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To: Nasa

To: Nasa

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Published by GOD
This is a Personal Letter To NASA From GOD.
This is a Personal Letter To NASA From GOD.

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Published by: GOD on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To: NASAYou know it was in my intention that Mankind explore innocently the heavens.And I wanted him to see.... and also pay the price for such sights....to pierce theDarknesses of the Heavens, What you call “SPACE”.I had this slight intention, being impressed. I know you did nothing without my permission. You found and discovered nothing, without my permission. I AMGOD. If you do not respect that. Then you will be a confused dead thing. BecauseEverything I say will sound SOOOOOOOOOO Confusing. Because you shouldRESPECT THE GOD. And that is where you are loosing. Now, it feels like.... you have Stabbed me. When you look DEEP into myDarkness, at My Stars. With your devices. It feels like Rape. But as you know. IAM the one who is Raped. But I will NOT be forsaken.Piercing Stabbing through space. Nosey little things. Understanding nothing.Making up baby names. You DUMB creatures, Not even Lucifer knew the secretsof the heavens. But it is ALL ALIVE NOW. Every bit of it. So if I take your headoff with an Asteroid you will defiantly think about it. Won't you?YOU LIE. About Everything. NASAYou lie. And to lie. Is to Curse. An illusion upon Mankind.And you have lied and lied and lied. About every fuckin thing.Because you know what you have seen.Before, we would stare at you. Because the beings in the UFOs were waiting on acommand from me to destroy you. But I gave them nothing. But that was of the past. NOW it is totally different.MANKIND.Belongs on Earth. He is made of her. And belongs to her. He does NOT belong inspace AT ALL. It has nothing to offer you. But death. And you know this. For Ihave said this.You are saying to me, when you travel to your International space station. That,
you do not like EARTH. The beauty of Earth. You desire to leave her. And youknow this is an impossible feat. So why do you keep reaching for things youshould not reach????it's like you will all come down with some sickly disease which will start to decayyour body immediately. Because your body is away from its home baby. That iswhy your health is fading.IT is like THAT.I would never count on your space station to crash into EARTH. That is FAR tooDangerous.... It will go somewhere else. How about that.Your Shuttle Mission NOW has disgraced me in everyway. I AM very ANGRY. Ihave sent orders and curses up your ass in so many fuckin ways. I NEED TO BEPLEASED. EVERYTHING!!! PLEASE ME!!!IT is like THAT.Emailing me from the White house with your fucking cowardly, fearfilled hearts tomislead me. Will only make me even more angry. SO maybe.... if you are wise....you will NOT talk to me.Me no Buy, YOU DIE.Your Space stations is your N-W-O.Every Nation is in on it huh baby?Everybody wants to be apart of it.QUICKLY.Damn, your moving so Quickly.All that looks like is FEAR to ME.You Launch publicly.Then so it shall be.You need all those spare parts because I have Cursed that fuckin piece of shitSpace Crap a Thousand fuckin times. And as each second goes by. It is likehundreds of years GO by... and Decay... becomes, and you wonder why, your toiletwont flush, it's because you have SHIT in your eye.

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