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Published by iiteba

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: iiteba on May 27, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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International Human Resource Management School of Business Management, NMIMS MBA II IYr 2010 -2011, Trimester I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instructor"#r$ Animesh Baha%ur animesh$&aha%ur'nmims$e%u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oals"
To make the participants aware of the inter-linkage between culture, polity and human resource practices
To develop an understanding of the challenges of trans-national operations with diverse work systems
To introduce the students to the various cultural paradigms that impact on the cross-cultural dimensions of HRM
To brief the students on the working of polity and diplomacy in various regions and its impact on the hiring and other HR practices
To understand the dynamics of international labour movement, labour rights and compliances in the multinational format
To develop an understanding on the recruitment and selection in the multinational context
To understand the methods of cross-cultural sensitivity
To understand the complexity of performance management and rewards in the international operations of an MN
To develop an understanding of the dynamics of cross-border alliances, mergers and ac!uisitions in the HRM context
+aluation attern
lass "articipation# $% marks&ssignment# '% marksMid Term# '% marks(nd Term (xam )% marks
Session #etails"SessionNo$To.ic /ith#etails of lass Acti+itBacgroun% Rea%ing
$*+nderstanding ulture and ross-cultural mplications
Class Activity:
iscussion on the News tems .&/"0R&# /taying true to tradition1, .2ritish ivics lass &sks, 3hat 3ould 4reidman, 5* 6'%%78 .culture and 9lobal systems1 Theory ulture and /ociety :ol* '; 6'-;8 pp <%<-<%7
Muhammad o=1 and .Raid on /ect in Texas Rattles 0ther "olygamists1'*+nderstanding the /ocio-political imensions of :arious regions
Class Activity:
(laboration on the Regional 4actors and their influence on HR "ractices
The students have to come with map of the world for this class
Ne/s Items
(ye on mage, Turkmenistan 0verhauls >aws1, ./outh ?orea >ifts 2an on +*/* 2eef11, .(thiopian children pay for food prices, drought1, .Millions 4lock to :ote in /ierra >eone1, .+sing /tar "ower to Repair Nigeria1s mage1, .@imbabwe Rivals /ign "ower-/haring &greement1, .>ebanon1s 2loody /unday1, .Middle (ast "eace Talks Resume1, .Rwanda1s /hadow1,  News tems .?osovo eclares ts ndependence 4rom /erbia1, .enmark s Rethinking ts /purning of the (uro1, .(x-Head of 2ank of taly to 9o on Trial1, .9eorgia# the super cop vanishes1 , .:eneAuela "ositions tself as a /alon for the >eft1 .risis "uts the 2rakes on 2raAilBs 9o-9o (conomy1, .enmark s Rethinking ts /purning of the (uro1;*ross-ultural ssues of Negotiation and ommunication with special reference to in-company interactions
 Texitalia versus &A Textiles# The eadlock in Negotiations&dair, 3> 6'%%)8* .The Negotiation ance# Time, ulture, and 2ehavioral /e!uences in Negotiation1 0rganiAation /cience $7 6$8 pp ;$-)$<*nternational iplomacy and its mpact on HR /ourcing# Regional 2locks, 3T0 and Movement of Natural "ersons
Class Activity:
iscussion based on news items 2hatnagar, " and Manning,  6'%%)8 .Regional arrangements for mode < in the services trade# lessons from the &/(&N experience .
World Trade
:ol* < 6'8
)*Multinational 4ormat and the hallenges of /tructure
 /iemens &9 and 9lobal
Te3t Boo"
 hapter '

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