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Export Marketing APPLES Case Study

Export Marketing APPLES Case Study

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Case study on export marketing designed for oral presentations. Caso de mercadeo/mercadotecnia internacional para presentaciones orales.
Case study on export marketing designed for oral presentations. Caso de mercadeo/mercadotecnia internacional para presentaciones orales.

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Published by: Francisco J. Salinas B. on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exporting Apples in Taiwan Case study
Export Marketing
Part I
It was Margaret Schimke’s first day of work and she was already confused.She had just been hired by FJ Limited, one of the world’s largest shippingcompanies. FJ ships goods all around the world by ship and train. It has offices inmany cities in the United States and in other countries. Margaret had been hired towork in FJ’s Seattle office. She was an “Account Executive” for refrigerated goods. That is, she was hired to manage perishable goods – like apples or cherries – thatneeded to be shipped from Seattle in refrigerated containers.It had been a quiet first day until Margaret’s boss gave her the first big assignment.“Apples are one of Washington State’s biggest crops,” her boss said. “And I want FJto ship more apples to other countries. I want you to focus on Taiwan. One weekfrom today, I want you to give me a marketing plan about what you are going to doto help FJ carry more apples to Taiwan. If you have a good plan, you will receive a$10,000 bonus.”Now what? Margaret thought to herself. She didn’t have the first idea how FJ couldcarry more apples to Taiwan.
What should she do?
Margaret decided to do some
She talked to other people in the office to learn what they knew about shippingapples.
She e-mailed Nicho Liao, FJ’s sales representative in Kao-hsiung, Taiwan, andasked him about FJ’s business in Taiwan.
She used the World Wide Web and the library to learn more about exports fromWashington State.
She read everything she could find at the office about FJ’s history and itsbusiness.It took a few days, but Margaret finally was able to answer her three questions.
What does FJ do to get apples from Seattle to Taiwan ? Margaret learned thatFJ sends three ships a week from Seattle to Kaohsiung, Taiwan: one on Monday,one on Tuesday, and one on Friday. Because some of these ships go to otherplaces first, one ship each week takes 21 days to get to Taiwan; one takes 17;and one takes 15.Margaret learned apples kept in a refrigerated container can stay fresh for a 22-daytrip. However, most customers of perishable goods want the 15-day trip. Margaretlearned that FJ’s refrigerated containers guarantee FJ customers their apples willstay at exactly the right temperature, neither frozen nor too hot. And Margaret
learned that FJ can promise customers exactly when their goods will leave Seattleand when they will arrive in Kaohsiung.
What is Washington State’s apple business ? Margaret learned that farmers inWashington State grow twelve different kinds of apples. She learned thatWashington State apples are sold around the country and around the world.Washington State sells 15% of all fruit exported from the United States to othercountries.
Do people in Taiwan want to buy apples ? Margaret learned that people in Taiwan do, indeed, buy Washington apples. Their favorite is the Fuji, a spicy-sweet apple. Unlike Americans, who often buy apples in big bags, Margaretlearned that people in Taiwan tend to buy apples one at a time, paying specialattention to how ripe, shiny, and well-shaped they are.Margaret also learned that people in Taiwan buy more apples during holidays orfestivals, using these apples for gifts or as offerings at shrines or temples.Washington State apples can be sold year-round, because those that aren’t sold atharvest-time are kept in controlled-atmosphere warehouses to “put the apples tosleep” until they are needed. Margaret learned that Taiwan’s biggest apple-buyingholiday is the Chinese New Year, which usually falls around the end of January.Margaret had learned a lot in just a few days. But she still didn’t know enough towrite a marketing plan.
What should she do next?
Part II
Of course! Margaret thought. I need to figure out who my
are. I haveto write this plan for my boss, but it is my customers who will decide whether or notto ship more apples. Margaret decided to do some
:Margaret decided she had three kinds of customers:
First, the apple farmers in Eastern Washington. She had to convince them totrust their apples to FJ.
Second, the apple traders who buy and sell the apples.
And third, the grocery store owners in Taiwan who would sell the apples oncethey arrived in Taiwan. Margaret had to convince them that apples shipped by FJwould arrive in good condition.Margaret would have to get to know each of these types of customers and convincethem that FJ could do the best job.
She had to convince the apple farmers that FJ could deliver their apples safelyand quickly to Taiwan. She had to convince them that FJ would do a better jobthan any other shipper.
She had to convince the apple traders that FJ would deliver the apples safely, butalso that FJ had good connections in Taiwan. She wanted them to see thatworking with FJ would make a trader’s job easier.
And, she had to convince the grocery store owners in Taiwan that FJ would shipthem only the finest Fuji apples and that those apples would arrive in goodcondition just at the time they were needed.
Now she just had to turn all of this into a presentation for her boss... andhopefully get a $10,000 bonus.COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS: get informationto solve problems!
Getting the basic information or doing a research is the first step in this or any otherproblem when you don’t enough to solve the problem by yourself.
Information about FJ
What do you know about FJ?
What kind of services does FJ offer to Taiwan?
Is FJ good at shipping apples?
How often does FJ send ships between Seattle and Taiwan?
How long does it take a ship to get to Taiwan?
Is it even possible to ship apples that far before spoil?
Information about what kinds of apples are grown in Washington State
When are they harvested, and what happens to them?
How are apples shipped?
What kinds of apples do Washington State farmers grow?
Are many of them exported?
Information on what people in Taiwan expect from apples1.
Do they buy apples now? If so, what kinds and why?
Are apples treated differently in Taiwan than they are in the US?
What kind of apples do people there like?
Are there times of year they are most likely to buy apples?
Information tools to solve problems
How can Margaret get the information she needs? Name six tools.
Explaining the marketing plan
Margaret is writing her marketing plan for her boss. But to be a good plan – and gether a $10,000 bonus – she REALLY needs to gear it to the needs of her customers:the apple farmers in Washington State and the grocery store owners in Taiwan.

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