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The Anti Terrorist on the NWO Conversation

The Anti Terrorist on the NWO Conversation

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Published by innocentbystander
Downloaded from http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk/transcripts.php
Downloaded from http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk/transcripts.php

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: innocentbystander on Nov 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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heAntiTerrorist & Velluminous Press would like to take this opportunity to point out that in theselitigious times it's easy to lose sight of the fact that we—as a community of kindred souls—oncevalued common sense. So cast back in your memory to that long-forgotten concept and embrace theact that the TheAntiTerrorist & Velluminous Press stand above all for freedom and personalresponsibility. Simply stated, how you apply this information in your own life has nothing to do withus. These transcripts are for education and entertainment purposes only.
TheAntiTerrorist on the NWO Conversation
Broadcast on 16 September 2007Hello friends, I am TheAntiTerrorist. Thank you once again for all your messages of support,your emails and your questions. I would like to start this broadcast by dealing with an emailthat suggests that the NWO is mere fiction, it doesn’t exist, I’m wasting my time, and myhead is swimming with silly ideas that I should forget about. So allow me to show you thislittle montage of our current and past leaders talking about it[video montage NWO]So there I think you see is conclusive proof there is a NWO coming into play. Our currentleader Gordon Brown talking about it there quite eloquently in his last big speech. Whatexactly is it, though? I hear lots of conversations about it and lots of ethereal and esotericideas applied to it, and so what I want to address in this particular broadcast is theconversation about the NWO in which we try to enrol our friends in the idea of it and we tryto prove conclusively that it exists and we try to warn people about what it actually entails.It’s my intention with these broadcasts to distill the argument and to present you with thefacts, with evidence to back up what I say so that you can go out there and have theconversations confident in the knowledge that you are talking of the truth and you arespeaking of things you can prove.Now I’m going to do what you should be doing: avoid statements that close minds, andalways speak in real terms. You have satanism, religion, symbolism, lizards, alien races—allof these things may well be part of the big picture, but they only serve to dilute and makeyour case seem implausible. We need to distill and crystalise the argument.At some point in the future, tangible evidence might come to light that will prove theseesoteric arguments beyond all doubt, but until then they only serve to cloud the issue anddetract from the facts, they are a distraction from the very real issues that face us now, issueswe can impact. By reffering to these things, these esoteric and ethereal ideas that you can’tprove to make your case, you;re undermining your own credibility and you’re underminingthe credibility of the resistance movement—the movement that wants to stop the NWO.I’ve heard David Icke say that believing is seeing. I have a tremendous amount of respect for
him and the stand he’s taken. His political history and symbolism research is second to none.However, and I say it again, it may or may not be the case, but the belief in lizardscontrolling the planet takes such a profound leap of faith that the sheeple will resist it withevery fibre of their being, and choose instead to ignore the rest of your credible informationin favour of the more palatable account of events as presented by the corporate-controlledmedia.So you will hear me talk about religion and its use as a psychological tool for control andmanipulation, but you won’t hear me speak of biblical prophecy. I’ll be talking about Skulland Bones and Bohemian Grove, but not about Satanic human sacrifice. I can’t prove any of it and I’ve found no conclusive, unequivocable (?) truth online. If you have proof, send methe link to the evidence, I’m always open to learning new facts.So what is the best way to inform or provoke interest without sounding like a conspiracytheorist?Avoid making statements unless they are provable. Instead, ask questions that will inpsirethem to look for answers themselves.Try to avoid giving them the answers unless you can prove them and they’re asked for.Statements tend to close a conversation, whereas questions open it, they open the debate,they intrigue people to look for the answers.You have to keep in mind when having these conversations, when the little man in the back of your head says, “I shouldn’t be talking about this, it’s not polite, it’s inappropriate to startthis conversation...’You have to remember that we’re so conditioned to conform to certain things, even ineveryday conversation. Think about it. In polite society, what are the three things that areimpolite or inappropriate to discuss at the dinner table? Politics. Religion. Taxes. But why isit impolite to discuss these things? Because it causes arguments or it creates a badatmosphere? Or because they don’t want us to discuss it because the debate might give usinsight.Forget about Debretts and acceptable conversational etiquette, this message is far tooimportant to be hampered by polite society or political correctness. Be the instigator—be theone who brings these subjects up. Do not allow your pride to get in the way of starting theconversation that could make a difference.Try not to let fear get in the way of starting the conversation either. Don’t let fear stop youfrom spreading the message, from saying, “No, I will not stand for that any longer.”I think Michael Badnarik puts it best here:

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