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Published by arsfilosofo

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Published by: arsfilosofo on May 28, 2014
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2014 May 21th-25th
Education syst! in S"ain
T# $a%
Education in Spain for children is compulsory from the ages of six to 16, ith primary education !primaria" lasting six years folloed #y four years of compulsory secondary education !E$S$%$" at the end of hich a &ertificate of Education is recei'ed$
Sc#oo$ ti!in&s
(imings ill 'ary from one region to another and ill #e affected also #y
hat a child is studying, their le'el and their particular school$ So, the folloing should #e treated as a guideline that needs chec)ing carefully hen you in'estigate a particular school*(he school year is di'ided into
t#' t'!s
 ith a long summer holiday  #rea) of almost three months- +inter term !Septem#er to ecem#er"$- Spring term !anuary to Easter"$- Summer term !.fter Easter to late une"$(he school day for primary schools can 'ary #ut is normally from 0/$00  12$00 and 15$00  1$00$or ES% or 3achillerato, the school day is usually from 0$00  15$00 or 0$0  14$00 and 15$0 - 1$0 !12 days a ee)"$
7i)e most countries, there is a ide range of schools in Spain$ 8ere9s a listof type of schools and hat they offer*:rimary state schools:rimary educationSecondary state schoolsE$S$%$  3achillerato  &iclos ormati'osSemipri'ate schools:rimary  E$S$%$  3achillerato
:ri'ate schools:rimary  E$S$%$ - 3achilleratoSometimes pri'ate and semi-pri'ate schools offer some &iclos ormati'os
Stat "'i!a'y sc#oo$s(si) ya's to *+ ya's,
(hese are )non as escuelas or colegios !although the latter term is applied sometimes to semi-pri'ate and pri'ate schools that ta)e pupils from primary to 3achillerato&iclos ormati'o"$;irtually e'ery 'illage of any si<e ill ha'e a primary school together ithall tons$ (hese 'ary considera#ly in si<e and sophistication #ut often  pro'ide a stri)ingly caring and )indly en'ironment for small children$ Most ill ta)e children from the age of three although there are some exceptions$ &hildren younger than three !preescolar or infantil" are not usually catered for #y the state and are loo)ed after only #y pri'ate )indergartens$Some state schools in some areas of Spain only teach in the dialect of the gi'en region - as opposed to in Spanish$ So, in &atalonia, =alicia, ;alenciaor the 3as>ue country su#?ects are taught in respecti'ely ;alencian, =allego, &atalan or 3as>ue$ (his is not alays the case #ut is something toin'estigate carefully - as it ill mean that your child ill #e taught in the regional dialect #efore learning Spanish$ (hat said most children master  #oth the local dialect and &astellano !Spanish" as part of their general schooling$Entry to a primary school depends upon the catchment area in hich you li'e$ So, ma)e sure you find a satisfactory school for your children #efore  #uying a property - otherise you may find that your child is not eligi#le to go to the school of your preferred choice$ 
Stat sconda'y sc#oo$s (*+ ya's to *- ya's,
.ll tons and cities ha'e secondary schools hich are generally )non as @nstitutos$

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