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CCNA Exploration v4 - LAN Switching and Wireless - Exam Final - Grade 100%

CCNA Exploration v4 - LAN Switching and Wireless - Exam Final - Grade 100%



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Published by cisco0851
Correction by Cisco grade 100%
Assessment 17 November 2009
Correction by Cisco grade 100%
Assessment 17 November 2009

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Published by: cisco0851 on Nov 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1What are three benefits of a hierarchical network model? (Choose three.)reduced contention for bandwidth
reduced size of the physical layout
increased fault tolerance of the network 
elimination of the need for wiring closetselimination of the need for layer three functionality
simplification of management and troubleshooting2In setting up a wireless infrastructure network, which device is used to associate a clientcomputer to the network?
an Ethernet switch
a wireless access point
another wireless computer a hard-wired computer on the network 
3After listening for the presence of a signal on the network media, hosts A and C transmit data atthe same time. In what two ways do the hosts respond to this situation? (Choose two.)The hosts transmit a jam signal to ensure that all hosts on the network are aware that acollision has occured.
Because they are operating in full-duplex mode, the hosts resume listening for traffic in preparation for sending future messages.Because the hub will temporarily block traffic from one of the hosts, that host will be allowed totransmit once the wire is clear.Hosts A and C are assigned shorter backoff values to provide them priority to access the media for retransmission.
After the backoff period of a host, the host checks to determine if the line is idle beforeretransmitting.4Which three statements are correct concerning the default configuration of a new switch?(Choose three.)
Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled.Enable password is configured as cisco.
All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1.The flash directory contains the IOS image.
VLAN1 is configured with a management IP address.
All interfaces are set to auto-negotiation of speed and duplex.
1 sur 2117/11/2009 19:23
5Refer to the exhibit. Hosts A and B attempt to transmit a frame at the same time and a collisionoccurs. When will host D be able to transmit?immediately
after sending its jam signalafter host A and host B have completed transmissionafter the jam signal clears and its backoff delay expires
6Refer to the exhibit. Switches SW3 and SW4 are brand new switches with default configurations.The links between the switches are configured as trunk links and all VLANs are allowed on thetrunks. On the basis of the show running-config output that is provided, which VLANs will beavailable on SW3 and SW4?
2 sur 2117/11/2009 19:23
7Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator wants to configure Switch1 to allow SSHconnections and prohibit Telnet connections. How should the network administrator change thedisplayed configuration to satisfy the requirement?
Use SSH version 1.Reconfigure the RSA key.Configure SSH on a different line.Modify the
transport input
8A network administrator needs to save the configuration file currently in RAM to NVRAMbefore rebooting the switch. Which command should the administrator issue?
copy startup-config flash:filename
copy running-config startup-config
copy startup-config running-config
copy flash:config.txt running-config9Which statement regarding the service password-encryption command is true?
service password-encryption
command is entered at the privileged EXEC mode prompt.The
service password-encryption
command encrypts only passwords for the console and VTY ports.The
service password-encryption
command encrypts all previously unencrypted passwords in therunning configuration.To see the passwords encrypted by the
service password-encryption
command, enter the
noservice password-encryption
3 sur 2117/11/2009 19:23

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