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The Bloodsuckers Vampire Lawyers of Middle Tennessee Volume 2

The Bloodsuckers Vampire Lawyers of Middle Tennessee Volume 2

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Published by Tora Thora

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Published by: Tora Thora on May 28, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Bloodsuckers:Vampire Lawyers of Middle Tennessee
Volume 2 Episode 11 – Episode 20
 byKeri M. Peardon
Copyright 2011-2012 by Keri M. PeardonFirst Smashwords Edition, J!y 2012Se"ond Smashwords Edition, Febrary 201#$isit the athor at%http%&&'eripeardon.wordpress."om(!! rights reser)ed. *o one may se!!, reprint, or repb!ish this tit!e nder any "ir"mstan"e or in any +ormat. *o one may "opy any portion o+ this tit!e, with the e"eption o+ brie+ otes +or the  prposes o+ editoria! re)iews. *o one may a!ter the tit!e in any way, with the e"eption o+ the origina! pr"haser, who has the !imited right to "on)ert the +ormat, sa)e a ba"'-p "opy, or print a "opy +or his ease o+ se. his e-boo' has been pro)ided +ree o+ "harge by the athor. /t may be +ree!y shared with others,  pro)ided the tet is not a!tered in any way.
Episode 11: The Ex
S"ott !aid his head ba"' against his !eather ee"ti)e "hair and eha!ed in re!ie+. ;e didn5t  breathe anymore<so it was impossib!e +or him to be ot o+ breath<bt there were times when a sigh was a ne"essary thing a!! the same.Josie t"'ed her head nder his "hin, "dd!ing against him. ;e "o!d +ee! her heart ponding in her "hest and hear her !abored breathing. 3espite the +a"t that he had a!ready had a drin' o+  b!ood, her a!i)eness made him hngry again. =t he didn5t a"t on it. ;e tried to be >di"ios when it "ame to drin'ing +rom her? he didn5t want to ma'e her wea' or anemi". (nd he worried abot the s"ars he was !ea)ing on her ne"'<a!thogh he tried to bite her in the ea"t same p!a"e e)ery time to !imit the s"arring.=t nothing trned Josie on more than )ampire +orep!ay, so there was no way she wo!d !et him stop doing it "omp!ete!y<not that he wanted to stop, either. ;e +e!t !i'e he was ma'ing p +or nineteen years o+ boredom. (nd he was en>oying the he!! ot o+ it.Josie sighed deep!y<sonding rather "ontented<then got o++ his !ap. She +ond her red satin  panties in the +!oor and pt them ba"' on. She was, on"e again, the per+e"t!y ni"e +ront-o++i"e se"retary, with her gray, 'nee-!ength pen"i! s'irt, i)ory s!ee)e!ess b!ose, and b!a"' si!' s"ar+< dang!ing with b!a"' beads<tied arond her ne"'. ( )ampire5s !o)er@ Josie@ *awA. She was a ni"e, inte!!igent gir! who wo!dn5t be into that at a!!.S"ott smi!ed at her, then p!!ed p his pants and t"'ed in his shirt. =anging the se"retary@ (ttorney Cnningham@ *awA. ;e was too iet and respe"tab!e +or that sort o+ thing.Josie "he"'ed her go!d wrist wat"h. Bor net appointment sho!d be here in abot ten mintes.DBhat5s +ine. 3o yo ha)e the papers dra+ted +or the o!den di)or"e@D See@ hey were a norma!, rn-o+-the-mi!! !aw o++i"e.She tapped a ye!!ow +i!e !aying in his inbo. B/t5s right here.DBh,D he said, +ee!ing a !itt!e embarrassed. B/ ha)en5t e)en had time to go !oo' at my inbo. /5)e  beenA doing some resear"h.DBeah, mm-hmm, resear"h,D she said with a 'nowing smi!e. She 'new he was a"ta!!y a terrib!e  pro"rastinator<on top o+ being addi"ted to (ngry =irds.She ga)e him a sa"y win', then wa!'ed ot, shtting the door behind her. S"ott too' another deep breath, then rea"hed +or the o!den +i!e. =t he hadn5t e)en managed to +o"s his mind on his tas', when Josie rapped her 'n"'!es brie+!y on the door, then opened it withot waiting +or a response. Bhis is Ms. Margaret $otter,D she said, showing the woman in.S"ott +e!t the b!ood drain +rom his +a"e<i+ that was physi"a!!y possib!e.;e rose, nmb!y, to his +eet. Bes, / 'now Maggie,D he said iet!y.

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