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Published by abqjournal

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Published by: abqjournal on Nov 17, 2009
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Pursuant to the City of Albuquerque Code of Ordinances; Chapter 11, Article 13 “Publication of Persons Convicted of Driving Under the Influence”; Section 11-13-1 Publication of names, photographs and related information [of allpersons convicted of or entering a plea of nolo contendere to the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs]. (A) The Albuquerque Police Department shall cause to be published on a weekly , bi-monthly or monthlybasis the names and photographs of all persons convicted of or entering a plea of nolo contendere to driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs either in Bernalillo County Metropolitan or Second Judicial District Court(Ord. 9-2006). The Albuquerque Publishing Company has no input nor control over this content.
LETISHA SOVERANEZAge: 29Santa Fe, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 01-15-06DAVID ARCHIBEQUEAge: 48Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 01-28-09KENNETH BEESONAge: 65Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.12Violation Date: 02-12-09EDGARCANDELAS-ANGUIANOAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 04-30-09GERALD D. CHAVEZAge: 38Los Lunas, NMBAC: 0.12Violation Date: 04-17-09KEITH DAGERAge: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 04-20-09CARLOS ESPINOZAAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 02-17-09FERNANDO GARAVITOAge: 25Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 10-10-08LEONEL GUTIERREZAge: 18Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 03-18-09CHRISTOPHER HSUAge: 20Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 11-14-08COLE ZOBELAge: 62Cawker City, KSBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 05-21-09JUAN AREVALOAge: 21Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 12-27-08JASON BILLYAge: 25Gallup, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 03-02-09LUCINDA CAREYAge: 42Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 02-18-09CARMEN CHERINOAge: 54Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-14-09LEANNA DENNISONAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 01-31-09MARTIN FILETOAge: 37Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-11-09ANDREW GARCIAAge: 20Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 06-07-09JOHN HARRISONAge: 40Green River, WYBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 12-20-00ANDRIANNA HUNICK Age: 18Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 04-03-09STEVEN AGUILARAge: 23Pena Blanca, NMBAC: 0.2Violation Date: 04-11-09CYNTHIA ARGUETAAge: 31Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 08-08-08CONRAD BOCHOVEAge: 21Corrales, NMBAC: 0.07Violation Date: 01-06-09AUBURN CARRAge: 25Laguna, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 02-26-08 TRINA CHIQUITOAge: 18Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.28Violation Date: 03-22-09LEANNA DENNISONAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 03-21-09LIZETH FLISS-RUIZAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.21Violation Date: 01-05-09ROBERT GARCIAAge: 50Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 09-29-08KRIS HAVERSTICK Age: 30Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 11-08-08ANDRIANNA HUNICK Age: 18Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 06-27-09ELIZABETH ALBRIGHTAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 02-19-09STACEY ARIASAge: 26Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 12-04-08AARON BRADLEYAge: 21Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 11-21-08RUBEN CASILLASAge: 32Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 04-20-09KATHLEEN COFFELTAge: 41Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 06-05-09EDGARDESANTIAGO-MARTINEZAge: 20Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 05-15-09LIZETH FLISS-RUIZAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 07-13-09RUDY GARCIAAge: 52Peralta, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 04-05-09 THOMAS HENDRIXAge: 53Corrales, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 06-08-08WADE HUNTERAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 04-05-09FELIX ALEMAN-OCHOAAge: 27Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.19Violation Date: 06-28-09ROGER ARMIJOAge: 51Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.23Violation Date: 04-24-09CHARLES BROWNAge: 53Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 06-26-09CANDACE CASTILLOAge: 27Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 08-02-08SHAWN CORDOVAAge: 40Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 12-12-08SHEILAH DESHNODAge: 41Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 02-25-09JAVIER FLORESAge: 22Santa Fe, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 03-01-09STEVEN GARCIAAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 02-11-09ALBERTO HERNANDEZAge: 21Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 01-17-09MICHAEL HUSERAge: 47Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 06-03-09ABE ANAYAAge: 45Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 04-09-09CLARENCE BACAAge: 49Los Ranchos, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 01-24-09KRISTIN BROWNAge: 22Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 07-11-08JAIME CEDILLOSAge: 25Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 01-29-09MARCOSCORDOVA-OROSAge: 36Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.11Violation Date: 02-21-09SEARCY DIXONAge: 34Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 02-12-09GORDON FOLEYAge: 33Jemez Pueblo, NMBAC: 0.12Violation Date: 02-14-09MARTIN GONZALESAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 05-17-09HERIBERTO HERNANDEZAge: 30Las Cruces, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 04-02-99RAY JARAMILLOAge: 36Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.1Violation Date: 07-25-08JESSE ANGUIANOAge: 22Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 11-23-08PHILIP BACAAge: 40Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.1Violation Date: 02-22-09CLYDE BURRISAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 02-28-09AMANDA CHAVEZAge: 24Bernalillo, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 01-23-09RICHARD CRESPINAge: 47Peralta, NMBAC: Blood TestViolation Date: 08-30-06SEARCY DIXONAge: 34Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 07-16-09LEONARD FOSTERAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 09-19-08RUSSELL GREYAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.24Violation Date: 04-16-09JAMES HERNANDEZAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 03-18-09DAVID JENKINSAge: 29Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 03-20-09BERNADETTE APPAAge: 36New Laguna, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 12-05-08VANESSA BAECHTELAge: 21Edgewood, NMBAC: 0.14Violation Date: 01-22-09DAVIDCAMPECH-LOZADAAge: 25Albuquerque, NMBAC: UnknownViolation Date: 04-29-09ARVEL CHAVEZAge: 30Las Vegas, NMBAC: 0.2Violation Date: 03-06-09SHELDON CRESPINAge: 32Santo Domingo, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-26-09DANIEL DURANAge: 33Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 06-22-08CHRISTOPHER GALLEGOSAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.16Violation Date: 03-06-09DANIEL GUERECAAge: 22Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 05-25-08OSCARHERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZAge: 23Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-14-08WILLY JOJOLAAge: 26Rio Rancho, NMBAC: 0.15Violation Date: 06-03-09ALEX ARAGONAge: 38Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 11-23-08RICARDO BAROCIOAge: 35Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 01-24-09FABIAN CAMPOSAge: 28Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.13Violation Date: 03-31-09VICTORIA CHAVEZAge: 24Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.09Violation Date: 02-18-09SHELDON CRESPINAge: 32Santo Domingo, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 06-21-09JOE ENRIQUEZAge: 32Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.29Violation Date: 04-07-09GARETH GALLEGOSAge: 38Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 02-07-09JOSE GUERREROAge: 27Albuquerque, NMBAC: RefusedViolation Date: 08-10-09AUDREY HILLAge: 20Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.18Violation Date: 06-01-09JANISE KOWALCHUK Age: 18Albuquerque, NMBAC: 0.08Violation Date: 05-22-09
Bernalillo County Metropolitan or Second Judicial District Court - July/August 2009
City of Albuquerque - Paid Legal Advertisement

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