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The Anti Terrorist on the Cashless Society

The Anti Terrorist on the Cashless Society



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Published by innocentbystander
Downloaded from http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk/transcripts.php
Downloaded from http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk/transcripts.php

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: innocentbystander on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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heAntiTerrorist & Velluminous Press would like to take this opportunity to point out that in theselitigious times it's easy to lose sight of the fact that we—as a community of kindred souls—oncevalued common sense. So cast back in your memory to that long-forgotten concept and embrace theact that the TheAntiTerrorist & Velluminous Press stand above all for freedom and personalresponsibility. Simply stated, how you apply this information in your own life has nothing to do withus. These transcripts are for education and entertainment purposes only.
TheAntiTerrorist on The Cashless Society
Broadcast on 19 October 2007Hello friends, I am TheAntiTerrorist. Thank you once again for all your messages of support,your emails and your questions. Big subject today and a long broadcast so I’ll crack on, but before I do I would like to address one email in particular; I’ve been accused of spreading9/11 disinformation, so I feel that I need to address that.What the person is claining I’ve said is that we should not be talking about 9/11 at all andthat’s not true. What I actually said was 9/11 as proof of NWO is not a plausible argumentand we do not have enough facts to back that up. Now what I will say in addition to thatregarding the 9/11 and NWO conversation, is that it’s a little like finding yourself on thetracks with a high-speed train rushing towards you and spending those few valuableseconds of your life wondering if you were pushed or whether you just fell, instead of tryingto get out of the way of the train or having it stopped. The NWO and all that it entails is thattrain, and we are looking around to see whether we were pushed in front of it or whether we just fell in front of it.So as I said last week,
someone must come out of the woodwork and prove 9/11 was aninside job
 , because all the talking about it and all of the infighting about it is distracting usfrom the train that is heading our way pretty fast.This broadcast I am going to focus on the RFID chip. I’m not going to spend a lot of timeeducating you on what it is because I think even the debunkers and the pro-NWO knowexactly what it is. Let’s deal with the cashless society first.I’ve had quite a few people tell that a cashless society will never work, it’s not going to bethe case, cash is always going to be in circulation, and what they’ll probably do is they’ll putsome RFID chips in the cash. However, let me just show you a couple of clips from Australiaand England for instance, where the cashless society is already beginning.[video]Did you hear that? You will ‘
have to have this facility.
’ This is not an option. This is not an“opt-in” enterprise, this is something that you will have to take or you’ll have nothing.
[Video]“Ummm, depending on the charges...”They are trying to eliminate cash and control us all with RFID chips and he’s worried abouthow much the government is going to charge him to be able to use this technology. Mate,you don’t have to worry about the charges, it’s gonna be free for you, Mr Australian CoffeeVendor—if not free, it’s going to be very cheap so I wouldn’t worry about that—They needto sell you this technology, they need to have you buy into it. They’re not going to make itexpensive, it’s going to be cheap enough so that all vendors are going to want it, and they’regoing to take it with open arms because it means they can rake in a few extra pence or a fewextra cents per minute. Incredible. The cashless society is coming whether you like it or not.You don’t have much choice—they want to get rid of the cash because they can make muchmore money without it circulating. So let’s kill that argumant right now, no more questionsabout that please, I think I’ve proved my point. There is a lot of information out there thatwill have you be sure, with no doubt at all that the cashless society is going to be here withinfive to ten years. Ten years Maximum. They want everything in place by 2012—that’s awhole other subject.So let’s look at the chip. And just to get you in the mood, let’s have a look at one going in,let’s see how they fit one for you.[chip insertion video]That sends shivers down my spine every time I see it, and you know what? There will bepeople queuing up to get that done.Let’s take a brief look at some of the propaganda and some of the conversations and thearguments they are using to sell it to us.[video]I have a question, indulge me. Let’s say that we’re well into this whole chipping process andthat you’ve decided that you are going to get your beautiful children chipped because youwant to keep them safe. And say you have a beautiful son or daughter, as I do, you want to be sure that you know where they are, so you listen to the propaganda and you listen to allof the pro-chipping information and you take your kids and you put a chip in their hand or achip under their shoulder or wherever it is and—god forbid—one of them gets kidnapped.Now, it’s been well-publicised that there are four, maybe five places on the body where thischip is safe to be place. I believe the back of the hand is one of those places, the arm, and of course the chip has to sit just underneath the skin. So it’s not going be very difficult to find itif you know where those places are, it’s just a matter of feel—look in the five places, have alittle feel and you’ll be able to find the chip. What is to stop me, if I was a kidnapper, from just cutting it out? Little snip of the scalpel, just under the skin—it’s not going to hurt a great
deal, then just hit the transistor with a hammer—how are you going to find your daughterthen?Really, this argument with regards to keeping your children safe is not a plausible one—anyone with half a brain could figure out a way to deactivate that chip or to cut it out[clicky thang]so I wonder how this RFID technology would fare against, say, an EMP—a highly chargedelectromagnetic pulse fired straight into the transistor. If something like this was applied to,say, my passport, and my passport had to be reissued every time the transistor failed, Iwonder how long it would take them to get fed up and give up on the technology. I wonderif everyone did that, if, for instance, ten people turned up and the transistors weredeactivated somehow, or failed to work, I wonder if they would give up on the RFID chip inthe passport. Obviously, that wouldn’t work with credit cards because you would turn themoff and you would have no money.So during the early stages of this technology—because it will come in, there’s no question—when I’m presenting my passport to the customs official at the airport and he scans my RFIDchip only to find that there’s no information on there or that the transistor doesn’t work atall, what is he going to do, arrest me? Or is he going to try and prove that I fired an EMP intoit? Or is he going to accept that technology isn’t quite perfect just yet?[Video]So the guy with the big brain there managed to clone a card from a few feet away, but thatvideo is a good two or three years old now so I suspect that the technology has progressedeven further and that the readers are able to read from a lot further too. Now if you can readand clone a card from 30 feet or whatever it was, how difficult is it going to be for someoneto clone your RFID chip, whether it is implanted or otherwise, whether the security isincryption is 28 bit or 175 gigabyte? There is going to be a lot of identity theft going on, andthis technology is meant to prevent that. I can honestly only see that it is getting easier tosteal someone’s identity.[Video]I can just see the news reports now, can you?“And in rather disturbing news today, Mr Johnson, who spent thousands and thousands of dollars to make his house more secure by using the new high-tech fingerprint technology,had his house burgled anyway. How did they get in? The cut off his fingers. Here’s Tom withthat story...”

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