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chi kung bible

chi kung bible



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Published by Barefoot_Scott
Chi Kung (Qigong) is a chinese system of well being - it exercises ones complete energy system and 'spirit' simultaneously!
Standing meditation i find easier than the sitting variety!
Chi Kung (Qigong) is a chinese system of well being - it exercises ones complete energy system and 'spirit' simultaneously!
Standing meditation i find easier than the sitting variety!

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Published by: Barefoot_Scott on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Gary J. Clyman
AcknowledgmentsDedication #1Dedication #2Contribution To Clyman's Book by Frank Ranz, January 1989Chapter #1 - In Perspective
A Brief Explanation
An Introductory Lecture
Releasing the Tiger Within You
by Doug Carter - NLP Instructor
Robert Dubiel - Trance Channeler
Bernie Mizock M.D. - Surgeon
Gary Whitley D.C. - Chiropractor
Joseph Laronge - Trial Attorney & Martial Artist
Robert Fabino Ph.D. - Psychologist
George Krueger - Cancer Victor
Gilbert C. Carroll M.D. - Scientist
Lou Buscemi - Chi Kung Veteran
Larry Michalski - Serious Tai Chi Student
Choosing A System
Finding A Qualified Instructor
Learn What To Look For In A Chi Kung Teacher
What Kind Of People Are Attracted To This System
Many Martial Artists Come To Work With Me
An Interview With A New Student
What You Need To Work With Me
Clyman's "4 Unbreakable Rules" For Success And Results
Setbacks And Side Effects
What Are "Chi Kung Veterans?"
About Other Chi Kung Books
Patience Is Virtue...
How Does Chi Kung Relate To Zen Meditation?
Pressure From Your "Loved Ones"
Pleasing Others: The Big Trap
How We Give Our Power Away
Undeserving Issues
Masturbating And Undeservingness
Warning Signs?
How I Fix Energy Problems
The Chiropractic / Chi Kung Connection
Chi Sensations Could Be Structurally Explained
Energy: The Commodity
What Is The Function of Tan Tien?
Condensing Breathing
Inside Air
Sitting Forms With The Mind Training
The Nature of the Moves
Your Energy Is Directed By Your Intention (WILL)
The Daily Practice Routine
Defining The Issues: Focus And Applications
About The Format
The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts
The 4 Basic Principles
Personalization Is The Key
"Meditation" Is Not What You Think
You Are The Center Of Your UniverseChapter #1B
Changing Your World
Misery And Trouble: A Way Of Life
Restructuring And Rebuilding
Reorganizing Your Life
Choosing Your New Traits Carefully
Life As An Experiment
Your Soul And You
We Are Like Tuning Forks
Reincarnation... Who Knows?
The Worst Signs Of Low Self-Esteem
Hidden Eating Disorders
Do Other Kinds Of Exercise Get These Results?
The Chi Kung Technique In A Nut Shell
The Chi Kung / Acupuncture Relationship
Learn From Chinese Anatomical Charts
The Conception And Governing Vessel Involvement
This Bears Repeating...
Burning Through With Your Energy
I Worked Hard So You Don't Have To
What, When, Where & How
The Best Time To Practice Is Early Morning
A Little Chi Kung Is Better Than NO Chi Kung
Too Busy To Save Time?
Spread Out Your Condensing
Suck Everywhere But When You're Driving
Drinking Cold Liquids Harms Your Internal Energy
I Suggest Skipping Breakfast
Drink My Tea In The Morning
Avoid Sweet Foods In The Morning
You Should Not Practice Chi Kung After Eating
Avoid Late Night Eating `
You Are
Your Environment
Chi Kung & Religion
Concerning Prosperity And Happiness
Good Urgency? Re-Capturing The Eye Of The Tiger
The Comfort Of Confusion
How We Punish Ourselves
"Hands on, Transfer of Power" And Self-Punishment
Understanding Income Limitations
Creating Urgency
Work With Your Left Foot
"Listening to Radio Programs Can Be Harmful"
GOD Does Not Want You To Be Poor
Prosperity And Self-Worth
GOD Wants You To Be Prosperous
Chi Kung, The New Religion?
The Three Treasures - Chi, Jing, and Shen
A Second Explanation Of Chi, Jing, and Shen
Converting Chi To Jing
Shrink Before You Explode
The Three Ingredients For Change
Creating Results: Impregnating The Universe
Taking The Bull By The Horns
Practice With Urgency
I Practiced With Passion
The Importance Of Taking Notes
Tai Chi vs. Chi Kung: What's The Difference?
Chi Kung Moving Energy "With Your Mind"
More About The Tai Chi / Chi Kung Comparison
Is Chi Kung A Martial Art?
What is "Gold Bell Training"?
"Gold Bell Training" In The Martial Arts Only
"Esoteric Explanations"? No Way!
Health, Happiness & Longevity
Chiropractic: Normalizing Faulty Body Mechanics
How To Speed Up The Healing Process
To Be Old and Healthy Is Not Just A Dream
What is The Difference Between Life and Death?
The Nuclear Threat Has Damaged A Few Generations
Conscious Death - The Best Way To Go
Death Causes Emotional Problems In The Living
Death Issues: An Emotional Epidemic
Peeling Off The Layers of An Onion
Different Responses To "Hands On, Transfer Of Power"
More Emotional Onion Skins
Hands On, Transfer Of Power
by Joseph Kalal D.C.
"Hands On, Transfer Of Power" Specific Results
"Hands On" Works Best When You Practice
The Procedure: Hands On, Transfer Of Power
Five Days Of Emptiness Afterwards
Domineering Mothers Have Left Their Marks
If You Can't Live Here, Where Can You Live?
Cigarette Smoking Equals Slow Death
X-Rays Tell No LiesChapter #2 - The Physical Nature
General Principles Of "The Technique"
Chi Kung Technical Outline
The Basic Training Material
The Technical Ingredients Of Chi Kung
Definitions & Reasons Why
Chi Kung Definitions: Basic Training
Energy Cultivation ExercisesChapter #3 - Please use my Chi Kung Video Instruction Program for detailed instruction.Chapter #4 - Concerning People
The Subjects Highlighted
PPT Subject Definitions
Miscellaneous Case Histories
A Case History by Gaye Linch
A Case History by Doug Carter
A Case History by John Meluso, Jr.
A Case History by Margaret Doersch

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