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Norman E. Fleury

Norman E. Fleury

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Michif Elder Norman E. Fleury describes his life and work experiences.
From: http://normanefleury.com/?page_id=47 and http://normanefleury.com/
Michif Elder Norman E. Fleury describes his life and work experiences.
From: http://normanefleury.com/?page_id=47 and http://normanefleury.com/

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 27, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Norman E. Fleury
 Norman E. Fleury is married and lives with his wife, Ruth Anne Fleury, a teacher, and their children, daughter Chantelle Fleury, a graduate of Virden Collegiate and son Marc Fleury who still attends Virden Collegiate. Norman Fleury was born and raised in a redominately M!tis "Michif# French community "$t. %a&are, M'# which had been settled and oened as a mission  by his great(grandfather and Rev. Father )ecorby. Norman was born and raised on a small(scale family farm which resulted in is love and assion for land, cattle, and horses. *e now farms near +oodnorth in southwestern M'. Norman received his education in $t. %a&are, M', 'randon niversity, and -o(&a(we(wun Centre, where he then wored as a %ife $ills /nstructor, teacher, counselor, and in ublic relations. Norman has held ositions with grous, organi&ations, and educational institutions because of his M!tis "Michif# heritage and nowledge of his Michif language and culture. *e has learned about many First Nations cultures and languages, and was adoted by two )aota Elders0 one as a son, the other as a  brother. Norman has served in many ositions since 1oining the Manitoba M!tis Federation "MMF# at its incetion in 2345. Norman was involved in oening M!tis locals and then holding elected ositions as MMF Chairman in Manitoba communities. *e also served as a rovincial 'oard of )irector reresenting the MMF $outh +est region. Norman resently is the National Elder of the M!tis  National Council, a 6rovincial M.M.F. Elder, and also is art of the Elders organi&ation with the $outh +est Region. Norman served as the Chair of the National Michif woring grou with the M!tis National Council. Norman was the )irector of the Michif %anguage 6ro1ect for the MMF from 2337 to 8997 and during this time roduced the first(ever Canadian Michif %anguage )ictionary in Canada.
 Norman is an author of many boos and Michif dictionaries and literature.  Norman recently finished utting a five(thousand(lus word Michif dictionary together, including five hundred hrases in Michif. Norman has wored with and continues to wor with well nown M!tis Education and ublication /nstitutions such as :abriel )umont /nstitute in $asatoon, $;, and the %ouis Riel /nstitute with the MMF in +innieg, M'.  Norman<s wor and ublications can be found at the :)/ website and %R/ MMF. Norman is, and has been, a M!tis elder with 'randon niversity since the incetion of the Elders< 6rogram. )uring the 892=(2> term he taught Michif and $aulteau? "-1ibway# languages at 'randon niversity. /n fact Norman comleted a full circle at 'randon niversity, from beginning as a student with the /macte Education 6rogram, to woring in Administration in charge of student affairs and community liaison with 'N@E6, to woring as an Elder, and now teaching Michif and $aulteau?. @he circle was comleted with him teaching his daughter, Chantelle, in the first ever niversity Michif course. Norman also teaches Michif with the MMF $outhwest Region, and has taught in several Michif communities including 6ortage %a 6rairie, 'randon, 'inscarth, @urtle Mountains and 'oissevain, M'. Norman Fleury has translated numerous items, including everything from children<s stories to government documents and surveys, into Michif. Norman has also translated archives in 'atoche, $; for 6ars Canada as well as 'ac to 'atoche M!tis celebrations in Michif. Norman has held worshos, manned dislays, and taught Michif at many M!tis celebrations. Norman interviewed elders in various communities and video documentaries were roduced about the M!tis culture and way of life in the M!tis communities that were highlighted. Norman is also well nown as the Elder at ma1or meetings and celebrations where he conducts oening rayers in Michif which he has written and
comosed for all occasions. Most recently, at the invitation of the %ittle $hell Chiewa @ribe, he resided at the oening of their new cultural centre in :reat Falls, Montana on May =, 892>.  Norman received the )iamond ubilee Bueen Eli&abeth medal at the =9
 Anniversary of the M!tis National Council.
*e has been invited by the M!tis +omen<s Circle to articiate in celebrations in *amilton, -N where he taught traditional M!tis culture to -ntario youth who were involved in conducting horse theray as a means of learning how to imrove their lives. Recently, Norman was art of a celebration with the M!tis +omen<s Circle in an evening of story(telling in Michif and English.
/n August, 899 *eritage Canada invited Norman to travel to E?o to reresent the M!tis in aan where the )eartment of Canadian *eritage hosted the /nternational $ymosium on the +orld<s /ndigenous %anguages at Aichi, aan, with indigenous articiants from around the world.
 Norman travelled to Euroe in 8994 as Michif language e?ert with his daughter, Chantelle, and M!tis university scholars where he conducted worshos and resentations in universities with 6eter 'aer from Auroos, )enmar. 6eter 'aer and Norman have wored closely together on the Michif language in recent years. 6eter 'aer, one of the best linguists in the world, has comleted his 6h) on the Michif language. Norman and 6eter 'aer were also featured on national radio in Canada on the Canadian 'roadcasting Cororation<s rogram DC<est %a Vie on une 3, 8999.
 Norman Fleury has recently been invited to his birthlace community of $t. %a&are, M' to educate the French /mmersion $chool, Ecole $aint %a&are, with regard to M!tis "Michif# culture and language.

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