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Carrollton Police Crime Summary, Nov. 9-15

Carrollton Police Crime Summary, Nov. 9-15

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Published by Scott Goldstein
A summary of crime reported to the Carrollton, TX, police for the week of Nov. 9 - 15.
A summary of crime reported to the Carrollton, TX, police for the week of Nov. 9 - 15.

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Published by: Scott Goldstein on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Carrollton Police Department Weekly Crime Summary
CallDate CallTime ST_ADDRESS Nature
09-Nov-0912:17:09AM1000 block of TRINITY MILLS RD ETHFT-THEFT09-Nov-091:46:03 AMKELLWAY DR/MIDWAY RDCTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION09-Nov-097:05:36AM1000 block of CLINT STTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-097:26:27 AM2500 block of KINGS GATE DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE09-Nov-097:34:14 AM1100 block of DERBYSHIRE PLBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE09-Nov-097:58:12 AMJOSEY LN N/TRINITY MILLS RD EASLT-ASSAULT09-Nov-098:13:36 AM2300 block of BELT LINE RD ETHFT-THEFT09-Nov-0910:32:12AM1800 block of JOSEY LN NGRAF-GRAFFITI09-Nov-0912:06:54PM1600 block of VANTAGE DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE09-Nov-091:07:51 PM2700 block of CARMEL DRTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-094:17:53 PM2600 block of BRANDYWYNE DRTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-094:58:02 PM1800 block of JOSEY LN NCRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF09-Nov-095:26:23 PM4100 block of JOSEY LN NTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-096:03:51 PM1900 block of JOSEY LN SASLT-ASSAULT09-Nov-096:21:57 PM4000 block of OLD DENTON RDCRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF09-Nov-096:37:43 PMPRAIRIE DR/FRESHWATER DRTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-096:38:33 PM4100 block of JOSEY LN NTHFT-THEFT09-Nov-098:21:14 PM2000 block of CHRISTIE LNTHFT-THEFT10-Nov-094:24:27 AM2700 block of TRINITY MILLS RD EBUBD-BURGLARY BUILDING10-Nov-096:57:34 AM2500 block of BELMEADE DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE10-Nov-097:46:47 AM1600 block of THOMAS LNCRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF10-Nov-097:52:27 AM1900 block of BELT LINE RD EROBB-ROBBERY10-Nov-0910:44:38AM1800 block of JOSEY LN NGRAF-GRAFFITI10-Nov-0911:34:15AM2200 block of JAMESTOWN CTBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION10-Nov-0911:39:53AM2100 block of JOSEY LN NTHFT-THEFT10-Nov-0912:19:21PM2300 block of SOUTHERN CIRTHFT-THEFT10-Nov-0912:28:54PM1100 block of HEBRON PKWY EUUMV-UNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLE10-Nov-091:10:40 PM1400 block of BROADWAY ST STHFT-THEFT10-Nov-093:54:56 PM2100 block of NOLAN DRCTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION10-Nov-094:33:03 PM2000 block of CLUBVIEW DRTHFT-THEFT10-Nov-094:57:32 PM2100 block of NOLAN DRASLT-ASSAULT10-Nov-095:01:19 PM2000 block of HEBRON PKWY WASLT-ASSAULT10-Nov-095:22:37 PM2500 block of WILLOWDALE DRTHFT-THEFT10-Nov-096:45:41 PM1800 block of HIGHLAND DRCTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION10-Nov-099:01:42 PMKELLER SPRINGS RD/MARSH LN-CAUUMV-UNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLE11-Nov-098:22:57 AM1600 block of JOSEY LN STHFT-THEFT11-Nov-098:45:05 AM1700 block of METROCREST DRROBB-ROBBERY11-Nov-099:42:07 AM1600 block of JOSEY LN STHFT-THEFT11-Nov-0911:22:35AM1600 block of JOSEY LN SASLT-ASSAULT11-Nov-0912:13:44 2700 block of BELT LINE RD ETHFT-THEFT
PM11-Nov-0912:53:58PM1400 block of PARKWOOD DRBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION11-Nov-091:38:24 PM1700 block of PETERS COLONY RDECTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION11-Nov-093:04:08 PM2100 block of JOSEY LN NGRAF-GRAFFITI11-Nov-093:09:18 PM1700 block of BELT LINE RD EASLT-ASSAULT11-Nov-093:10:53 PM1700 block of BELT LINERD ECRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF11-Nov-093:50:48 PM2000 block of JACKSON RD ETHFT-THEFT11-Nov-093:57:13 PM2100 block of CARMEL PLBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION11-Nov-094:37:00 PM1900 block of JOSEY LN SBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION11-Nov-094:42:07 PM1900 block of BELT LINE RD ETHFT-THEFT11-Nov-095:14:31 PM2900 block of HUNTERS POINT LNTHFT-THEFT11-Nov-095:39:10 PM1300 block of FRANCIS STBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION11-Nov-097:50:41 PM1700 block of TURTLE ROCK CTTHFT-THEFT11-Nov-098:28:58 PM1700 block of RANDOM RDBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION12-Nov-096:48:57 AM1000 block of PARK AVEUUMV-UNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLE12-Nov-097:28:42 AM1500 block of NORTHRIDGE DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE12-Nov-098:03:04 AM3300 block of WILEY POST RDCRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF12-Nov-098:52:40 AM3300 block of WILEY POST RDTHFT-THEFT12-Nov-099:02:50 AM2400 block of MC COY RDCTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION12-Nov-099:43:35 AM1900 block of VERA CRUZ DRTHFT-THEFT12-Nov-0912:40:26PM1200 block of LARNER RDBUBD-BURGLARY BUILDING12-Nov-091:58:31 PM1900 block of REDDENSON CTTHFT-THEFT12-Nov-093:49:45 PM1100 block of MAC ARTHUR DRUUMV-UNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLE12-Nov-094:20:22 PM2500 block of JOSEY LN NASLT-ASSAULT12-Nov-094:59:32 PM1300 block of JEANETTE WAYBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE12-Nov-096:40:49 PM1600 block of DONNA DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE12-Nov-096:42:51 PM1800 block of RANDOM RDBUHA-BURGLARY HABITATION12-Nov-098:30:42 PMLYMINGTON RD/ROSEMEADEPKWY ECTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION12-Nov-099:38:56 PM2600 block of MIDWAY RDROBB-ROBBERY13-Nov-095:41:08 AM2000 block of HUTTON DRBUBD-BURGLARY BUILDING13-Nov-096:32:45 AM3900 block of ALTO AVEBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-097:24:37 AM1400 block of HALSEY WAYTHFT-THEFT13-Nov-098:25:55 AM3700 block of STANDRIDGE DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-098:54:01 AM2100 block of ANTIBES DRBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-099:44:54 AM2600 block of MIDWAY RDTHFT-THEFT13-Nov-099:45:51 AM4000 block of INTERNATIONALPKWYBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-0910:24:45AM1200 block of TRINITY MILLS RD ETHFT-THEFT13-Nov-0911:35:19AM1700 block of FRANKFORD RD ECRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF13-Nov-0912:03:04PM1600 block of JOSEY LN SCRMI-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF13-Nov-091:15:46 PM4200 block of PLANO FM544 PKWYCTSV-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCEVIOLATION13-Nov-091:16:10 PM1700 block of KELLER SPRINGS RDGRAF-GRAFFITI13-Nov-091:17:37 PM2100 block of STEIN WAYBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-092:42:01 PM1600 block of BELT LINE RD WBUVE-BURGLARY OF VEHICLE13-Nov-093:10:21 PM1300 block of CROSBY RD EUUMV-UNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLE

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