything.
Thankyou Faraz Anwar.

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