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After School Karate Guide Lines & Forms

After School Karate Guide Lines & Forms

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Published by Dunoiu Mihai

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Published by: Dunoiu Mihai on May 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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2011-2012 Premier Martial Arts
’ After
School Karate Program
Program Manager: Misty Vick Program Supervisor: 205.640.3166 Introduction
The purpose of the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
(ASKP) is to provide a quality and affordable alternative to daycare for children 5-12 yrs old. The After School Karate Program Provides:
• Positive Learning Environment
• Character Development Education
through Martial Arts Training
• A Supportive Environment
 Moreover, it is the hope of the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
that the student will be enriched because of their association with the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Pr
ogram. We care about each student individually, being very careful not to compare, but appreciate the precious
rhythm of each student’s growth. We do
not, in any way, attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment, but rather seek to supplement and enrich. Through the help and cooperation of all parents, this is possible.
Hours and Locations
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
begins with the transportation of the students to the karate school at the end of the formal school day and until
after the child’s karate classes, not to extend past 6pm
. The program begins the first day of school for students, public school calendar, and ends the last day children attend school. Any time the school is closed for students, the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
is also closed. For the 2011-2012 school year, the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
will be held at Premier Martial Arts in Moody, Alabama.
Enrollment Requirements
Only children ages 5-12 years of age who are currently enrolled in Premier Martial Arts
 Black Belt Training, Premier Training, or Leadership Training and attend Moody Elementary, Moody Middle, Odenville Elementary, Odenville Intermediate, and Odenville Middle will be accepted into the Premier Martial Arts After School Karate Program. Students with fees owed to Premier Martial Arts or to the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate
Program may not enroll until their accounts are up to date or paid in full. Only children whose parents/legal guardians have completed the following registration process may be considered for acceptance into the Premier Martial Arts
 After School Karate Program:
 [ ] Emergency Information Form [ ] Discipline Policy Signature [ ] Tuition Contract [ ] $50 Registration Fee [ ] Registration Form [ ] Enrollment in BBT/PT/LT 2. When
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
is at maximum capacity, parents may place their child(ren) on a waiting list and be notified on a first-come, first-serve basis. 3. All children in the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
must have proof of full coverage insurance.
Participation in the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
costs $1,435.00 per child per school year. This fee is due in ten equal payments of $143.50 with the first payment due August 15th and subsequent payments are due each month thereafter through May 15
. The ASKP cost of $1435.00 is in addition to the normal Black Belt Training, Premier Training, or Leadership Training programs. Registration Fee: $50 non-refundable registration fee per family per school year is required at time of registration Monthly Payments: 10 payments of $143.50 (Financing provided by Member Solutions.) Weekly Payment: 41 payments of $35.00 (Financing provided by Member Solutions.) Pay in Full - 15% discount $1220 - ASKP DOES NOT BILL, PRORATE, or accept ANY PAYMENTS AT THE ASKP SITES. Payments will be collected by our billing company, Member Solutions, and will be either drafted from a checking or savings account, or charged to a credit card. Pre-payments are encouraged and discounts will apply. A child will be dismissed from the program after one week of nonpayment of fees. There is a $30 service charge for all returned payments.
Behavior Expectations
Students are to obey the rules and policies governing school behavior, respect the authority of school personnel and act in a morally responsible manner so as to bring honor to themselves and Premier Martial Arts. Students are also instructed to display appropriate social skills by using courtesy and respect, coping with disagreements and criticism, and accepting responsibilities for words and actions. Students should also demonstrate concern for learning by completing homework, being neat and prepared, following directions, and staying on task.
No corporal punishment shall be administered to any student. No punishment will be administered to any student that will endanger the student in a physical manner or any manner that would cause illness or disease. If a student does not observe the behavior expectations listed above, the ASKP staff will consecutively use the following methods of discipline: 1. Give a Verbal Warning 2. Provide a Time Out: The student will be separated from the class for a period of minutes equal to their age. 3. Assign Sentences
 4. Notify Parent or Guardian 5. Issue a Behavior Notice If the discipline methods listed above are not effective, or if a student intentionally causes injury to themselves or to another student, a behavior notice will be automatically given. The notice will be filled out by ASKP staff detailing the
student’s behavior and given to the parent to s
ign. A copy of the signed Notice will then be given to the parent. Please note the following:
Upon receiving 3 notices, a student is suspended from the program for 3 days.
Upon receiving 3 additional notices, a student WILL BE TERMINATED from the program without refund. Students are expected to obey the rules: Remain with assigned staff at all times. Remain in designated ASKP areas. Show respect for caregivers and other students.
Keep their hands to themselves, not touching others or others’ belon
gings. Not use profanity or display obscene gestures. Follow the rules and regulations of the Premier Martial Arts and ASKP. Parents are expected to: Direct all concerns to the attention of the Program Director. Notify Premier Martial Arts if transportation changes for the day. Not approach or discipline any child in our care. Not use abusive language towards PMA staff or students. Pick up child if notified for any reason. Present picture ID, if requested. Sign out child each day. Pick up child by 6:00 p.m. Be responsible for all fees, payable by due dates. Provide all medical information, forms, and supplies.
(Students can be dismissed due to parents’ actions.)
 It is imperative that parents and staff work together to establish a safe, structured environment.
Health and Medical Information
1. For the protection of all the children, no child will be admitted to the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate
Program while he/she has a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, a draining rash, eye discharge or pinkeye, lice or nits, to tired or ill to participate in normal activities. We need your help in keeping contagious diseases such as colds and flu out of the center. When your child is sick, you will be called to pick up your child as soon as possible. 2. Children should not be sent back to the
Premier Martial Arts’ After School Karate Program
for at least 24 hours after they are clear of fever or symptoms. Children in attendance must be well enough to participate in all activities.

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