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may25.2014 bHouse passes bill establishing an open high school system

may25.2014 bHouse passes bill establishing an open high school system

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Published by pribhor2
House passes bill establishing an open high school system
House passes bill establishing an open high school system

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Published by: pribhor2 on May 26, 2014
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House passes bill establishing an open high school system
The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a bill establishing the open high school system in the Philippines to provide an alternative mode of a formal secondary education program for elementary school graduates and high school dropouts.Rep. Kimi Cojuangco (5
 istrict! Pangasinan"! author of the bill and chairperson of the House Committee on #asic $ducation and Culture! said the measure %ill ensure the accessibility of education services to all &ilipino citi'ens in its various modalities including outofschool study programs for primary and secondary levels! particularly those that respond to community needs! promoting further the %elfare of the nation.)The measure %ill provide e*ual opportunity for adults and children of high school age %ho are out of school to avail of free open high school education through the distance learning modality!+ Cojuangco said.The main authors of House #ill ,-5! to be /no%n as the 0pen High 1chool 1ystem 2ct are Reps. 3eptali 4on'ales  (6one istrict! 7andaluyong City" and 8inston Castelo (9
 istrict! :ue'on City".4on'ales said an 0pen High 1chool 1ystem (0H11" is a system of delivering educational services to high school students utili'ing print! radio! television and computer based communications! satellite broadcasting! teleconferencing! and other multimedia learning and teaching technologies that allo% students to study on their o%n %ithout having to regularly attend classes in conventional classrooms.)The 1tate declares its policy to broaden access to relevant *uality education through the employment of an alternative learning system that %ould enable the youth! including adults! to overcome geographical! socioeconomic and or physical constraints to encourage them to complete secondary education!+ 4on'ales said.The measure shall establish an 0pen High 1chool 1ystem (0H11" as part of the epartment of $ducation;s (ep$d" alternative secondary education program.<nder the bill! all youths and adults %ho have finished elementary education as %ell as high school *ualifiers under the Philippine $ducational Placement Test (P$PT" are covered by the proposed system.The measure shall adopt the 3ational 1econdary $ducation Curriculum (31$C" using the Philippine 1econdary 1chools 6earning Competencies (P11C".
NR # 3477BMAY 25, 2014

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